Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boston Victims of Dr. William Ayres, Please Stand Up!

Dr. William Ayres in a San Mateo County courtroom prior to his molestation trial in June, 2009. By the time of the actual molestation trial, he'd graduated to using a walker to toodle around the courthouse hallways.

Recently the William Hamilton Ayres Watchdog site received a communication from Sgt. Detective John Donovan of the Boston Police Crimes Against Children Unit. Unlike San Mateo County, which was slow to act upon accusations and allegations of child molestation against child psychiatrist William Ayres, Sgt. Detective Donovan is willing and eager to locate victims of the physician, who began his psychiatric training at the Judge Baker Guidance Center between 1959 to 1963. The facility's name was changed to the Judge Baker Children's Center in the 1980s, to better reflect broader social programs.
Ayres claimed that he was taught to do physical exams on his psychiatric pediatric patients while at Judge Baker. However, physicians who worked at Judge Baker at the same time as Ayres (and today) said they never gave physical exams to the patients—that physical exams were the jobs of pediatricians on staff, and ministering to a child’s mental needs were the realm of the psychiatrists.
Unlike California, Massachusetts has a “Stop the Clock” law, which means that whenever a victim of Ayres steps up, the state is able (and willing) to prosecute regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred. If Ayres’ pattern of abuse began back then, we can assume that Ayres’ first victims are now in their early- to mid- 60s. Read the story of Joel here. While he did not suffer physical abuse (and he was a bit "old" for Ayres at the age of 17, who exhibited a preference for boys as young as 8 or 9 and no older than 14 or 15, according to testimony of survivors of Ayres' doctoring), the conversation he had with the doctor is nothing short of inappropriate.
Ayres will be re-tried on nine counts of molestation in April 2010 in San Mateo County. Case management hearings have been held regarding the civil suits against Ayres, and it is expected a trial date for those proceedings will be decided upon in December. Ayres has a new criminal defense attorney, as Doron Weinberg won't be back for Ayres 2.0.
Please, T & T readers, if you know of any men who spent time at Judge Baker while Ayres was in residence, please let them know that the state of Massachusetts is ready to do the right thing and prosecute Ayres, yes, even 50 years later, if they were victims of an inappropriate physical exam. Contact the Crimes Against Children Unit, Sgt. Detective John Donovan, phone (617) 343-6183 or (617) 343-6186, e-mail The Suffolk County District Attorney can be reached at (617) 619-4300. Please help put Dr. William Ayres away for the rest of his natural life!

Boston Police Are Looking for Victims of Dr. William Ayres


Anonymous said...

It's great that Sgt. Detective Donovan has taken an interest in the case!

Thanks for the post CaliGirl9!

Anonymous said...

Sgt.Detective Donovan is on the ball. Come on, Boston victims, do the right thing and report Ayres to the police.

Anonymous said...

As Ayres was in Boston from 1959-1963,and we know he liked boys from 9 to 13 years old, by my calculation the Boston victims would range in age from 55 to about 62.

Deep Sounding said...

Note: Sgt. Detective Donovan has just contacted the williamayreswatch blog with a corrected phone number, which we have verified:

The correct number for the Suffolk County DA is: 617-619-4300.

Anonymous said...

To my way of thinking, pedophilia is no more controllable than drug addiction in an opium den or gambling addiction in a casino.....unless one keeps one's self away from temptation....but still I hope this case bleeds Ayres dry. How selfish of him to think he could molest boys and fool most of the people, most of the time (including his wife). Yet how typical.
Wes J.