Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Verdict Watch Day 2


Casey Anthony gets to live the "Bella Vita" as a jury acquits her on all counts, with the exception of the four counts of lying to the police.

Her sentencing will be this Thursday, July 7, at 9 AM.


I'll be keeping a journal of the jury deliberations. To know the latest, check back during the day. I am following Bill Sheaffer live on WFTV.

8:30 AM: Judge Belvin Perry called court to order. He called for the jury and immediately sent them out to deliberate. Jose Baez arrived too late for the brief proceedings. Cheney Mason spoke for the defense. Casey was very animated and spoke with the guards and Dorothy Sims.

1:25 PM The jury didn't ask to see any videos, they had no questions for Judge Perry. But they have a verdict!


Sprocket said...

Several of our readers have sent me, Sprocket, an E-mail with the title


During the Spector 2 trial, I was inside the courtroom, waiting along with a few of the reporters from the MSM. When I heard the three buzzes that indicated a verdict had been reached, I sent out three mass-E-mails that made up over 450 E-mail addresses.

Since ritanita is not "inside" the Anthony trial courtroom (even the MSM is not allowed inside), I'm sorry but T&T will not be sending out a mass E-mail notification.

In Session is tweeting updates from the courthouse. I recommend registering to follow In Session's tweets or Beth Karas In Session on Facebook.

hetherfly said...

I have goosebumps. Justice for Caylee.

caroleigh said...

what the hell happened?

Oh my God

Oh my God

Oh my God

WHO ......... killed the child

ritanita said...

I'm waiting for the jury to speak.

Inchworm said...

I am shocked!! This is beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand how Nicole Brown Simpson's family felt, as well as the Goldmans. No justice in this case. I don't understand; the evidence was so clear to me. This girl once again gets by with it...no lesson. Apparently this jury needed actual video taped footage of the murder. Stunned beyond belief. She kills her daughter and will now profit by book and/or movie deals.

GeeMama said...

I am so disgusted I just cannot think anymore. Sadly, we will never know who killed this sweet innocent child. I feel her death will reflect JonBenet Ramsey's death. We will never know and someone walks among us as a free killer. Thanks
Ritanita for letting us comment and sharing the past few weeks with us. I am Sprocket's friend on facebook and will be happy to be yours.

Nora said...

Baez says this is justice for Caylee - is he for real? As I wrote a few days ago, if this jury finds Casey not guilty, it will show that most in our society has been effectively dumbed down and has learned nothng since OJ. I think the jury should be required to prove who DID kill Caylee! Absurd. Has this jury been blackmailed or bribed? Guilty of lying to police but not guilty of murdering her child. THe brilliance of the prosecution team loses? Unbelievable.

ritanita said...

Well, the jury doesn't want to speak to the public. It doesn't surprise me.

hetherfly said...

No justice for Caylee. A sad, sad day indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty!!! But don't lose hope. This jury was made up of cowards, just like the original OJ Simpson case. But where is OJ today??? Justice always prevails in the end!

Nora said...

Yeah, really, Ritanita, no surprise. I am surprised to hear that the jury didn't have other options to say 2nd degree murder - as Judge Nepolitano says "some lesser form of homicide". Now the Anthonys get to have each other and won't that be interesting for them? Karma has a funny way of popping up one day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am stunned also.
I'm sure she'll end up with her
own reality show. What a World we
live in, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do know who killed Caylee. The Not Guilty verdict does not mean she is innocent.
Casey just got by with murder. We also know she will party with no regret. I want to throw up.

ritanita said...

Nora, they had other options:

Second Degree Murder
Third Degree Felony Murder

They could have decided on those three lesser charges as well.

After all the testimony, who did they THINK killed Caylee?

Nora said...

Karma continued.....Where is OJ today? Oh yeah - IN JAIL. Sociopaths do not change, eventually they slip up.

I thought they had options, but today the judge said they didn't. Guilty of lying to police - why do they think she liked to them?! DUH! Maybe the jury knows Zanny the Nanny?

NancyB said...

I am heartbroken and I can't fathom how the Jury could possibly come to this decision. Not Guilty on all the lesser charges? Pitiful excuse for justice. Now we'll be left with another dangerous psychopath free as a bird and Baez malignant arrogance will know no bounds. Will Casey get a Reality Show next or just write a book? Will the DT parade her onto all the MSM shows? I'm disgusted that Baez could utter the words today that this was justice for Caylee. I'm ill.

caroleigh said...

I think that someone in Orlando is going to find this girl, and give her Justice.

What the hell has happened to our justice system?

Nora said...

Where's Al Pacino when you need him, screaming to the jury (not the judge in this case)? "You're out of order, you're out of order! This court is out of order!" What justice? There is only one kind - divine justice, a.k.a. karma. Can't run from that one.

Anonymous said...

Just a question...

Have any of you ever served on a criminal jury? Based on the comments I've seen here over the last few weeks I highly doubt it. The burden of proof is on the PROSECUTION. The jury (or the defense) is not "required to prove who DID kill Caylee".

