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Casey Anthony Murder Trial: SENTENCING

Ritanita is on a much needed short vacation, and I have attempted to fill her shoes in covering the sentencing. As you all know, for the last three years she has lived and breathed this case and did a herculean job in covering it.

I am lucky. I get up in time before court has started. I'm listening to the live feed from WESH. At first, all they are showing is a view from the hallway outside the courtroom.

It's 5:29 am PT. The only camera live on my computer is the view of the hallway on the 23rd floor. I just saw one of the defense team walk by the hallway camera. I see court personnel, an occasional officer come into camera view.

Now on the WESH live feed, we have commentary.

OCSO is getting ready for the possibility that she will be released.

I did not stay up late last night to hear the one juror who spoke on Nightline.

I see Mason, George. Oh lord. WESH is replaying the reading of verdicts.

Now the talking heads are saying she could have the cost of the trail charged against her.

It's unclear from the statute how much she might owe.

Anthony is inside the courtroom. Here hair is now hanging down loose.

My trial watching friend, LinZbee tells me Juror #3, Ms. Ford spoke on Nightline last night. (I haven't watched the show yet.) Ms. Ford felt that one could not convict if you didn't know how someone died or the motive.

I totally disagree. You don't need to know a motive. You don't need to know how someone died. It's my opinion that often times people don't realize that behavior is evidence, powerful evidence.

On WESH, there are some talking heads discussing the “courage” of these jurors. I'm personally sick of hearing talking heads say these types of things.

Judge Perry takes the bench. The case is called by the clerk.

JP: Let the record reflect the defendant is present along with her counsel and states attorneys. (snip) Are both sides ready to proceed? (snip) Mr. Mason before we proceed, you had asked me to rule on a motion for mistrial?

The defense withdrawals their motion for mistrial.

JP: The defendant is before the court for counts four, five, and six, and legal cause not to proceed with sentencing?

(I think JP at this point, is corrected by the defense that there is also a count seven.)

Only legal cause... (I miss this.) ... no legal cause not to proceed with sentencing.

JP: Would the state care to present any manners relative to aggravation..

LDB: No not on that issue your honor.

JP: Any issue concerning any other matters?

LDB: Your honor, yesterday, day I filed a motion to tax special costs of investigation and prosecution....

Crap. My feed went bad just as LDB started talking. It’s taking me forever to get a feed.

When my feed comes back, Drane Burdick is gone and defense attorney Lisabeth Fryer is arguing prior cases for sentencing.

LF: It’s our assertion that the Hammel (sp?) case is temporal....

Judge Perry asks Ms. Fryer about count number four, lying about her employment. Fryer is arguing that all four instances were part of a single act, so she should be charged for only one act. Judge Perry reviews the case law the defense provided.

Many legal pundits think she will only be sentenced as a single act and will walk free from court today.

JP: One last question. Are you saying that, Ms. Anthony did not have time to pause, reflect, and form a new criminal intent for each one of those four separate acts?

LF: Yes. your honor. That under Hammell there has to be a separation of time, place, or interview.

JP: Response from the State of Florida?

Only provided... LDB, cites other case law.

LDB: It is the states position there is a temporal break between each lies. (snip) During the course over three separate statements. (snip) 1 am 4 am and 1 pm. (snip) Each of the lies are mater to the issue investigated. (snip) each were intended to mislead law enforcement. (To give an example, LDB says) We see this with separate sex acts acted upon a child at the same time, are charged separately.

LDB: Given the fact that there were multiple statements over 12 hours, it is the position of the State that these separate acts do not violate separate double jeopardy.

Drane Burdick brings up another case to the judge.

JP: Does your client wish to say anything before imposing sentence?

CM: No your honor.

JP: The court will make the following finding concerning the defense motion, to bar imposition of sentence, these four state counts as to violating double jeopardy..

JP: Count four. Basically dealt with the following conduct. It is alleged that the defendant was employed at Universal Studios to 2008. This information was given pursuant to the investigation to a missing person’s report. That information caused law enforcement to go to Universal Studios to expend law enforcement resources to determine that in fact Ms. Anthony did not in fact work at Universal.

JP: Count five is, Ms. Anthony informed authorities that she had left her child Caylee Marie Anthoy, at the the Sawgrass apartments with a babysitter. Which caused law enforcement again, as a result of a missing person report, to develop and follow varous leads trying to locate this babysitter commonly known as “Zanny."

