Friday, June 19, 2015

Cameron Brown Post-Verdict Hearing

Complete Cameron Brown Trial coverage can be found HERE:
Cameron Brown, 5/13/15,
 minutes before the guilty verdict was read.
Pool video.
8:34 AM
I'm on the 9th floor hallway  After I've been here for a few minutes, Mr. Laub arrives.

There is a juror here from the second trial. He’s one of the one’s who voted for second degree. He wanted to see the end of the case.

DDA Craig Hum and LA County Sheriff's Detective Jeff Leslie arrive and I follow them into Dept. 107.  DDA Hum and Mr. Laub enter Judge Lomeli's chambers.

There are two cameramen here. to film the proceedings. Judge Lomeli’s clerk is busy working at his desk. I note that he’s typing way faster than I ever could.

I chat a bit with the juror from the second trial about the differences between the two trials.

8:47 AM
Counsel comes back from in chambers and Brown is brought out. Brown’s beard has already grown out. He has a beard and mustache. His hair has grown out a bit, too.

The camera operators are informed it’s just a continuance. Both cameramen understand it’s not going to be sentencing but just a continuance. They ask to film anyway The camera operators set up their cameras.

Brown and Laub chat. Brown is wearing a white long john shirt under his orange jumpsuit. The court calls the case, People v Cameron Brown and appearances are stated for the record.

Judge Lomeli states, "This matter is here for sentencing. I hear he is seeking a continuance?" Mr. Laub responds that he's spoken with Mr. Brown and spoken with Mr. Hum. "I need more time to prepare for motion for new trial on behalf of Mr. Brown."

The court asks, "Mr. Hum you have victim impact statement for purposes of sentencing?" DDA Hum replies, Certainly. The family is out of the county..." He goes onto state that there possibly will be family that will be flying in from f out of the country. DDA Hum just asks the court that we have a firm date because of all that scheduling.  DDA Hum tells the court he has discussed this informally with Mr. Laub about and end of July date. July 30th is selected to hear the motion for new trial and sentencing.

The court addresses Mr. Laub and I believe Mr. Brown. The court is worried about, the people are going to fly all these people in, and if Brown is going to have another motion, say a Marsden or some other, that must be handled beforehand. It must be two weeks before the motion for a new trial and sentencing.

If we are going to hear motion for new trial on July 30, depending on how the court rules, then the court will continue with sentencing. The court states, that [July 30] is a firm date unless the court hears otherwise.

The court then addresses the defendant directly. "Mr. Brown do you agree to put this matter over until July 30 and your motion for new trial will be heard and sentencing on that date?" Brown replies, "Since I’m innocent. I don’t agree to be sentenced."

Court explains the law to Brown, and then informs him, "We can proceed with sentencing right now, ... I’m tired as to your games."  Do you agree to that date?

Brown doesn’t understand about the Marsden. Court explains that a Marsden hearing must happen two weeks before. Laub asks the court for one moment to speak to his client.

Afterwards, Mr. Laub tells the court,  "We should set a date for a Marsden hearing for two weeks before July 30. Judge Lomeli replies, "We could set it for the 10th. How's that counsel?" I believe Mr. Laub agrees. The July 10 date is fine with Mr. Hum. Judge Lomeli tells Brown he can do it [Marsden] orally, "...but if you want to do write something up, make it precise."

Brown is asked again if he agrees to the issues that will happen on July 30. [Motion for new trial and sentencing.] He agrees to the issues on the July 30th. The court states they will be back for the Marsden on July 10.

DDA Hum asks, "Is there any purpose for us being here? Lomelli says no.

The date, [July 10] depending on what the court does, it doesn’t require the DA's office to be here.  The court tells DDA Hum that they will be notified as to the results of the Marsden.

Laub and Brown chat for a moment before Brown is brought back into custody at 8:56 AM

Right after Brown is brought back, Patty Brown arrives. She missed the hearing.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

How much money has the county wasted already on this fool? He was judged and found guilty by unanimous vote. Is he such a sociopath that he thinks another jury would find different? Let's get him sentenced and nice and comfy in a state prison. Three hots and a cot and a lot of people who aren't fond of child killers. I may sound crass, but anyone who kills a child for monetary gain is less than the dog crap I pick up in the back yard.