I have sat on several criminal juries and without exception, the jurors took their job very seriously. It's not "who else could have done it" or "who benefited" or "the defendant is the only one who had access to all of the evidence" but did the prosecution PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey killed Caylee. The criminal law is laid out for the jury in the instructions and the jurors are required to follow that law no matter what they might think happened.

Years ago, I sat on a murder trial where I was one of two or three jurors who believed the defendant was guilty. I voted not guilty on the basis of what most of you would probably consider a technicality. Even after all these years, I stand by my decision. Unless and until the jury decides to speak out, I would not prejudge them as "dumbed down" because you disagreed with their decision.

As involved as we've all been in this case, we cannot compare feelings with those of the principals. It will be disgusting to see the continued media frenzy surrounding the death of this poor little girl. After Nancy Grace glues her exploded head back into place, she will probably be salivating at the thought of year after year of "Tot Mom" stories. The defense attorney's books, Casey's book, the Anthony family's book, Krystal Holloway's book, Yuri Melich's book, the 17 jurors and alternate's books, the bird flipper's book, etc. are unfortunately in our near future.

Even after all I've written, I believe Casey was responsible for Caylee's death in some fashion. Whether through God or karma, she will hopefully pay for her actions. For the present, all I can hope is that she gets her tubes tied.

ritanita said...

I am devastated. I don't think we'll ever know if the jury thought there was reasonable doubt.

Perhaps it's because we devoted our time and our hearts to Justice for Caylee that we knew so much more than the jury ever knew. I just hope in my heart that they made what they thought was a just decision.

What this sociopath will do with her life will continue to harm others. As one commentator said, "She was the vortex who spun out all this devastation."

My husband retired last Friday, and he's decided to take me away tomorrow and Thursday to get away from all of this. How could I say no to that?

I guess I'll miss the travesty that will be her sentencing.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Nora said...

Wishing you and your husband a well-earned and needed vacation and rest!

Anonymous said...

the right verdict. no proof there was a murder. death, yes. murder, no.

Anonymous said...

The jury obviously did NOT use their common sense...and they just wanted to go home. Most importantly, they chickened out and simply passed the buck. The same thing happened in the OJ Simpson case. But we all know where OJ is today...IN JAIL! KARMA NEVER EVER FAILS!

Anonymous said...

How many of those who applaud the verdict and the freeing of this sociopath would be willing to live next door to her or have their own children or family around her?

Common sense was sadly missing from this verdict!

Anonymous said...

When Casey gets out of jail, I wonder where she will go? Maybe some supporter will take her in....cannot imagine that the Anthonys will take her into their home with everything that was said and claimed in court. If they do, it is the definition of glutteny for punishment.

Yes I believe she will slip up and get in legal trouble again pretty soon. Give her a few years.

The only good thing is that we won't be seeing Linda K-Baden on TV everyday now. I guess her law practice is very slow these days.
-Wes J

Sprocket said...

Lyn said....

I don't know how to have my comments submitted, but......

Was the jury seeing the same trial?
What was the jury smoking?
How do they think Caylee got to her burial place?
How do they think the car smelled of decomp?
Did they mistake 'beyond a reasonable doubt', from
'beyond ANY doubt'?
Did they know Casey was speaking of Caylee in the past tense before
she was even found?
Did they check their brains and senses at the door to the courthouse?


ritanita said...

I'm trying to get some sort of positive feeling going. My stomach is still upset.

Casey still has the civil suit with Zenaida Gonzales. Will she have a pro-bono attorney this time, or will Jose Baez represent her again?

Then, there's the little issue of the income taxes she owes on the $200,000. It's at least $60,000, possibly more.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe those who commit crimes should walk simply for technicalities! If there is a flaw in our justice system, it is that! REASONABLE doubt people! What the heck, did an imaginary friend kill Caylee? The stench was in Casey's car....she lied and hid from her parents; she couldn't go home without Caylee! The state proved she made the computer searches, the state proved Cindy did not find ladder up on the pool the date in question....gads...free on technicality....pathetic reasoning in my opinion. And yes, I have been on a jury!

NancyB said...


Glad your hubby had such lovely timing!

Hey, remember all of those jail house letters that Casey wrote to another inmate and each one she specifically mentions how she can't wait to get out of jail and have another baby or else adopt? That's a scary thought.

Baez is as big a liar as his client. How could he tell this jury with a straight face in the beginning of his Closing Statement that we will never know how Caylee died! Did he forget that in his Opening Statement he told us that she accidentally drowned? I do not understand how this jury came to this decision... how could all 12 of them be terminally stupid? Or was it just blind, deaf and dumb?

Nora said...

Aston retired officially today. A sad day for our "justice system".

Anonymous said...

Looks like there was a very strong person on the jury who convinced the rest of some "technicality," perhaps the IT person?

Remember, Judge Perry went in to speak with the jurors along with Baez and Burdick at the close of the trial phase? Wonder if that had something to do with it...I think it was about the computer searches.

What happens if jurors fess up that they were bamboozled by one of their fellow jurors to arrive at the wrong verdict? Although it may not affect Casey, can the offending juror be penalized in any way for wrong doing at this point?

It's just strange that if they felt so strongly to arrive at a NOT guilty verdict that not one of them wanted to speak to anyone! Very strange, indeed!

