Sunday, October 11, 2009

Casey Anthony: New Witness Speaks Out

In the September 29 document dump, the prosecution included a statement given to the Maitland Police Department. James Thompson wrote that he had seen Casey and Caylee Anthony on June 16, 2008 at the Casselberry WalMart the day after Fathers Day, 2008. Thompson had also said he had an interaction with Casey and Caylee at his computer store the week before.

Read Statement (Pp. 2-4)

I went back to my copy of the witness list and found that Mr. Thompson had been added to the witness list last August. At this point, I can only guess that the State's Attorneys find something he said as credible.

What impressed me most was the fact that, if Mr. Thompson's account is true, it would make him the last person to see Caylee alive other than her mother. This sighting would tighten the timeline. Casey was seen on the Blockbuster video at about 7:56 PM with her latest squeeze, Tony Lazarro and without her daughter.

Marinade Dave, a fellow blogger from Orlando, has been assiduously following up on this story and went to the WalMart to investigate details of the statement and contacted Mr. Thompson. The back-and-forth discussion between Dave and Thompson elicited a statement from Thompson which gave the most detail about his experience than has been given in any press report. I'm not totally sure about what Thompson says, but it sure opens up some areas for discussion.

Kudos to Dave for getting this information out to the public.

From Jim Thompson's statement to Marinade Dave:

I don’t have a tv because I don’t like to watch all the bad news. Low and behold the one story I click on the internet to read about in November 2008 is about some girl who looks familiar to me for some reason and when i read the story to find out why it is hearbreaking. I didn’t wait a year to tell my story. I called the numbers we were supposed to call several times, left my information several times and no one called me back. I finally had to go to the local police department to make a statement just to get the pressure off my chest.


nothing will ever change the fact I saw Casey Anthony walking about 10 feet in front of Caley Anthony with a zombie and distant look on her face as her daughter desperately trailed behind her looking hot, distraught, abandoned, sweaty and flustered. The entire time I saw Casey and Caley at WalMart Casey never once looked back to check on her daughter. Yes, I stopped in my tracks turned around and watched because that is how unusual it was and why I remember it so vividly.

To read the full article, go to Marinade Dave's Blog.


Dave Knechel said...

Thank you very much for your article on the response from James Thompson generated by the post I published on Thursday. In the end, those interior doors he saw Caylee push on never did exist.

I must admit, what he said and added in follow-up comments was rather intriguing.

I sure do appreciate the write-up. That's very generous of you.


ritanita said...


I'd been hoping for some more information than offered by the press. Kudos to you for going out and getting that tremendous scoop!

You were an answer to my prayers.