Thursday, October 4, 2007

Light A Candle for Lana

I'm not sure who started it, and I hope whoever did will send me an email so I can give them credit.

There is a website, where you can light candles for friends, or other people you want to remember. I believe a Court TV poster started a candle lighting group for Lana.

Click on an unlit candle in Lana's group and follow the directions. Lets keep those candles lit for her.


Unknown said...

Thank you for that link, Sprocket. I left my candle with a message. It is a very touching place to visit and to pray for Lana's family and for Justice to be served.

mControl said...

Hello gorgeous! I think the person who started the candle for Lana was Gary Spector, not sure but he is the person who turned me onto the page- and I am grateful... You rock!

Sprocket said...

Actually, it was the poster ILUVCOLLIES who started the Candles for Lana group. They wrote me yesterday, and I dropped the ball and didn't update the blog on who it was.