Maybe there was another convincing sociopath on the jury!

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, I and many others will never again support Geraldo Rivero now that he has shown that he actually supports sociopaths!

Anonymous said...


We hear you and feel your pain too. Rest assured, Casey will catch Casey, the same way that OJ caught OJ -- it's not IF, but WHEN -- it's just a matter of time!
They are their own worst enemies!

The same goes for scumbaez.

God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

This was definitely a Sociopath 101course. Hopefully everyone will now be more aware of their surroundings and the people with whom they associate. This is a sad, sad day for humanity.

Anonymous said...

Not Guilty under the law DOES NOT MEAN INNOCENT. I'm not a "supporter" of Casey Anthony by any stretch of the imagination. I trust the jury system so if those 12 jurors hearing all they did decided not guilty than I have to respect that and not sit in judgement of them as "terminally stupid". Even if I disagree with a verdict, short of some type of fraud or impropriety, I still try and respect their decision. I'm sure one or more of them will speak publicly so we'll find out eventually what was their reasoning.

For better or worse, this is the system we have. Ignoring the "technicalities" of the law is a step towards vigilantism. What would you change? Lower the burden to preponderance of the evidence, no jury trials, common sense standard, 50/50? If so, it's time to petition your state's legislators to put forward new laws or an amendment to the Constitution to say defendants must prove their innocence.

This jury may have made a colossal mistake or they could have gotten it right or somewhere in between. They were not witness to hours and hours of media hyperventilation, numerous side bars, and excluded testimony but made their decision on the information in front of them.

Maybe I have misplaced faith in my fellow citizens that so many here seem to hold the "technical" aspects of law in such disdain [or have a curious obsession with "Big Bertha"]. For those who have served on criminal juries, was it your experience that you and your fellow jurors made "common sense" decisions to convict or acquit that may have been in direct opposition to the "technicality" of the law or the judge's instructions?

Though I'm extremely disappointed that no one will be held accountable under the law for what happened to that innocent child, a not guilty verdict is a far cry from factually innocent and is NOT an indication of a stupid, sociopathic jury.

Chris said...

Here is my concern . . . prosecution should have included negligent homicide as well since the "accident" theory had been floated by Cindy wayyyy back when. I had thought the jury would got with lesser murder charge . . . but never expected this. I just don't think they gave the jury a peg to hang their hat on and the offered pegs did not include the proverbial "accident that snowballed". Chloroforming your kid, IMO, ain't no accident. I'm stunned and unhappy!

Chris said...

little did we all know that it would be such an amazingly short jury watch . . . unfriggin'believable!

Nay said...

KC will NEVER have that "Bella Vita" experience.

I think she will be harrassed as she walks those Florida streets and won't have privacy for a LONG time.

It will be interesting where she will live now......if her parents allow her to move in....then this family dysfunction continues.

Nay said...

Nora.....I LOVED that movie "Justice For All" with Al Pacino.....dang, that would have been great for Jeff Ashton to say!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a stupid jury.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:36

"Convincing" long windedness seems to be another sign of a sociopath. Thanks to Casey, we are now familiar with the characteristics of a sociopath.

Given that virtually all cases are "circumstantial," and with ALL the evidence presented in this case, fraud or impropriety is definitely NOT ruled out.

Nora said...

LOL thanks, Nay. Yeah, it would have been very appropriate!

Anon: I get it, you served on a jury and this case has nothing to do with the one in which you were involved. A not guilty means not innocent? Oh really? In which universe? She won't be serving time for this crime.

Anonymous said...

She will get all the notoriety she craves, but unfortunately will NOT be able to cash in on it. Karma is already setting in. She made her bed, now she has to lay in it. If she changes her identity, she loses her notoriety.

Sociopaths of the world, take note!

Anonymous said...

An investigation needs to be conducted regarding the jurors in this case. Something smells...again!

Anonymous said...

I did see the phone interview that Vinnie P did with alternate juror Russell Huekler of St Petersburg (he is listed on whitepages.com). The jurors just bought the Baez lines hook line and sinker...so did this alternate. Everything Baez said made sense and nothing from the DA could be "proven". So how do they get the convictions on other murders where no body is ever found?

If you need proof that this society is getting dumber by the day, this is it.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 3:52 p.m.

So now I'm a sociopath?

To Nora @ 3:54

I realize the cases I've served on are different than this one. My comment was an example - nothing more, nothing less. And it is in THIS universe that not guilty does not necessarily mean innocent. Innocent would be Casey did not harm Caylee; Not guilty means it was not proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey harmed Caylee. You're right in that the end result for both is Casey out of jail, but they do not mean the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Another OJ moment, Guess Lady Justice will have to wait til the next time Casey comits a CRIME to Serve more Time

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12

Exactly! Based on this thinking, we should just open up the prison gates and let everyone free!

If an investigation is ever needed, this is it, into the jurors!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:16

Yep, and thanks to the model sociopath, Casey Anthony!

Sprocket said...

I don't believe there needs to be an investigation into the jurors. They were sequestered for quite some time. They had a hard time performing their civic duty.