JP: Count 6 again, dealt with the fact that she had informed two employees of Universal Studios "Jeff Hopkins" and "Juliet Lewis" of the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony.

JP: Count 7, (she) indicated to law enforcement that she had received a call and spoke to Caylee Marie Anthony on July 15th, 2008, at approximately 12 pm, thus causing law enforcement to devote extensive resources.

JP: As a result of those four separate and distinct lies, law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy and manpower looking for young Caylee Marie Anthony. This search for her went on from July through December, over several months trying to find Caylee Marie Anthony.

JP: Four distinct separate lies. Just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts one, two and three, they also spoke on loud and clear on counts four, five, six and seven. There being no legal cause shown (that the court) should not impose sentence, and the court having previously judge you to be guilty in the counts four, five, six, seven, I will sentence you to one year in Orange County jail, (for each count) imposing $1,000 fine on each count. All for counts to run consecutively. (snip) Consecutive to each other, giving credit for the time previously served. Mr. Baez, Mr. Mason, we are going to spend some time this morning figuring out her time for credit served, and it’s going to take us probably about an hour to sort it out. (snip) ...because of the previous sentences she has been given.

JP: With the good time and gain time, depending on the preliminary figures, sometime early August, Maybe late July, but I can’t say that until I first determine time served, and the jail applies their good time and gain time. So if you want to wait around, or we can communicate that with you, or if you have a different figure.

JP: I will reserve jurisdiction for 60 days, to determine cost of prosecution and investigation.

So, Casey Anthony gets four years for the four guilty counts.

LDB: I have advised a minimum of 30, so any time after that.

JP: Mason?

(I can’t hear him.)

JP: I’m trying to give you a date now. The week of August 15th, I will not be around. The week of the 22nd, I’m involved in an evidentiary hearing. I have time on the 25th an 26th. Depending on how long, I can fit you in on the week of the 29th, but I’ll have to fit you in. but I’m going to take over Judge Adams division since he’s leaving at the end of the month. I have a week or August 1st, but would have to fit you into that division's regular work.

They are still trying to figure out a return date.

JP: So when would you like the hearing folks?

LDB: Any of those dates would be acceptable.

I'm not clear, but I think they settled on Thursday the 25th of August.

Judge Perry rules she can waive her appearance. Mason waves her appearance. Will impose statutory court costs.

Judge Perry addresses Anthony.

JP: You have a right to appeal the judgement and sentence provided you file a notice with the court. If you can’t afford an attorney to assist in your appeal, (snip) you wish to appeal?

JB: If we could have a moment your honor. (So he can confer to see what Anthony wants to do.)

JP: You may.

JB: We would like to reserve our right to make our decision at a later time.

JP: Does she have the financial where with all, if she decides to appeal to pay for appellate counsel?

I miss the full extent of this answer.

JP: If she decided to do that, make sure she fills out insolvency with the court and bring that, so counsel can be appointed. (snip) If she does not file a timely notice of appeal then she forfeits a right for appeal, but it will be YOUR responsibility to file appropriate appellate paperwork (more that I miss.) with the court.

JP: It will be your responsibility before you are relieved of your responsibility of this case to have those documents filed. Are the any other matters on behalf....any other matters behalf of the state? On behalf of the defense?

Both sides answer no.

JP: Okay. Court will be in recess.

She could be released later this month or early in August.But today is not the day that she walks out of the courtroom.

CNN's blog reported: "Anthony has remained stoic during this portion of the court hearing. She is conferring with her other attorneys as the judge hands down the sentence. But as she prepared to exit the courtroom Casey Anthony let out a tiny smile."

Later, a court representative came out and addressed the media. Her time served had been calculated and Casey Anthony will be released from jail on July 13th, 2011.

July 13th, almost 2 years to the day from the time that the world became aware that little Caylee had already been missing a month.

A Reflection on the Jury Verdict by Sprocket
I was in shock like everyone else when the verdicts were read. The jury obviously did not see the case as the prosecution presented it. But what did they really think?

We finally got to hear from one of the jurors, Juror #3, Jennifer Ford who spoke on Nightline. If you listen to Jennifer, she states that you cannot convict someone of murder if you don't know the cause of death or have a motive for the murder. She stated that the prosecution did not provide the jury with those facts. She also stated that she did not believe the defense case. On the Nightline show, she completely sidestepped the evidence of the duct tape on Caylee's skull. She never addressed it. She also stated she didn't know what to think about the chloroform. She basically didn't know about that.

