Friday, March 12, 2010

Casey Anthony: Following the Money Trail

On March 25, 2009, there was a hearing before Judge Stan Strickland concerning the funding of Casey Anthony's defense funding.

Known popularly as the Pauper to Princess Motion, the State was concerned about possible conflict of interest between attorney Jose Baez and business deals relating to Casey Anthony's then-current riches.

After an in-camera meeting with the defense, Judge Strickland stated he was satisfied with the defense's presentation and the motion went no further.

Since that time, it has been noted that the defense was constantly discussing the costs of various expenses. Noteworthy among them was the statement by Andrea Lyon at the latest hearing that perhaps Casey Anthony could be declared indigent for purposes of the deposition of Jill Kerley, Roy Kronk's ex-wife.

Fast-forward almost a year, and Casey Anthony has filed for indigency. Based on the form she filled out, Casey was deemed indigent by the Clerk of the Court.

Today, the Orlando Sentinel has reported that

An attorney for the Tallahassee-based Justice Administrative Commission questioned Anthony's need for public money for her defense on a first-degree murder charge because she already has paid out more than $110,000 in legal fees, according to a document filed with the Orange County Circuit Court and obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

The most interesting part of the article states that

In its response to Anthony's request, Lake said attorneys must submit an affidavit attesting to the estimated amount of attorney's fees and the source of payment for those fees.

The key work here is SOURCES. Now, we may find out more about where Casey got her money and why there is not more available for her defense.

The hearing for indigency is set for Thursday, March 18, at 11:00 AM. This could be very interesting, indeed.

I will post any documents concerning this latest news HERE as it becomes available.


How is Casey Paying Baez? Hearing Tomorrow
Chalk one up for Jose Baez?


FRG said...


Sorry about that again!!! Oh boy!!!
Now this is what I call bizarre case.
Woman Claims She Had Affair With George Anthony

ritanita said...

Wow! Complete with photographis proof!


shari said...

WOW, ole George isn't afraid of the wrath of "Cindy"????? I sure would watch my back if I were him. What happened to Brad Conway? ( who apparently also is having financial difficulties) This whole tribe is sooooo crazy that I feel for anyone who gets sucked into their lair. Can any of this get weirder????

FRG said...

Don't you think JB regrets of not agreeing with the "GAG ORDER" now? It is firing back on him for sure. LOL

FRG said...

My opinion is that JB never, ever predicted that he would run out of money or offers to paid interviews and whatever he was in this case for. Boy, he made bad decisions after bad decisions.
It will be priceless to learn about KC's deals with JB. I still think JB has a deal with Gil Cabot/Todd Black and maybe something has happened with this deal. That's just my speculation. From my understanding JB could have a deal with TB/GC just so we could not trace back the money trail. Well, I know nothing about laws though.
This case is such a hot mess now like Nicey Nash would say. LOL
Good Lord!!!
Can't we just jump from Saturday into Friday morning???

Lisa said...

I agree with the person who posted this blog. Why should someone who already shelled out $110,000 be looking to Florida tax payers for money? I will keep a close watch on how this plays out, because I feel for the citizens of Florida.

If people are interested, there is also a defamation case involving Casey Anthony. I find it almost as interesting to follow as the murder case. Morgan and Morgan, attorneys who are trying to clear Zenaida Gonzalez's name, have interesting information about the case on their website.