Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scheduling Spector Murder Trial Round Two

I had planned to go to this hearing today. I got out the door just a little late but then got hung up in nightmare traffic. Thirty minutes later and I still wasn't out of the San Fernando Valley. When I heard on KFWB that there was a bomb threat, streets were closed off, and that the suspicious item was at either the Federal Court Building or the Criminal Court Building, I turned around and headed home.

KTLA reported on the hearing via their Internet live streaming, but alas, I can't seem to get it to load. Thanks to all the great posters at the Court TV Phil Spector forum, I was able to find out what Judge Fidler's rulings were.

All parties are ordered back on October 23rd, at 9:00 am and Spector must be in attendance. Rosen, Brunon, and Kenney-Baden have all been released from their representation of Spector. Riardon and Plourd are left. I find it interesting the Plourd is left because from my accredited sources, Spector tried to fire Plourd after the "AHA" moment by Baden, but in an incamera hearing, Judge Fidler would not let him. Plourd is not necessarily a "bad" attorney, he's just boring at hell.

From what I can gather from the Court TV postings, Fidler is ordering the retrial to occur no later than 120 days from this date. Counsel needs to be ready, and if they can't meet that deadline, too bad. On the outside limit, that would put the retrial on the anniversary of Lana's death, February 3rd, five years later. Prayers for the Clarkson family and their friends, that Lana finally gets justice.

Update: October 4th, 9:15 am

Other reports on the hearing yesterday.

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And Alan Jackson's new look at the hearing.


Unknown said...

OH MI GOD! ~swoon~

If only ........ sigh.

Unknown said...

No one could have presented a better case than AJ and PD! We really got insight into how much of one's life was put into that trial. His knowledge was unshakable which spoke volumes to me about his intelligence. He far outshone (is that a word?)the "experts" and the by far the defense team. Such a hottie to boot! That man has it all as far as I am concerned, of course, that is from afar, alas! :) :) Its a "crime" that the prosecution did not get a conviction! That pic makes him look so "beatup", albeit still a hottie, but looks to me like the case took its toll. Okay, AJ get recharged next one is Ours!