After hearing a short clip of Jennifer speak, here are my thoughts.

Like lie detection expert EYES FOR LIES, I was blown away that the jury totally discounted the defense case. That even though the defense in their opening statement presented to the jury that this was an accident, that the defendant was at the home and involved in an accident with her daughter, they totally discounted that when considering a verdict.

I think this jury was totally taken in by the CSI effect. They were unable to make any type of conclusion about Casey Anthony's post-incident behavior and wanted all the evidence tied up for them in a neat package. In my opinion, that's what the CSI effect is. They wanted to know when she died, where she died and how she died before they were willing to convict. It shows us a jury that is unable to analyze evidentiary behavior critically, and come to a conclusion about it. This jury also rejected the prosecution's motive that was presented to them. I believe they rejected it because they didn't understand it.

Even though Casey Anthony lied to every person in her immediate orbit, law enforcement officers, the general public and beyond about having a job, where she was doing what when, having a "Zanny the nanny" and a kidnapping, that behavior by Casey Anthony was rejected by the jury as having any weight as evidence that a crime had been committed. They basically said, Casey Anthony's post incident behavior means nothing without a motive or cause of death.

Even though the prosecution presented strong evidence that there was a dead body and high traces of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car, they still could not come to the conclusion that a dead body had been placed inside it. Even though the prosecution presented powerful evidence that three pieces of duct tape were attached to the child's skull, mandible and hair, the jury did not see that as evidence that a crime had taken place. Many of us are wondering what person in their right mind could think that how and where little Caylee ended up, in plastic bags, in a swam, with duct tape wrapped around her head was the result of an "accident?" To me, this tells me that this juror, and most likely the rest of the jurors were unable to connect the dots and put the pieces of evidence together.

When you have jurors that are unable to make reasonable conclusions about post-incident behavior and powerful scientific evidence this is the type of verdict you get.

I also believe that some of the blame has to rest on the shoulders of the prosecutors, who I do think did an excellent job presenting the evidence. Is it possible that the prosecution team, so sure of their understanding of the evidence and what it would prove, had a bit of tunnel vision that the evidence could only be interpreted one way? Because I did not see all of the prosecution's closing arguments I do not know if the prosecution spent any time addressing the "unknown" issues to the jury, or presented compelling arguments refuting the defense theory of an accident.

I'm reminded of the OJ Simpson case. The defense theory proposed that OJ Simpson was framed by the LAPD. There was absolutely no evidence to support that, but they hammered home that possibility. According to former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in his book Outrage, stated that in closing arguments Marsha Clark spent about two sentences in her entire closing argument on the defense theory of a frame up. That's it. The prosecution was so certain of their evidence proving guilt, they didn't think it was necessary to spend any time refuting in arguments the defense theory.

As like ritanita said in her last entry, I don't think I wasted any of my time following this case. With every case we follow, there is something to be learned from the experience. I've learned quite a bit about Florida law during this case thank's to the open courtrooms and Florida's "Sunshine Laws." This case also reaffirmed my belief that, regardless of what evidence is presented, you can never predict was a jury will do (or an appellate court for that matter), because juries will surprise you. This jury certainly did.

Postscript. I highly recommend reading an excellent analysis of Casey Anthony's behavior over at or fellow blogger Valhall's site, The Hinky Meter. Although it was written over a year ago, it's spot on in identifying Casey as an "Eraser" killer, like author Marilee Strong outlines in her book, Erased.

Did the CSI effect sway this jury?


Anonymous said...

Did the CSI effect sway this jury? It's possible

Did the Nancy Grace effect sway the public? Yes

Does the general public struggle with the Burden of Proof tenet? YES

What are the odds of somewhat randomly selecting 12 unintelligent illogical spineless people from a Florida county? Why wasn't there even ONE person in the room who was able to see the "obvious"?

Sprocket said...

Anon @ 1:35pm

I don't know that it specifically was "Nancy Grace" that swayed the public. There are many who listen to the evening news and don't listen to Nancy Grace.

The juror did state that at one point, there were six for acquittal and six for manslaughter. So, at one point, there were jurors who thought she was guilty of manslaughter.

For the average person, it was clear that Caylee died from duct tape over her mouth, placed there by her mother. Unfortunately, these 12 jurors didn't see the evidence that way.

Anonymous said...