One of the alternates spoke to Vinnie Politan of In Session.

He said he would have voted not guilty also.

He also said, there was no motive provided by the prosecution. (Yes, he really said that.) Evidently, this juror needed to see a credible motive, even though the state is not required to present one in evidence. At least, not that I'm aware of.

He also said that she was a good mother. (He actually said that.)

He also said there was no evidence there was any type of disagreement, or problems between Casey and Caylee.

That's when I finally said, WTF? SHE'S TWO YEARS OLD! It's not like she was doing drugs and taking Casey's car without permission!

Juries. I tell ya, what I've learned is, never try to predict them.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to look into is if there's a "convincing" sociopath on the jury who discriminates against black judges. Apparently there was the misperception that the judge was on the prosecution's side.

Absolutely NOTHING about this verdict makes any rational sense at all, period.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sprocket, but many feel that there is definitely something wrong with these jurors.

Anonymous said...

The inexplicable verdict is NOT as a result of what the prosecution or defense presented. It has to do with the jurors.

Is it true that there was a juror who couldn't wait to get on the jury for this case? We need to know more about the backgrounds of these jurors.

Anonymous said...

I agree with u Sprockey :):). Look at Scott Petersen!! I googledmit as he had "circumstantial" evidence too. The jury convicted they said on "common sense" n his behavior in the days following Lacy's disappearance. So what was this jury not thinking of when it comes to common sence?? The hair in the trunk did not mean Caylee was in there the alternate said to Vinnie. Well I believe Geragos said the concrete powder in Scott's boat did not mean Lacy was there!! So how could one jury get it right but another let's this PYSCHO walk free?? I do believe she will get her just desserts one day. It so worked for OJ...he got 80 years as the judge had no mercy on his soul, well the same will happen to PYSCHO kc when she gets in trouble again.

Sad though no justice for precious Caylee...will have my porch light on at 9 tonight.

Stephanie Sander

Sprocket said...

I will remind everyone to please be respectful to each other. Please try to keep your opinions to the parties in the case.

If the comments continue to contain disrespectful comments I will close commenting.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Apologies Sprocket and other bloggers. I did respond personally to being called a sociopath and regret hitting "publish" on that particular post.

Nora said...

I'm sorry, it makes no sense to me. If someone on a jury believes that someone is not completely innocent, that means doubt, too. So, how could they, in good conscience, let her go free? As for credible motive - are you kidding me? Tons of it!

FRG said...

OMG ritanita! I am still in state of shock! What's wrong with these people? Where is their common sense? Did they forget opening statements are not evidence? I can't believe it! No child neglect? Really? What reality do they live in?

I am so disappointed!

I guess that lying does pay off! This is so despicable!

Ritanita, you deserve your vacation, have fun with your hubby!

Hopefully sociopath will be lying her way off down the road when she might commit another crime! As many of you said, sociopaths don't change, neither do narcisstic people, you all know who I am talking about! Some unethical lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Children in this country are not as safe today as they were yesterday.

This must be the stupidest jury ever seated. What is in the drinking water in Florida?

Anonymous said...

It looks like everything came down to cause of death. The murder, manslaughter, and child abuse charges all required the jury to find that Casey did X to Caylee. Did the prosecution err by not including a child neglect among the lesser charges? Although the penalty for that may have not been that great, I think the jury could have found her guilty of neglect without a determination of how Caylee died.

Anonymous said...

The closest thing to this one I can think of offhand is the acquittal of Texan oil man, Cullen Davis, in 1977.

David In TN

june said...

Before deliberations, the judge explained the difference between premeditated murder and felony murder, so if jury felt not premeditated, they could have convicted on felony murder. Or manslaughter, or the abuse issues, but no conviction? Alan Dershowitz says trials are not about law and justice, if not that, then what? This verdict was a travesty and this jury just wanted to go home. 11 hours deliberation on a capital case?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Baez was a little smarter than some gave him credit?

Nora said...

Fact: Caylee's dead - she didn't commit suicide. Casey partied for a month before admitting she was gone and only because of Cindy's call. I guess two and two make eleven?

Frank said...

There were comments from defense attorneys on TV about this just being an example of reasonable doubt and that people shouldn’t criticize the jury. The problem wasn’t reasonable doubt, the problem was that the jury was lazy. They didn’t take notes and didn’t think critically about either side’s arguments. The lesson in this is that juries have to be chosen that will consist of people who are willing and able to think critically about the evidence. The jury couldn’t understand circumstantial evidence, which in this case was strong enough to at least put her in prison for life. The jury may also not have cared that believing the unsubstantiated allegations against George Anthony doesn’t exonerate Casey.

This verdict was not the result of Baez being a good attorney or the state not having enough evidence. His statements and defense witnesses were worthless. The jury should have been critical of Baez constantly diverting attention to non-evidence regarding the duct tape and gas can because he had no evidence connecting George to the disposal of Caylee’s body. If Baez could constantly infer that George put the duct tape on Caylee, why didn’t he constantly infer that George used his car to take her to the swamp? There may be too much evidence against that to make it an issue. Or Casey may have told him that she disposed of the body herself, using her car.

