Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey Anthony's Civil Judge Recuses Himself

7:11 PM EDT

In a session in the judge's conference room, Judge Munyon ordered the deposition with Morgan&Morgan for October 8,2011.


According to a twitter message from Matt Morgan, a new judge has been assigned to the case. Circuit Judge Lisa Taylor Munyon will preside over a hearing TODAY at 3:30 PM (EDT).

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I was up bright and early to watch the hearing in the Zenaida Gonzalez case. Keith Mitnick and John Dill were there to represent her. For Casey Anthony, we got our first brief glance at Charles M. Greene, her civil attorney.

The Morgan & Morgan firm was in court to argue for Casey Anthony's deposition to be taken either in jail before she was released or on July 19. Greene had filed a motion saying that she was too exhausted after her trial and he was busy on the 19th anyway.

The hearing began at exactly 8:00 AM with Judge Jose Rodriguez taking the bench in the same courtroom where the murder trial took place. The attorneys then went to a 20-minute side bar. After they returned to their seats, Judge Rodriguez announced that he was recusing himself and the case would be assigned to another judge.

Casey Anthony will now have time to rest and relax in an undisclosed location as she "heals" from the ordeal of her murder trial.

Stay tuned for any updates on the fallout from the Casey Anthony case.


FRG said...

Morning ritanita!

Thanks for the update!

I would like that HHJP or HHJS got this case, wouldn't it be nice? Wishful thinking because this a civil case right? Hopefully a good jurist will be appointed. I would not be surprised if nothing happens. It seems KC is above the law and so are the Anthonys.

One more thing, I can't believe that after all JB's shenanigans in trial he won't be sanctioned. Now, that's justice for the ethical lawyers! *insert rolling eyes here*

Nothing will surprise me anymore after this trial, starting with brainless jurors and I mean it. I am not being apologetic about it.

Have a great day ritanita!

Sandy said...

There seems to be a kind of curse on everything that connects to CA... perhaps she has sold her soul to the Devil to be free of incarceration and for that, everyone who gets tied into her for money also gets to share in that soul-selling cost? Just an observation.

ritanita said...

FRG, I doubt we will see Judge Strickland on the case. However, I am well-known to have been wrong!

Sandy, you do have a good point. Casey has always relied on others to take care of her needs. Her mother was her major enabler for a good part of her life. Cindy covered for some major misbehavior, especially in the financial arena.

Once she was arrested, Jose Baez became her chief enabler by securing a boatload of cash for her defense. From the time she was declared indigent, he and the other attorneys in the case have become her enablers.

Now, they have to transport her, feed and clothe her, and put a roof over her head.

Unless she makes some big bucks or they earn big bucks from the case, they will get tired of her as well.

Look what happened to Caylee when Cindy closed her bank account to Casey's thefts. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Cindy has felt the guilt of causing Casey's actions and wants to enable her again if given the chance. Remember the jailhouse video when Cindy said that, when Caylee was found, Casey wouldn't have to work again?

That's just one of my many opinions.

gentleeyes said...

Speaking of CA... (and changing subject a bit), she just filed an appeal to the four misdemeanors and a motion of indigency! Looks like the taxpayers are paying for her again...

ritanita said...

gentleeyes, I'd heard that was coming down the pike. Thanks for the heads up.

The appeal puts off the civil case again and the appeal is a way to hide behind the Fifth Amendment in any deposition.

I just have to wonder if she will get a court-appointed attorney or if Jose Baez will continue to represent her pro bono. I have a feeling he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

gentleeyes said...

Can JP rule on the appeal pretty quickly or does it take time? I thought I heard that the emergency meeting from earlier was moved to 10 am ET?

Anonymous said...

So can someone get court-appointed attorneys on matters of appeal for misdemeanors? It is as if this is "The World vs. Casey" and so far Casey is winning...not sure how long her luck will hold out. Pretty soon her attorneys will get tired of her gimme-gimme ways and need to move on to other matters before them.

I also suspect, speaking of Cindy, there are major battles in the Anthony household about what to do about the problem child. Cindy wants to enable and George has had it with both of them. I remember when Patty Hearst's middle-age parents divorced and their daughter was found not guilty also.
-Wes J

Sprocket said...

Kinda "off topic" here.

No Playboy for Casey Anthony, says Hugh Hefner

(Video link)

Anonymous said...

No legitimate business that depends on public support will go near Casey Anthony. She's the curse of death to any such business!

FRG said...


Wishful thinking right? I know HHJS won't get the civil case.

OT: I have learned a lot about trials, and I would like to express my humble opinion, "opening statements" should be banned, jury instructions are useless, defense lawyers don't care about the truth, they care about getting their clients off, even if it's for murder, jurors are naive and they really believe what they want, even if they are instructed to disregard some witness opinion, jurors are not always truthful in the "void dire", jurors pick and choose what they want it to be true, not from evidence, jurors can't discern shenanigans from evidence, did I forget anything? What about "common sense"? Now, did I make any sense?

Sorry, but I am completely hopeless after watching this trial.

I hope KC goes back to living with CA! They deserve each other.

ritanita, I agree with you, KC is a parasite and she is used to "use people" and then discard them. What I don't understand how JB plans to keep KC's mouth shut and making money off it. Does he think that she will be more valuable with her mouth shut? She will not be in the courtroom anymore soon. We will see how long they will put up with her.


Anonymous said...