"Why wasn't there even ONE person in the room who was able to see the "obvious"? "

Excellent question!

That's why the current national political environment together with the location in FL from where the jurors came AND the players (specifically the Judge) in the case should be closely scrutinized!

With those ingredients, the result is NO JUSTICE for the victim! These jurors simply used this case as a public platform to make a political statement.

As we see, they are hard pressed to explain away their irrational verdict because there is no rational reason for their verdict in the face of all the hard evidence that was presented in this case.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to learn WHO convinced the other jurors to go the NOT guilty route.

After this travesty, we know how sociopaths work, don't we!?

FRG said...


Thank you very much for the article!

I just rea the "eyes for lies" article and boy oh boy! When I heard the alternate #14 talking about he thought GA was somewhat involved, I just told my hubby "what's wrong with this guy"? Then now we have 2 jurors saying there was no evidence to prove I wonder if we were watching the same trial. These jurors didn't bother to follow HHJP's instructions.

First of all, Krystal Holloway/River Cruz's statements about "accident that snowballed out of control" was "not" evidence of drowning. Her statements if were to be considered should be if she had or had not an affair with GA.

Where in this trial the defense proved an accidental death? No sexual abuse either.

Are these jurors plain and simple lazy? What the heck?

Not even child abuse? They said KC was a good mother because of what? Caylee slept in the same bed as RM one night. Where did these people come with this idea of a good mother?

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

What about the 2 dogs that hit the trunk of the car, was there a dog conspiracy too?

I am so de aster that these people wanted to go home. Shame on them!

A sociopath will be out in the streets and it's their own decision.

Where is their common sense?

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, unfortunately for this country, this goes WAY BEYOND and is much bigger than the CSI effect. The real issue is as old as this country, it's the original sin of this country. We seem to be going back to the future, we've actually NOT come a long way!

Anonymous said...

There are none so Blind as those who will not see!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news...reportedly, lightening just struck a tree near where Caylee's remains were found!

Anonymous said...

Caylee's Law Petition has gone viral:

Anonymous said...

Betsy you always have a good take on things. I personally never watch those CSI shows---I find them boring---but I do know that for decades (centuries?)that people have been convicted without DNA and even without bodies. DNA is fairly new. What did these people want, a video tape? If they can believe that George Anthony had a hand in it, they can believe that space aliens did it or any kooky story, cause that is what the George story is.

I wonder what will become of Casey. I would not be surprised if some wealthy eccentric comes in and swoops Casey into a plush condo out of state, but like any 25-yr-old (I was once one), she would not be able to be "sequestered", to sit still, to stay out of sight. But who would want to be seen with her? It is gonna be interesting.

I saw on CNN and LA Times today that the phony Rockefeller has been returned to LA for the murder of the long-ago landlord, so get ready!!
-Wes J.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic and maybe I just missed it somewhere....What happened with the Contempt of Court charge against JB?

NancyB said...

As everyone knows, trials are won or lost in jury selection. While I do think that Judge Perry is a stellar jurist, I believe that he rushed the jury selection process in a significant way. Because he is also the chief administrative judge his role and responsibilities encompass the financial constraints and considerations involved in the costs incurred with 2 weeks in Pinellas County. He also had to contend with the small window of time that he was allotted for use of their court room. Just as a comparable reference the Scott Peterson case took 11 weeks to seat the jury.

I do wonder why 4 members of Casey’s jury have criminal records. Why would they be selected by the Prosecution? I do remember that they were running out of jury pool candidates and also the time deadline was fast looming. I do not place any blame on the Prosecution because I think that their hands were tied. I do think that it was very unwise for Judge Perry to have such an arbitrary deadline fixed for this most all important process.

Juror #3 said: "You can't punish someone for something if you don't know what they did."

Juror #3, it was NOT YOUR JOB to PUNISH Casey Anthony. It WAS your JOB to LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE and USE COMMON SENSE. You were not handing down PUNISHMENT in this phase. Did you skim over the words "Caylee is Dead" on the Juror Instruction sheet?

Here is the real Juror #3, she has a lot in common with Casey, they both like to write bad checks.

Anonymous said...

As to not knowing how someone died, if juror #3 meant the cause of death, then no--in theory at least--it is not necessary to find murder. But if she meant manner of death, it IS necessary to find that the death was a homicide (death at the hand of another) to find murder.

