Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cameron Brown Moving to California Prison Soon?

Cameron Brown, 9/18/15 at his sentencing hearing.

Searching the web, I found this answer as to what SP3 means on the LA County Inmate locator website. This is what the code means:
"... SP3 means that they have almost all paperwork complete for his transfer to state prison. This means that the paperwork that the court prepares (called Abstracts) that goes on to the CDCR with the inmate, is complete. SP3 has nothing to do with what his level will be at prison. It is only LA County's way of documenting their paperwork progress in preparation for transfer to prison. Once his status goes to SP4 - it means that all paperwork is complete and he is now just waiting to be picked up by the Department of Corrections."
October 3, 2015
Ever since Cameron Brown was sentenced to life without parole for the first degree murder of his four year old daughter, Lauren Sarene Key, I've been checking the LA County Sheriffs website, Inmate Locator page, to see if Brown was on his way into the state prison system.

Today, there was a change that indicates Brown could be on his way soon.

Here is a screenshot of the LASD inmate locator page for Brown.

At the very bottom, under "Case Information" if  you click on the "BA*****" link for the last case listed, it will come up with the following pop-up window:

Under disposition, it used to just say "State Prison." As you can see, now it says "State Prison 3, Both Abstract.

I will update T&T readers as soon as I know Brown has left the custody of LA County Sheriff's and is in the custody of California's CDCR.