A tweet this morning from Kathi Belich, WFTV:

"A South Carolina inmate claims he could be Caylee's father and has filed a paternity suit against her in Orange County!"

Stay turned, folks!

Anonymous said...

Judge Perry is painfully aware of the jerking around that Casey and her team have been doing to everyone! If he's in charge of this jurisdiction, it's time for him to make sure they don't get away with any more!

Anonymous said...

"my 2 cents" said . . .

I understand that Casey's defense team filed an appeal on her 4 misdemeanor convictions (for lying). I am curious if they can legally & ethically file an APPEAL . . . IF HER COUNSEL ACTUALLY CONCEDED TO THESE CHARGES IN COURT, DURING THE CRIMINAL TRIAL & BEFORE THE JURY??? Baez said, in court, before the Judge & jury that, "YES" Casey did lie to police, she lied about working at Universal, she lied about Zanny kidnapping Caylee & lied to police that friends of Zanny existed. So HOW CAN HE APPEAL HER CONVICTION with regards to those charges? I know if she had pled guilty to those charges she would likely lose her right to appeal them, but come on . . . doesn't this look as though Baez is making a "GAME" out of the Judicial system & it has nothing to do with a "fair trial" for their client?

"my 2 cents"

ritanita said...

my 2 cents,

This was clearly a move to get the looming deposition off Casey's back. However, they have yet to file that motion, only an intent to file. They may or may not decide to do that in the long run.

From the explanation on InSession I heard, the only appeal on these misdemeanors is in the local circuit court. Three judges would hear it and make a decision. It is not the same sort of appeal one makes to the Court of Appeals.

The soap opera continues.

GeeMama said...

Happy to see you again Ritanita...It's JMO but I live in Texas and I don't think Casey would have been found innocent in our state. I would be so furious if I lived in Florida and my state had to foot the bill for this chickie to play around with the court. Can't the state of Florida file a suit against her and her attorneys for all the nonsense going on?

ritanita said...

Well, gang, I haven't been able to keep up with everything since I went into "Casey-lite" mode. I must say, though, that I understand Baez has only filed a notice of appeal and filed for indigency for costs. That means it's not been actually appealed yet, and he's still on the case "pro bono" as it were.

Meanwhile, I'm sure there is a cracker-jack financial wizard on the case trying to figure out how to make Ms. A judgement-proof from all those lawsuits and court fees her unexpected not-guilty verdicts make her very liable for.

Anonymous said...

You stated it right, ritanita: "her unexpected not-guilty verdicts."

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. Looks like the defense's public celebrations is short-lived as they're now forced to burn the midnight oil, ripping out their hair to figure out their next move. They are doing a brilliant job outsmarting themselves, just like their lying client. As another saying goes, Karma is a b*tch! It's really great entertainment for the public to watch them squirm.

Joy Behar was great when she asked Sims if should would let Casey baby sit her children or grandchildren. Talk about squirming! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

The solution to Casey's out of prison dilemma is simple:

Each of the people on the defense team should provide a room in their respective homes where Casey can stay and be safely away from the public. They have stated that they believe she is innocent as "they have come to know her and are comfortable with her"!

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

my 2 cents - you're right, Baez emphatically admitted that Casey LIED. But it seems that if they're appealing that now when the jury's verdicts were very clear on those 4 counts, then the first 3 counts should also be fair game for an appeal!

Sprocket said...

In Session's Beth Karas just reported on her Facebook page that she is back in Orlando, Florida. She will be reporting on Casey Anthony's release from jail. Beth stated she will be at the jail right around midnight tonight.

Apparently, we don't know what TIME Anthony will be released from jail.

I wonder if there will be any family members to greet her on the outside.

Sprocket said...

Anthony was given a huge gift by this jury. I think we need a poll to vote on how quickly she will fork up this gift.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Casey has burned all her bridges (no family to greet her outside!), and Baez has made sure that he is now the center of her universe. He'll probably become her agent too. Can't wait to see how this all plays out...who does in whom with what, and how soon it thick as liars and thieves! Hahaha! This is great entertainment!

shari said...

Casey left the Orange County jail at approx. 12:03 am with Jose Baez. No one knows where they went......but do not be surprised to find that Cindy and George are awaiting her upon release. I feel that they went along willingly with being "thrown under the bus"....They were told, I am sure, that George nor Lee would be culpable for any charges in the molestation accusations. We haven't seen the last of this infamous group of trouble!

Anonymous said...

The media probably have the family members covered and watching their every move. It is believed that Casey is still holed up in Cheney's office, awaiting the opportune time to make a run for it. There is also a story about her being in Ohio already. With all the "bounty hunters" out there, it will be interesting to see where she surfaces!

shari said...

she will surface when Jose and she feels the money is right! Same with the family. The dead child is now a "cash cow" for this infamous band of egocentric creeps. Not one of them will think twice about making money off of a dead 2 year old child/grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Anon July 16 @ 1:32 said it right!

Reportedly, Casey's currently hiding out in Cheney's home in FL. She probably left his office, transported in his trunk (!) to his home! He did say in an interview that he would take her in for a "short time." Sims would not commit to doing any such thing! But there's still Baez, Rivero (despite his claims to the contrary), and that new lawyer they brought onto the team to do the appeal work.

Money seems to be their main problem now, and that absolute need will fumigate them out into the public. Sooner or later the well runs dry! Hence, the new FB and twitter accounts Casey just get money flowing in from the public! HA!