Thursday, February 25, 2010

Channon Christian and Chris Newsom - Sometimes There is a God

~Letalvis Cobbins

I've been feeling sorry for myself as the next 'snowicane' paralyzes the northeast. Even though my long-planned escapade to a weekend in the Big Apple and tickets to a show at Radio City Music Hall have been dashed, I still have a reason to celebrate!

Convicted kidnapper, rapist, and murderer, Letalvis Cobbins - previously convicted to a life-sentence in the Channon Christian-Chris Newsom slayings - got additional just-desserts today!

For the lesser charges in the conviction, Judge Richard Baumgartner merged some of the charges and then proceeded to sentence Cobbins to an additional 100 years in jail!

"This is the worst of the worst," Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner said. "If ever there was a case that deserved maximum sentencing, this case deserves maximum sentencing."

Chris's dad appealed to Cobbins during the hearing saying, "All you have to do is testify in a grand jury hearing stating who participated in grabbing Chris and Channon ... all you have to do is make arrangements before you go back to prison to testify before a grand jury and at Eric Boyd's trial." "All you have to do is tell the truth."

Hugh Newsom then asked Cobbins, "We got a deal?"

Cobbins responded with nothing but silence!

Cobbins' then-girlfriend Vanessa Coleman, is scheduled to go on trial in May.

Not a damn thing will ease the pain and suffering the parents of Channon and Chris have and will continue to endure, but hopefully they feel a sense of peace that justice for their kids is finally being served!

My heart and prayers will always hold a special place for Channon, Chris, their loved ones and friends.


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ritanita said...

Thanks for the good news, Donchais.

I am mentally gearing up for the last trial. I want it over so these families can attempt to live without them hanging over their heads.

I am sorry to hear that your NYC Extraveganza is off. Be sure to batten down the hatches for Stormzilla!

Anonymous said...

I have been helping to cover this case for T&T. Channon's abandoned SUV and Chris' body were both found a few hundred yards from the Chipman Street house. In spite of this, it was a close thing that the perpetrators were caught.

The 4Runner was wiped down. Fortunately, a letter belonging to Channon was left in the vehicle. The ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson, had handled it and left his fingerprint. The Knoxville police found the letter and lifted the print. Upon running it through the AFIS database, Davidson's name and address popped up. The KPD went to the house and found Channon Christian's body in the trash can, along with personal effects of both victims.

This led to the roundup of the rest of the suspects. Without the print, there was nothing to connect the suspects with the victims. There would not have been cause to go in the house and Davidson could have moved the body. He would probably have burned it as Chris' body was, removing the DNA evidence.

To my knowledge, without the fingerprint being lifted and matched to Davidson, they could have gotten clean away with it. One of the most horrific crimes in memory might never have been solved.

David From TN

Nora said...

That was lucky for the print. I've asked the police to take prints when there was a robbery and the police said no! Can they refuse to do that if it will help find the culprit?

Slamdunk said...

It is good to see this happen to a violent offender.