Monday, October 5, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial: VERDICT!

UPDATE Monday, 9:30 pm, PT.

Sprocket here. I'm quite tired. I didn't get home until 7:30 pm. I stayed in downtown LA and fabric shopped until Mr. Sprocket got off from jury duty and could pick me up. Came home, had dinner and then started writing. I'll finish writing up my notes on today's proceedings tomorrow, with a new entry. Outside the courthouse on the Temple Street plaza after the foreman gave an interview to the press, several jurors came over to Sarah, the victim's mother, to give her their condolences. At least one of the jurors was openly sobbing while hugging her.


I just got a call from Sprocket. The news of a verdict was a miscommunication with the jury. There has been another mistrial. The final vote was 6 for 2nd degree and 6 for manslaughter. Sprocket will fill in the details when she gets home from court.

A verdict has been reached in the retrial of Cameron Brown for alleged murder of his four-year-old daughter, Lauren.

The verdict will be read at 1:30 pm in Department 107.

I won't have my laptop with me, but I will try to arrange an update as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Got to be good news coming! Justice at last!

I may be a newcomer to this case (never heard of it till the 2nd trial), but I've been coming to this blog to get the latest for months now. Very excited to see a resolution...and NO mistrial!

Donna S.

Carolyn said...

Finally!!! I pray there will be justice for Lauren.

susan said...

Hi Sprocket,
I'm so glad you're there today for the verdict, hope this SOB gets the max possible. Thank you again for your amazing coverage.

Anonymous said...

OMG its 5:30 here on the East coast WHAT HAPPENED? Waiting here on pins and needles.

September moo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another mistrial???

(My heart just sank!)

What NOW?

susan said...

What in the heck is wrong with those jurors. Manslaughter? Did they sleep through the trial?

CaliGirl9 said...

Sad. I guess the DA needs to really simplify this case and not give a jury any choice—it's either second degree or manslaughter.

So disappointing ... though all 12 agreed he was responsible for that little girl's death, they can't figure out what it was. Unfortunately pick the lesser charge so a jury can live with itself in convicting Cameron Brown.

I think it's actually first degree murder, no loving, responsible parent would prod a very young child up that trail and onto that cliff. No way.

Brown remains in custody, correct? Or did some brilliant Shapiro-like attorney get him out way back when?

Anonymous said...

Another hung jury! How awful. Again no justice for Lauren. My only solace is that this pos is in jail.

September moo

Anonymous said...

Sad day. He is obviously guilty and tossed his daughter off a cliff like garbage. He didn't take the stand. He couldn't. Mommy not being able to see him was the last straw and he just got rid of the perceived burden. Rotten to the core and shame on those 6 jurors who couldn't see the obvious; shame, shame, shame. Why did he not take the stand? Only the guilty hide. He is guilt and depraved. He must already be dead inside to do what he did.

Katprint said...

I think CaliGirl9 is on the right track. There is a lack of definitive evidence proving premeditated First Degree Murder BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. In particular, each side presented expert testimony concerning whether Cameron actually threw Lauren off the cliff, as opposed to merely forcing her into a very dangerous area where it was foreseeable that she would fall, and that created a genuine factual dispute. When there is a reasonably possible explanation favoring the defendant then the jury is required to accept that explanation. It could have been premeditated, perhaps it was most likely premeditated, but apparently two separate juries now have had some "reasonable doubt" about it.

The evidence is a much better fit for second degree murder / involuntary manslaughter based on a theory of wanton and reckless / criminally negligent endangerment of a child, i.e. basically child abuse which results in the child's death. Sadly this is quite common where a parent (or stepparent or other relative) resents a child, so they excessively and harmfully discipline the child, fail to provide the child with food/clothing/medical care/other necessities of life, fail to protect the child from lifethreatening dangers including beatings by their boyfriend/girlfriend, leave the child home alone or locked in their car, or in some other way simply allow the child to be killed.

Anonymous said...

It seems easy to see why a mistrial would occur in a case like this. I'd hate to be a juror. Somehow it seems at times the law's fine points can make things far too difficult.

Anonymous said...


Can you tell us about the media that was in the courtroom today? Also, why would a LA county Sargent be videoing the event on his personal handheld video? The place was packed with a bunch of LA cops. Since I am a newbie here, it would be nice to know these things.

Sprocket said...

I am writing up my notes now. There was a ton of media in the courtroom for the reading of the non-verdict.

Any defendant in custody that is moved from one location to another, that move is video taped.

This is for the protection of all involved.

The LA Co. Sheriff did not have a personal camcorder in the courtroom, taping proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, what's next a plea deal? I have a sinking feeling that this maybe a preview of the Casey Anthony trial outcome.

September moo

Anonymous said...

Is he in jail between these trials?

Sprocket said...

Brown is still in custody at this point. In the press conference after the trial, the defense attorney, Pat Harris indicated he would try to get Brown out on bail now since the jury foreman indicated no one voted for first degree.

However, in the press conference afterwords, the jury foreman indicated that at one point, one juror was at first degree at one point.

So, IMHO, it's not clear since the jury did not VOTE on first degree.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand Brown has been and jail for 4 years and will likely remain there until the case is resolved.

susan said...

FYI to all - tomorrow (October 7th) on “Inside Edition:”
“…Cameron Brown, the man accused of throwing his own daughter off this cliff. Did he do it to avoid paying child support? He says he didn’t do it. The mom speaks out, next Inside Edition.”

Karen said...

Thank you, Susan. I've got that one set to "record" (I work evenings)- I'd be burned if I missed it!

Anonymous said...

How long would Brown be sentenced to if found guilty on the varying degrees of homicide? He hasn't yet served time equivalent to involuntary manslaughter conviction, has he? Whatever the case, I have no problem with this pile of you-know-what sitting there in jail until a jury can decide his degree of guilt.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Inside Edition segment on the case. It is a long way to the bottom of the cliff. You would never let your 4-year old daughter wander alone here. Why would you take her to a place like that? It ought to be a case of 2nd degree murder at least.

David From TN