Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case, Pretrial 3 (Uwaydah et. all & Arnold et. all) Park Bail Hearing

Kelly Soo Park, in custody, 9/25/15
Photo Credit: Pool Camera

UPDATE 6:30 PM edited for spelling, typos on former bail amount
The Los Angeles Times is reporting the DA's office confirms that Dr. Munir Uwadah is still at large and not in custody in Germany. Back on September 25, this was an opinion that was voiced among several of the bail bondsmen in the hallway, outside of Judge Kennedy's court. I heard conversations speculating that Uwaydah may be in the Ukraine, where the doctor allegedly owns several clinics.

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October 6, 2015
The quick news is, Park had her bail reduced from $18.5 million to $10 million today. Park was wearing a blue jumpsuit and she smiled often to the numerous family and friends that were in the gallery. Her custody status is no longer on the high security K-10 tier. However, her counsel Mark Kassabian told the court she is still being kept in isolation and separated from the other female inmates. Judge Kennedy asked her bailiff to inquire on the reasoning for that and the bailiff states because this is a "notorious" case. Judge Kennedy informed counsel she does not tell the sheriff how to house his in custody defendants and he doesn't tell her how to run her courtroom.

I will have a full report on the arguments presented this morning within the next couple of days.

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