Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Florida Jury Selection Blog

There is an excellent entry at The Florida Jury Selection Blog, about Erin, the blogging juror. This is a blog I drop in on from time to time.

Here is an excerpt:
Meet Erin - the blogging juror. Right now she is serving on a jury somewhere. Or at least she was last Tuesday and Wednesday. Erin has a blog, and she posted her thoughts about jury duty on her blog last week while she was on the jury: “yeah somebody actually put me on a jury. I guess I will probably be juror number eight, blowing everybody’s minds with charisma and excessive knowledge of forensic psychology. remember the movie? twelve angry men? god i hope i get to be the foreman of this stupid jury. MADAM FOREWOMAN OF THE JURY! i can’t wait to decide the lives and deaths of men tomorrow.” Erin refers to herself as the “oak park mastermind,” and you can read more of Erin’s thoughts about her civic service (”the stupid jury isn’t over yet”) by visiting her blog.