Monday, October 3, 2011

Conrad Murray Trial Day 5

Dr. Conrad Murray and his defense team.

UPDATED October 4th, 2011
I incorrectly reported that Sade Anding testified yesterday. She is testifying Tuesday morning. Sprocket.

A recap of the witnesses today.

Monday's testimony continued with #11 Richelle Cooper returning to the stand. She testified much the same as she did in the preliminary hearing. In Session's Beth Karas reported on her Facebook page that defense attorney Michael Flanagan cross examined Dr. Cooper about her use of propofol in her medical practice as well as her knowledge of how long benzodiazepine and Lorazepam stay in the body.

AT&T Employee #12, Edward Dixon testified about Dr. Murray's AT&T phone, data and text message records. Dr. Murray was talking and texting all morning while treating Jackson.

Witness # 13, Jeff Strohm, Sprint/Nextel employee testified about more phone records much the same as his preliminary hearing testimony. DDA Deborah Brazil performed the direct of the phone records and Nareg Gourjian performed the cross examination.

Dr. Thao Nguyen

Witness # 14, Dr. Thao Nguyen, UCLA emergency room doctor is on the stand detailing her CV. She's smart as a whip. I believe DDA David Walgren presented the witness. She was on the CCU rotation at UCLA when Jackson entered the ER. Dr. Nguyen testified pretty much the same as her preliminary hearing testimony. She was the fourth witness the prosecution called that testified Dr. Murray did not mention propofol to her as a drug that he had given Jackson. Defense attorney Flanagan tried to shake her testimony but she had a response for him every time. Dr. Murray could not tell Nguyen a timeline of when he gave Jackson two doses of Ativan (aka lorazepam), when he arrested and how long before paramedics arrived. Murray told Nguyen, "I have no concept of time."

Witness #15, Dr. Joanne Bednarz-Prashad did not testify in the preliminary hearing. She called Dr. Murray the morning of June 25th to ask about a patient of his about to undergo surgery in a Houston hospital. Dr. Bednarz-Prashad was surprised that Dr. Murray had the information she needed immediately, and did not have to go check a patient file.

Antionette Gill

Witness #16, former Dr. Murray patient and friend, Antoinette Gill. Spoke to Dr. Murray on the morning of June 25th, 2009 and everything was normal.

Witness #17 Consuelo Ng, met the defendant through her grandmother in 2003 or 2004. He was treating her grandmother. After saving grandma's life, she began to work in Dr. Murray's office as a volunteer. Prior to that, she worked in a group home as a caregiver. In June, 2009, she volunteered in his office five days a week from 2004 to 2009. She is not a nurse.

CN: I would help in filing, answered phones, help in the front and the back room. I would take vitals and pulse rate.

Ng worked at Murray's Los Vegas office, on Flamingo Rd. She describes the layout of the office and the number of treatment rooms. She also testified about treating patients with specific cardiac equipment.

Bridgette Morgan

#18 Bridgette Morgan, one of three girlfriends to testify for the prosecution. Morgan called Dr. Murray on the morning of June 25th but did not speak to him. Prosecutors were prevented from asking questions about where she met Dr. Murray, (a Los Vegas nightclub) the nature of their relationship and that he gave her his number on a cocktail napkin.

Witness #19 Sade Anding, one of three girlfriends to testify for the prosecution. Anding was on the phone with Murray when she heard something strange. Here is an interview with Anding back in February, 2011.

(I listened to KFI's Eric Leonard's report regarding the various girlfriend's testimony.)

HERE is a link the the California Evidence Code. If you hear Judge Pastor make a ruling and cite a number (for example, 352), you can look up that number to have a better understanding of Judge Pastor's ruling.

FOX NEWS has a who's who list
(judge, all counsel, etc.) and a bit of history on the major players in the well of the court. Go to the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the list.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was an interesting moment in Richelle Cooper's testimony when Flanagan kept asking her a question about use of propofol outside the hospital - it was an estimate for something. I don't know what was going through her mind but she looked incredulous - as if she couldn't even imagine such a question (propofol use outside a hospital setting) or she was doing a slow boil, refusing to answer, to 'imagine' propofol use outside a hospital. She just fixed him with a look that was very direct and cold. Interesting moment.