Even with respect to the cause of death, that issue is very intertwined with the elements of murder (i.e., 41 stab wounds would suggest both malice and possibly premeditation and deliberation for that few moments of reflection that are required).

If you don't know at all the cause of death, and there is no evidence of planning and preparation, I could see how jurors might find it difficult to convict of murder--especially in a death penalty case where you want to be darn sure before you kill someone with your verdict form.

BTW, the MSM is reporting that Casey Anthony’s release date is July 13, 2011—next week!

Anonymous said...

We had a mock jury on a site I am on. Our jury spent more time debating this case than the jury. I would love to know if the juror who had to go on the cruise pressured everything about getting out of there so they could take their cruise.
6 vs 6 - this alone is sad. The 6 alone caved on their views, but why? To go home? Do these people not stand up for what they believe? They didn't even take the time to deliberate this? If I was on the jury, I would rather left with a hung jury than what they gave.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe the CSI did effect this jury. What a lazy bunch of people. They wanted a tidy ending at the end of a 60-minute show.

It appears that the 6 jurors that believed Casey was guilty of manslaugher acquiesed to the 6 who wanted to acquit her. The 6 who believed she did kill Caylee simply gave up and did not stand their ground. I can only imagine the 6 who wanted to acquit were just tired of the whole thing and just wanted to go home. These people did not do the job they signed up to do.

The statements that they couldn't understand what the cause of death was and couldn't connect the dots show that this jury was pretty much brain dead. They couldn't even comprehend the Prosecution's last statement of who benefited from Caylee's death.

Casey NEVER reporting her daughter missing let alone for 31 days (Cindy Anthony was the one who called the police), Casey's lies to EVERYONE that continually evolved to deceive, chloroform in the trunk, computer searches for things that cause death, duct tape (THREE pieces) on the face, heart sticker, human decomp and Caylee's hair with death ring in the trunk,triple-bagged and thrown into a swamp to rot, hearing the jailhouse and police interview tapes, Casey sitting in jail for three years for an accident when she didn't have to, stopping talking to the police, abandoning her car in a parking lot with her purse in the front seat hoping it would get stolen, her family lying on the witness stand to cause confusion because they their daughter was guilty, etc., etc.

All circumstantial evidence, yes but circumstantial evidence is very powerful and compelling. This jury did not bother to put all the pieces together and look at the total picture.

And now juror #6 wants $60,000 for his comments. I wouldn't give him 60 cents.

Anonymous said...

These jurors must have been in it only for the money. That's the only explanation for this travesty. Caylee will never have justice due to these 12 individuals.

ChristineZ said...

I think the problem with the jurors is that they were hand picked. Personally I believe picking candidates who fit the right profiles for defense and prosecution is just plain wrong.

The computer should send letters out to prospective jurors, perhaps being sure it is ethnically balanced, and then the jurors should show up in court to be examined. the ones who are really hard to take should be eliminated (bigotry, bias etc) but then there should not be all these questions to probe how they might react.

My sense is that the jury was tainted by a lot of things and also #3 basically said that FROM EARLY ON jurors had mentioned there was no cause of death. I believe I heard that. It tells me they were not "heeding Judge Perry's admonitions" in fact they were probably whispering about it and getting into some sort of line.

I just cannot believe that they came back after 10 hours, never asked for any clarifications from the judge, never asked to see any evidence or videos. This was a lazy group.

Perhaps it would be 1000% fairer in this day and age to allow them to go home, live their life and know about the case. I know that by listening to the evidence, my views changed as it went on. I believe most people have the brains to do the same.

In any event, it's a sad, sad day to think that a woman I am extremely sure is guilty as H... is not only getting off but heading toward more fame and fortune.

Did anyone notice how slutty looking Casey looked today, the day of sentencing, pouty provocative make up, quite different from what my husband noted as her careful attempt to look like a frail VICTIM throughout the trial, a victim and defenseless, getting hugs all the time from that woman lawyer. Now we have the pouty temptress once again.....

Anonymous said...

As a part of Casey's sentencing, her "time served" days needed to be properly formulated. Then the court announced the official number of days served was 1043. Shortly after that someone stated on InSession that Caylee had lived to be exactly 1042 days before her very short life came to a halt. I thought "how bizarre" (and ironic). Curious, I decided to recheck those figures to see if it was accurate . . . GUESS WHAT? They FORGOT the "Leap Year" in 2008 before Caylee died. Therefore CAYLEE had actually lived EXACTLY 1043 DAYS.

