Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Update - Bail Status of All Defendants

Previous post on this case can be found HERE.

UPDATED 10/23: corrected category of Peter Nelson
UPDATED 10/21: added Stevens' next hearing date
October 20, 2015
Below is a status update on all 15 defendants in the two indictments.

On October 17 around 7:45 am, David Johnson, the 80 year old defendant with stage 4 bladder cancer, was released from custody on his own recognizance. I did not attend the hearing regarding Johnson's release but I would not be surprised if it was a compassionate release by the court. I will update if I am able to get more information.

Appearances Today
LA County Sheriff's website indicates defendant Jeff Stevens had a hearing today. Stevens originally was the first defendant to have a bail hearing on September 25, when his bail was reduced from $18.5 million to 10 million. However, checking the Sheriff's website, it indicates Stevens is now listed as "no bail," meaning, for some reason he lost bail. Stevens' next hearing date is October 28.

The next hearing date for the remaining defendants in and out of custody is November 3.

Defendants In Custody with Bail Reduced
Maria Turley                         $10,000.000.00
Marisa Schermbeck-Nelson  $12,000,000.00
Jeff Stevens                          [$10,000,000.00]*
Kelly Soo Park                      $10,000,000.00
Ron Case                               $10,000,000.00

Defendant's In Custody, Bail The Same
Paul Turley                            $21,500,000.00
Peter Nelson                          $21,500,000.00
Leticia Lemus                        $18,500,000.00
Tony Folgar                             $1,020,000.00

Defendant's Out On Bond
Tatiana Torres Arnold             $2,730,000.00
Terry Luke                              $1,215,000.00
Yolanda Groscost                    $1,340,000,00

Defendants Out On Own Recognizance

David Johnson 

Still At Large
Munir Uwaydah
Wendee Luke

*Unknown if this is still his bail.


Unknown said...

Kelly Soo looks so good in orange :)
Barbera in Simi Valley

Sprocket said...

Park is actually not "in" the orange jumpsuit anymore; she's in blue. Her security/risk status was downgraded by the LA Co. Sheriff's. All the female defendants were on the high security floor when they were first arrested. That's why Park was in orange when she was photographed. The mainstream media has not been back with their cameras since.

Camarillo Lady said...

As ling as she is not in street clothes she looks fabulous. Looking forward to any upcoming reports you may have. Any word on next hearing date for her specifically?

Camarillo Lady