More was made of the attorney’s reaction to the verdict than Casey’s. I think Casey’s attorneys privately believe that she killed Caylee, but were happy about the boost the verdict in this trial provides to their careers. The people who were crying with relief may have been the ones who found and prepared the worst defense witnesses.

Frank Seattle, WA

ChristineZ said...

Well, well. We all knew Casey was smart, ------and so she engineered the perfect murder -- and as her reward she's going to be rich and famous, probably end up in Hollywood or Paris eventually, write books, do appearances, sell her story and movie rights.

I was appalled at the outcome, appalled that the adage, "You can never overestimate the stupidity of the American People" really played out in this case with this particular jury. We can have no idea what occurred, but if they were dressed up this morning, then they must have decided yesterday and then just filled out the forms today..

I am Appalled that the jury wouldn't even speak about it. They KNEW it was not right even if they claim to justify it on some technicality or other.

I could see that brilliant man Jeff Ashton was devastated and rightly so. Those people must not have understood a thing he said. While the convoluted questions and innuendos of Baez seem to have stupified them.

Now that it's over I guess we all have to get over it and hope that somehow the system can improve. Meanwhile, this little sociopath who played the role of pitiful waif during the entire trial will put on her other costumes of "swinger" and celebrity.

It is truly a travesty of justice.

Anonymous said...

This jury or any other is under no obligation to speak to the media and considering the mood of the country, they would be wise to lay low for their own safety. If one of them came out immediately and started doing the rounds, he/she would be accused of trying to cash in on the notoriety. That being said, I would be shocked if one or more of them didn't speak up within a week or two after things calm a bit.

It's within the power of the public to prevent Casey or any of the Anthonys from profiting. Pressure any TV station, magazine, book publisher who offers them a platform - similar to what was done for OJ.

ritanita said...

Sprocket, I learned also that you (not, you, Sprocket, the generic "you" can never tell what a jury will do, what they will look at as evidence.

If you were to go back over what I have written over the past years, you will see that I never once said WHEN Casey was convicted. I wrote IF she was convicted.

As a number of our good posters have written, Casey was found not guilty, she wasn't found innocent.

Jeff Ashton retired yesterday. That breaks my heart as well. I do understand why.

Cindy and George Anthony got their wish. They didn't "lose" their daughter to the death penalty. If you watched them leave court yesterday, you didn't see a smile on their faces. They just got up and left.

The lies and machinations of the family and the defense may have worked to pervert justice, but they have gotten their own reward, in a perverse way. They have Casey on their hands.

I don't expect Cindy and George to welcome her home and I doubt that Casey wants anything to do with them. She managed to tear what bonds tied her to her family and managed to destroy her parents and brother.

As Jose Baez pops the corks on the champagne bottles and celebrates his new fame and riches the fame will bring him, he now has Casey on his hands. She is his ticket now and he will make sure she is protected and safe so he can market her new-found value.

Good luck, Mr. Baez, you now have more than your match!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is now up to those of us who are outraged to do our best to not support anything that enriches Casey Anthony. I will not purchase any book, magazine, tabloid with her photo on the cover. If we do not show an appetite, profits will not be made, and she will lose the spotlight. I will not click on internet pages in hopes advertisers will not run there to profit from this mess. If they don't profit, she won't profit. Let any book/movie go the way of the CD attempted by Phil Spector's wife...dead on arrival. We must turn our backs on her and send a message to all criminals that despicable behaviour is not to be celebrated. Yes, I'm also boycotting Jersey Shore! Enough already!

GeeMama said...

Our society needs to have everything tied up at the end of a CSI show in a neat little bowtie, that's what's wrong. And that's what's so terribly wrong. Sometimes there's not the manner of death, cause of death either but a little child is sure still dead isn't she. The best thing we can all do is not buy or support any books, talkshows, etc. Baez is gonna try to parade out to the public. We have a right to our opinion too and we don't have to support Baez or Casey. (or any Anthonys IMO)

Anonymous said...

We the people have the last word -- we will NOT support anything that's about Baez or Casey. They will be each other's undoing sooner or later...KARMA.

The verdict in this case had nothing to do with Baez -- he's as inept as ever. It had to do with something untoward within the jury. Why won't they speak?

The People of Florida are proud of the stellar case presented by prosecution on behalf of Caylee Marie Anthony.

May Caylee rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony has spent 3 years in jail. One for each year of Caylee's life. While I do believe she was involved in Caylee's death, I was never quite convinced she murdered her and I'm a very well read, reasonable, intelligent person. If Caylee's body had been found a month after going missing, I'm sure there would have been a different scenario. Given the lack of hard forensic evidence (smells aside): the prosecution did an admirable job but I never felt this was a death penalty case from the get-go. Doubt Casey will enjoy riches and fame - but rather infamy and scorn.

shari said...

Reported today from localOrlando tv news........Casey, overheard in jail, wants to have another child.
Just so everyone knows!

Caroline said...

Trying to explain the verdict : part 1

Just like most people here, I am sad about the outcome of this case. But I can't say that I was surprised. In a way , I can understand what the jurors did yesterday.

