Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christian-Newsom Case on Investigation Discovery

The Investigation Discovery Channel's "Sins and Secrets" show is repeating the episode on the Christian-Newsom torture-murders in Knoxville, Tennessee tonight (Wednesday) at 10pm ET and again at 1am ET. The program is scheduled yet again for Saturday March 5 at 6pm ET.

The program shows what Knoxville looks like for those who have never been there. The biggest drawback is not being long enough at one hour with 20 minutes of commercials.

Only one of the trials (of the ringleader) is covered. Some details are wrong. The murder weapon belonged to the ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson, rather than George Thomas. The four defendants didn't go in a group and carjack the couple as the show implies. Eric Boyd, who was allegedly at the carjacking, and was convicted as an accessory in federal court is not mentioned.

One of the best parts is footage from Davidson's arrest. He was in his stocking feet. Chris Newsom's shoes where in a corner. Davidson had been wearing them.

Despite the errors previously mentioned, it's a compelling case. As someone who has followed the case from the beginning, I highly recommend this program.

David In Tennessee

David covered several of the defendant's murder trials for T&T. Sprocket


Anonymous said...

The 4 killers are starting their appeals by requesting new trials. Unfortunately, the trial judge (Judge Baumgartner) is having legal problems of his own for allegedly procuring prescription painkillers from a felon under his legal thumb. Link

I just hope the judge's issues do not somehow taint the convictions and result in new trials. That would be a travesty.

Ray in Nashville