Friday, June 5, 2015

Mary O'Callahgan Trial - Verdict Reached

Friday June 5, 2015

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While I was waiting in the 9th floor hallway for a Marsden hearing in the Michael Gargiulo case to be over, a bailiff came out of Dept. 108 and asked people in the hallway where the counsel went to in the Mary O'Callaghan case. The bailiff then indicated that a verdict had been reached.

Someone in the hallway informed the bailiff that counsel left a few minutes ago.

DDA Shannon Presby prosecuted Mary O'Callaghan. Coincidentally, today is the sixth year anniversary of the interrogation/arrest of Stephanie Lazarus, that DDA Presby, along with DDA Paul Nunez also prosecuted.

I went inside the courtroom once the defense and DDA Presby had made it back to the 9th floor. Counsel went into chambers with Judge Ohta. I overhear that the verdict would be read at 2 PM.

I decide to stay and go over to the Federal Courthouse to grab a lunch.

1:25 PM
There's quite a bit of press here in the hallway.  I see Marisa Gerber from the LA Times. She gives me a little wave. Eric Leonard from KFI is here, along with local ABC reporter Carlos Granda. There's a long time camera operator that I recognize but I don't remember his name.

There's a young photographer with an LA Times lanyard around his neck.

I don't know at this time if I will be able to report live from the courtroom or not.

1:36 PM
More bailiffs arrive and enter Dept. 108.

1:42 AM
I'm inside Dept. 108.

I'll write up detailed notes later. I'll save this window open to report the verdict.

GUILTY of ASSAULT under color of authority. (Penal Code 149)

Note: The detailed notes of what happened in Dept. 108 right before the verdict was reached can be found in this post on Michael Gargiulo's Marsden Hearing. Scroll down to June 5. Sprocket