I am French, and as my English will show (I apologise, by the way) live in France. We have not heard about Casey Anthony here. We have never heard of Caylee. A few weeks ago, an American friend posted a link on Facebook to watch the trial live. It was not intended for me, but since I heve always wanted to watch a trial from gavel to gavel, I thought this one would be a good occasion, since I didn't know anything about the case. I could watch it almost like a juror, and see if I would reach the same verdict.

After the closing arguments, after hearing and reading Judge Perry's instructions, very very very reluctantly, I realised that it would have to be not guilty for counts 1 to 3.
Very reluctantly because Casey's behavior is unacceptable, absolutely outrageous. You don't lie about somebody's death, you don't try to hide it, you don't dump the body in the woods. And ironically, it was her lies and sociopath personality that got Casey out of this, when she should have been punished for those lies and sociopath behavior.

I hope the jurors will speak soon. I honestly think that reasonable doubt was everywhere , murder has not been proven. All the evidence that has been shown could point to murder or to an accident and a cover up.

The state has proven she was a liar, a pathological liar. She lied way before anything happened to Caylee. So she lied after also. If it was an accident, would she have told the truth at that time ? I don't think so.

Then you can hear her say in the jail tape that she didn't want to talk, because she felt "they" were building a case against her, and that "they" were twisting everything she said. Is she telling the truth now ? Honestly who would believe her ? I would not. I have no idea what happened to Caylee, and we will never know.

And then came the 7 months pregnant Casey picture ... how on earth can George and Cindy say they were not sure that Casey was pregnant ??? This is just .... Wow. Makes you wonder about this family. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Then there was the motive : what was her motive to kill her daughter ? A lot of people are shocked to hear the alternate juror refer to Casey as "a good mother". But we did hear most of Casey's friends and family speak of an amazing loving relationship between Casey and Caylee. So yes , I think it was true, there was a strong bond between them. After all, they were spending most of their days together when everybody thought Casey was working.

Maybe you remember a funny moment during the trial, when Frank George tried to introduce a text message / instant messaging correspondance between Casey and Tony I think. It was funny because Judge Perry started to read the conversation out loud, in a very Judge Perry tone, and the conversation he was reading was a little bit ... hot. Well Judge Perry eventually rejected most part, if not all the evidence, that Frank George wanted to use it to show a motive : he probably wanted to show that Caylee was becoming a problem between Casey and her then boyfriend. So the jurors never heard that.../....

Caroline said...

Trying to understand the verdict - part 2

One detail struck me in one of the videos of Casey shopping : Casey bought white sunglasses. A witness (I think it was George ) had previously described Caylee's white sunglasses. So this detail struck me, I realised, Ok , at this point, Casey knows that Caylee has passed, she wants something that would link her to her daughter.

Her lies and her imaginary life also reminded me of a famous French case : a man who also had an imaginary job at the WHO in Geneva, pretetended to work there during 18 years, when he was actually spending his days wandering around Geneva, and came back home at night. His whole family and his friends believed him during 18 years. An when the truth was about to be found out, he methodically , coldly, killed everyone in his family : his parents, his wife, his children. According to a psychiatrist, not because he didn't love them, he did in his own way, but because the truth would be unbearable, if they, the people he most "loved", knew it.

Premeditation also fell apart : Linda Drane Burdick insisted that Casey visited 84 times a website about chloroform. Then Baez rather easily showed that there was a problem with the software used to search the Anthony hard drive, and it was actually Myspace that was visited 84 times. The suspicious web searches happened around the time when Ricardo Morales put up a photo mentioning chloroform on his myspace. So ??? Was Casey planning on murdering Caylee or just trying to find out more info on chloroform because of that picture, and fearing it could be used on her during her nights partying out, searched info on self defense ?

Same thing happened with the "shockingly high levels" of chloroform found in the trunk of the car. This was said by one expert only , Dr Vass, who then explained that the method he used didn't allow him to quantify the chloroform. All the other experts spoke of traces of chloroform, explaining it didn't mean much, since chloroform is very common in housold products, decomposition, and volatile...

Then the duct tape. There is a problem with the duct tape : where was it originally ? It is clear that Caylee's body was moved, at least by animals. Then by water. So where was the duct tape originally ? The prosecution desperately wanted to show that it was on Caylee's mouth and nose. Jeff Ashton said in his closing arguments that the duct tape was the reason why the skull and the lower jaw were still connected. I found that very troubling, so I went back to the testimonies, and watched them again. The experts first answers about what kept the jaw and skull together, were the matted hair and the roots. So where was this duct tape originally ? Before the verdict, I thought they could have been on the bag, as the defense suggested. After the verdict, I suddenly thought that the pieces of duct tape were too short to be used on the bags, it made no sense to place them there. If they were not on the bags, then where were they ? On the blanket ? On the laundry bag ? On Caylee ? To tie her hands ? On her mouth and nose ? Over her eyes ? Before or after her death ? We'll never know.

I also found the autopsy report strange , how can you conclude it was a homicide when you don't know the cause of death ? Ok, Caylee was almost 3, and had no known health problem. So I would have understood the ruling out of suicide and natural death. But how can you rule out an accident based on the fact that there was a cover up ?? I was not convinced at all by Dr G's explanations.

