Thursday, March 31, 2011

Casey Anthony Hearing - Blink and You Missed It!

Today's hearing lasted around eleven minutes. Fortunately I live in the EDT zone, I hadn't had to get up super-early as did everyone from the west coast! WFTV reported that the hearing lasted 20 minutes, however, about nine of those minutes found us watching Casey Anthony groom herself and talk to Cheney Mason as she waited for the hearing to begin. There were no papers for her to put in order in read as she has been doing lately, apparently to keep her from these behaviors. I don't know which is worse to watch.

Linda Burdick and Jeff Ashton represented the State and Cheney Mason represented his client without his co-counsel, Jose Baez. I must say, the tone of this hearing was quite pleasant and at times jovial (on the part of Cheney Mason).

Cheney Mason began by lightheartedly stating that this hearing wouldn't take long since there wasn't much disagreement with the State.

Mason said that he was voluntarily striking proposed witness Sharon Cadieux. She has not been cooperative with either side about giving depositions.

The State agreed to add the remaining three witnesses: Kenneth Lewis, Daniel Kondos, and Patricia Young. These witnesses have already been deposed by the State.

Jeff Ashton said that Drs. Danzinger and Weitz will be deposed next week, on April 7. He pointed out that the issue could be taken up at the status hearing on April 8. He said that the State had the reports, but need to figure them out as they were "rather limited."

At that point, Judge Perry said "You mean those two letters?" Both he and Ashton compared papers, and indeed, "those two letters" were the reports.

Judge Perry called the attorneys to the sidebar to discuss April 8.

According to the judge, they were all done.

Jeff Ashton informed the Court that he had prepared a CD for court and counsel 236 pictures they intend to use at trial. He indicated that some of the photographs contain pictures of the remains which have been sealed. He said he would give the defense a copy so that they can organize their objections.

Judge Perry indicated that April 18-25 would be a time for housekeeping when they could go over photos, final motions, and objections. He also said this all could possibly be done sooner than that.

Perry said that he will rule on the spoliation/trash issues. Ashton said that he hadn’t replied to one of them. Ashton did reply to the motion on the stain in the car (seemingly authored by Lawson Lamar). He did not reply to the concerning the smell in the trunk.

Jeff Ashton indicated that the "Vass" issue was incomplete. The defense has yet to put their witnesses on the stand. They should be Drs. Logan and Furton.

Ashton stated that the only motion finished was hair banding. (We do have that defense motion, which was submitted on the 29th.)

Apparently, there will be no testimony on spoliation.

There was no mention of the heart-shaped sticker motion.

Judge Perry indicated that he hoped that all the testimony could be heard tomorrow and gave the attorneys a choice. The Burdick and Ashton said that 9:00 would be fine and Mason made a funny when he said (to be contrary, I'm sure) that he should say 8:30. Tomorrow will start at 9:00 AM.

As a final warning to both parties, the judge said that if they don't finish Friday, they will go to Saturday. If the don't finish on Saturday, he'd be willing to continue on Sunday!

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donchais said...

Today was rather a disappointment and waste, lol!

FRG said...


Thank you so much!

I missed almost the entire hearing, severe weather was the culprit!

I have to say that perhaps JB is to blame for the tense moments in the hearings.

KC also didn't look comfortable without JB... I may be wrong though. No paper pads and colored crayons today! Thank God! LOL

I have a feeling the hearing tomorrow will be a drag and it will have to be done on Saturday also. Good Lord!

So, should we wait for more Motions coming to throw out the photos prosecutors are planing to use in trial? I hope Caylee's remains photos will come in.

Well, see you in court tomorrow!


ritanita said...

Sometimes the two parties get together and negotiate about the pictures, FRG.

However, in this case, the defense will object to certain pictures as being to prejudicial. The prosecution will argue their side and the judge will decide.

Donchais, I totally agree with you!