Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conrad Murray Trial Update II

Dr. Murray in court, October 13th, 2011

Several hours ago, In Session's Beth Karas reported the following on her Facebook page:

The attorneys were in court this afternoon to give the judge an update. Conrad Murray was excused from appearing. The defense is still getting answers to questions raised when they received a new toxicology report from the State last Friday. The report concludes that Michael Jackson did not have a large amount of lorazepam in his stomach contents, contrary to the defense's own report prepared by a different lab. The State's expert anesthesiologist and pharmacologist, Steven Shafer, will be back on the stand tomorrow morning. He is expected to be on the stand all day. The defense case will begin Friday and will continue through next Wednesday. Among the defense witnesses are four character witnesses, a few police officers, a toxicologist, an anesthesiologist and AEG CEO Randy Phillips. If Dr. Shafer completes his testimony tomorrow, court will be dark Thursday.

From Beth's posting, it appears the State is resting their case-in-chief with the testimony of Dr. Shafer. The defense case will only take four days to present. We still don't know at this time if the prosecution will put on rebuttal witnesses, but it's my guess they will.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that Katherine Jackson is against Prince taking the stand in Dr. Murray's trial, "....and that there are no discussions going on with prosecutors about it."