Caroline said...

Trying to understand the verdict - part 3

Also, at the beginning of the trial, I was very frustrated by the fact that they did not explain how Casey was able to maintain her lies about her job. Honestly , I really wanted to know how she was able to go shopping , use a credit card, etc...without a job. I immediately decided to pack up and move to the USA. Then I looked it up on the internet, and found out that she was stealing her family, and even from Amy ... I unpacked. And thought that that was not meant to last , she would have been caught rather quickly, and she certainly knew it. "Timer 55" : Casey knew that Bella Vita wouldn't last .....So what was it ? Was she acting out of shock, or was she planning on killing her parents as well ?

So the state proved that Casey was a self centered sociopath liar, that she knew from day one where Caylee was and what had happened to her, that there was a cover up, and Caysee knew about the cover up. The point is in this case, if you can't prove how Caylee died, you can't prove there was a murder. I'm not familiar enough with the law, so I don't know if there are other charges that could have applied to this case. The charges in the indictment were about murder, manslaughter, and child abuse, that was not proven beyond reasonable doubt. It's impossible to rule out an " accident that snowballed out of control" based on what was shown at the trial.
I am very disappointed, but if she had been convicted, I would not have felt comfortable with it either.

It's a sad situation, and I'm sure the prosecution did everything they could. Maybe it's the perfect murder that can not be proven, maybe there was no murder.

One other thing I thought is that here, in France, we don't have the 5th amandment. If you are on trial, you will be asked to explain what happened. If you don't want to, no one can force you, but it will be held against you. I am in no way critising the 5th amendment, but I think that in this particular case, if it happened here, and she refused to answer questions, she would probably be convicted because it's obvious she knows, and won't talk. Just another way of seeing things.

Out of respect for Caylee, I hope that no one will ever pay one cent, directly or indirectly, to Casey to watch a movie or buy a book about her story. And maybe it's time to think about a law about not reporting a missing child, and concealing someone's death.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon at July 6, 2011 8:37 AM:

An alternate juror was interviewed on HNN cable and he 1. agreed with the jury's verdict and 2. sounded like he was an articulate and reasonable human being.

In addition, this was a very difficult, high pressure case to defend, and personal feelings about Mr. Baez aside, the fact that he could obtain a defense verdict under these circumstances by definition proves that he is not incompetent.

That does not mean that Baez is a good human being or that his client is in fact innocent. It does mean that he did a heck of a job defending his client. Instead of getting the needle or life in prison she will go free.

You cannot do better than that in a death case.

Anonymous said...

Do the research and you will find cases where some didn't even have a body, and the accused is currently on death row!

There was more than ample evidence in this case for first degree murder had the JURY done their lawful job. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

The murderer is set to walk free, free to enjoy the "beautiful life," whatever it ends up to be in reality.

Will the State proceed with prosecuting Cindy and George for perjury?

Will ANYONE suffer any consequences for the coldhearted killing of a defenseless toddler?

With all the movie and book deals lined up to earn the various parties millions of dollars, is this the message we're sending to the world: Crime really pays in America!?

In light of all the recent unprecendented natural disasters occuring across the country, it's time for us to pause and do some deep soul searching before it's too late!

Nora said...

Did any of you hear about Caylee's law? It's a good idea. If a parent doesn't report a missing child within 48 hours they can be charged with a felony. I think that's how it goes...there must be accountability (and Casey's former friend Clint House even said that, and he believes she is guilty and no justice was served for Caylee).

Anonymous said...

Based on what juror #3 has said, she and possibly the other jurors were not convinced by the kitchen sink defense so Baez shouldn't be upping his rates just yet. I listened to the whole interview with Terry Moran? from ABC and thought she articulated very well how she arrived at the decision.

I'm glad I took the time to hear the interview rather than go by Nancy Grace and her minion's criminal mischaracterization of what the woman said. In the one or two minutes before her nonstop "tot mom" reference had me diving for the remote, she and her guests made it sound like the juror wanted to change her vote after realizing the sh&t storm stirred up by the verdict. Juror #3 said nothing of the sort. The NG panel has done a disservice to their viewers by trying to twist her comment that "not guilty does not mean innocent" to fit their narrative. Juror #3 was very clear on her views.

Chris said...

Caroline . . . wonderful comments. I so appreciate your perspective of our legal system as well as the recounting of the Geneva man. Merci mon amis.

Anonymous said...

Is Clint House an imaginary friend or a real one? Caylee's law would be awesome! I hope it will pass.

Anonymous said...

Juror #3's irrational reasoning PROVES that they based their verdict on other things that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the case! They need to do some soul searching as they have allowed a coldblooded murderer to go FREE to roam the streets and be a continuing jeopardy to society!

Scumbaez remains as inept as ever!

There was MORE than ample evidence in this case. Some cases don't even have a body, yet the accused is found guilty!

Due to the their own long-standing, deep-rooted personal issues, this jury consisting of out-of-towners managed to successfully pervert the jury system!

Where is the justice for Caylee Marie Anthony?

