Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Help Choose T&T's Next Case

Rear entrance of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center,
Before Grand Park was built behind it.

Tuesday June 2, 2015
Now that the Cameron Brown 3rd trial is over I have an idea for the next case I might cover but I'd like to hear from T&T readers.  Granted, Brown still needs to be sentenced but once that takes place the only case I'm currently following is Michael Gargiulo.

Michael Gargiulo
I don't foresee Gargiulo going to trial this year, but I could be surprised. Right now the case is juggling a Marsden hearing that Gargiulo raised. Once that's completed I'll write about it. On the calendar track for the trial, the next court date is June 12. I believe the people are scheduled to respond to the defense 995 motion.

Next Case
I have some personal commitments to Mr. Sprocket's business over the next two months but after that I should be free to cover a trial or a preliminary hearing. There are quite a few interesting cases out there that I've listed in the poll.  The ideal case is downtown, since I can take the train. However, I can cover a case at the Van Nuys courthouse, the San Fernando Courthouse or the Airport Courthouse. Those are all relatively convenient for me, with so-so travel issues. Please understand that T&T doesn't have a budget or sponsor, other than reader donations. Consequently, I can't travel out of state or to another California county to attend a trial.




David In TN said...

I've been following the Grim Sleeper case for several years, even before the arrest. There was finally a trial date for June 29, now it's pushed back again to the fall. For years, the defense attorneys' said, "We need time to do more tests." Another year goes by and they say "We haven't had time to do them." Then another year goes by.

The same thing happened again last month. Still, for now it's supposed to begin in 2015.

The Bitch Next Door said...

Crespo will be interesting eventually, say in another 2 years or so when it goes to trial, but Joshua Woodward seems like the obvious choice right now only because it's 'supposed' to be starting very soon....after a 2-3 year delay.
���� thanks much, @HeadlessGal.
PS: I keep saying I'm going to go watch a trial, but never get there...maybe I will this time, and if I do I will look you up.