CASEY's "time served" = 1043 days
CAYLEE's "number of days on this Earth = 1043 days

I find this BEYOND BIZARRE. I am not one of those folks who runs around proclaiming to see the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast nor did I sit around playing Beatle songs backwards in the late 60's trying to figure out if "Paul was Dead". But I have to admit, this made me stop and ponder how this coincidence could happen. I mean really . . . . what are the odds? VERY, VERY STRANGE INDEED.

posted by: "My 2 Cents"

Sprocket said...

Hello My 2 Cents!

I think your calculations might be off. WFTV in a new report stated:

Orange County corrections officials said late Thursday they had recalculated Casey's release date. With time served and credit for good behavior, she is now due out on July 17, her 1,007th day in jail.

Here's the link to the story.

Anthony Jail Release Date Pushed Back

And on that note, I am closing the comments. Thank you all for reading.

Sprocket said...

My 2 Cents E-mailed me back with a further breakdown of her calculations, which I offered to post.

My 2 Cents said:

Hi Betsy,
WOW - some outcome, eh? What a shock that was.

RE the post I sent to T&T re DAYS ("time served", "behind bars", etc) - I wasn't actually referencing any "gain" time or "good behavior, etc. AND MY MATH MAY BE "RUSTY, that's for sure . . . but on hearing the statement the court made to reporters initially that there was "1043 days time served" (before any adjustments, etc) and an InSession comment/post that Caylee lived 1042 days - I had to check it out - it seemed too ironic.
While rechecking Casey's actual "days behind bars" since Cindy reported Caylee's disappearance on July 15, 2008, I came up with the 1043 DAY NUMBER. And then I really freaked a little. Maybe others don't think its that coincidental, but I do. I mean, what are the odds?

Of course, you can "play with the dates" a little, . . . i.e. - Do you count the date(s) she is released? The date(s) she is arrested, etc? I explain how I did it below. And maybe I have the actual dates wrong that she was released, etc - some of the timelines on-line vary a little, but I think I have them correctly. Either way - pretty weird in my opinion. How eerily ironic (even if they ended up being off by a day).

Thanks - My 2 Cents

So here is how I figured it:

RE: 1043 DAYS as of the day of CASEY's sentencing, yesterday July 7th

AND FYI: I'm not sure what that "new" updated "time served" number of days totaling 1007 DAYS represents. It doesn't add up unless they subtracted dates associated with the FRAUD and CHECK CHARGES (not sure what that number is). I'm just looking at "days behind bars", the days Casey has been incarcerated as relating to CAYLEE being reported MISSING, and then to later be discovered DEAD is (if I have these dates down correctly, which I might be off - I admit. AND my "math" may be rusty as well. LOL ) is:

Arrested July 16th 2008

So lets make this as simple as possible.
The number of days from July 16, 2008 thru July 7, 2011 (date sentenced) = 1087 DAYS

Now lets BACK OUT the days Casey was "free" on bond (not serving "time"):

1st released
on bond by Padilla on Aug 21, 2008. Casey was then rearrested and back in jail on August 29, 2008. That's 7 days "free", because she had actually served (i.e. - been "behind bars") part of the day on both 8/21/08 and 8/29/08). So now we are at 1080 DAYS.

2nd time Casey was released
was on Sept 5, 2008 thru October 15, 2008 (10/14/08 Casey indicted & 10/15 Judge denies bond & Casey back in jail). Lets not count the 5th or the 15th, because Casey served partial days behind bars on those dates. That leaves an additional 39 "free" days, not serving time.

So, 1080 DAYS - 39 DAYS = 1041 DAYS

However, during this "free time" of Sept 5, 2008 - Oct 15, 2008, Casey was rearrested (she actually turned herself in) on Sept 15, 2008. She was charged, thrown in jail and then released sometime the next day, Sept 16, 2008 with an ankle monitoring device. So lets add in those 2 days since she was "behind bars" and not actually "free" on Sept 15th & 16th. So when we add those 2 days to the 1041 DAYS, we have the grand total of 1043 DAYS "behind bars".

Number of DAYS that CASEY was "BEHIND BARS", at the TIME of HER SENTENCING,
July 7, 2011 . . .

1043 DAYS.

Number of DAYS that CAYLEE lived
(August 9, 2005 - June 16, 2008), . . . 1043 DAYS. (Feb, 2008 included an extra "leap year" day)