Chris said...

Thank you Judge Perry . . . you did the best you could under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

It's a truly sad day in America to listen to Juror #3. This is someone who is supposed to be learning to be a nurse?! God forbid! Her reasons are IRRATIONAL in light of the ALL the evidence pointing to GUILTY -- there was NO note taking, NO applying their intelligence, NOTHING even close to reasonable time spent in discussing the evidence in the case. A total FAILURE and PERVERSION OF JUSTICE! Whenever something reeks of such IRRATIONAL reasoning, this leaves us to wonder as to the REAL reason behind their verdict.

Consider that these jurors came from another part of the state, their backgrounds, who the judge is, and there was talk about the judge being in favor of the prosecution. So, they seize this opportunity to make a statement in the current national political environment and sock it to the judge?! Forget about doing what's lawful, they used this opportunity to further their own personal prejudices! Folks, look there for the TRUTH about what really happened in this case!

We all know the mountain of evidence that was presented pointing to guilty. Watch and listen to the irrational reasoning coming out of the mouths of the jurors as they struggle to make sense of their totally nonsensical verdict! There is absolutely NO justification or rational reason for this verdict, especially when they were also given the choice of manslaughter! The system was perverted for irrational personal reasons!

Anonymous said...

To Judge Perry and the prosecution team on behalf of the People of the State of Florida:

THANK YOU you from the bottom of our hearts for your untiring dedication and phenomenal job in seeking justice for Caylee Marie Anthony! We know you will sleep well at night.

On behalf of humanity, we deeply apologize for the gross misdeed and miscarriage of justice at the hands of the self-serving jury in this case!

Anonymous said...

Judge Perry was being jerked around by the defense team probably at the enjoyment of this jury. But despite it all, he did a great job in conducting his court in an impartial, professional and exemplary manner.

The prosecution team did a phenomenal job for the State of Florida on behalf of Caylee Marie Anthony. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

On behalf of humanity, we apologize for the gross misdeed and miscarriage of justice at the hands of the jury in this ase.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony is a danger to society. The jury is totally responsible for this result to let her loose on society. God help us!

Anonymous said...

Baez was a court jester rather than an officer of the court. The man is seriously incompetent. smh

Combine that with the jury from hell and you get total devastation of the justice system.

Anonymous said...

For those who have not seen it, this link with some interesting info about Juror #3 was shared by a poster on Calls for Justice blogsite:


ritanita said...

I went away for a day to clear my mind and Sprocket is posting the verdict hearing from today. Thanks, so much Sprocket!

I see a lot of jury bashing here. I wish I knew what they thought, but only hearing from one or two made me wonder if they understood all the work that goes into deliberations, if they fully read through those complicated jury instructions and read them well. Whatever the case, they made their decision and, as I've said before, they have to live with it. So will we.

Personally, I hope that the "hating" will stop and people will just accept the fact that the trial is over and done with. Anger will not accomplish anything and it will do more harm than good.

I plan on taking a break for a while from the whole situation, because, instead of being a Trial, the aftermath is purely a Tribulation we will all have to suffer through. There is no honor to Caylee's memory by the public brouhaha. I agree with what Jeff Ashton said yesterday. We would best honor her by doing something for other children in trouble.

I could read the motions and watch the hearings and tell you my interpretations. I could follow the trial for those who didn't have the time to watch for themselves.

Was I biased? I tried hard not to be, but as time went on, I could clearly see where the evidence was leading. However, nothing I could say would tell you what the verdict would be. I never assumed Casey would be found guilty. You can never tell what a jury will see and understand.

When I entitled the article, No Justice For Caylee, it meant more that we will never see another person go on trial for her death. But her memory will be carried with each of us.

caroleigh said...

I love what you just said Ritanita, you are so right.

The complicated jury instruction given by Judge Perry seemed endless. When he finished, he clunk together a big stack of papers. Could even one of them understand it all? I doubt it.

I was utterly baffled by all of it............... furthermore I certainly did not understand ''the legal language'' is there an interpreter that explains if they ask?

You were not biased in your reporting Ritanita, You were fair I felt, and did a beautiful job and I personally want to thank you.

Casey will get caught up in another game, sociopaths are not curable, and I'm willing to bet my soul she will end her days in a prison somewhere... someday.... [ That is if the people of Orlando don't get her 1st. ]

How can one woman, on earth for only 25 years, do so much destruction, cause so much pain, and waste so much money............... even the pornographer didn't think she was worth a cameo. Amen to that.

Thank You Ritanita and Sprocket

Anonymous said...

I don't know what went on in that jury room, but I wish they would have studied the evidence, putting aside the slant spoken by the lawyers (both sides). To truly evaluate what happened, the facts have to be analyzed with independent, open minds. Had they done that, just maybe any reasonable doubt they were feeling might have disappeared. And if the doubt remained, the rest of us might have have felt they at least tried instead of hastily running home. That's what bothers me the most. Now it's time to turn attention to what can be controlled, and for me, that means no more Casey Anthony in my home, no more NG Bombshells and the like. Thanks to T&T for the good work and straight reporting.

Sprocket said...

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Here is what it says:

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