Thursday, January 29, 2009

Donna Fife's neighborhood—raw video

I have promised to keep up with the goings-on with the Donna Fife case. Please see my previous entries, “A Disaster Waiting to Happen” and “Update: Woman Killed by Neighborhood Menace”
The suspect, Richard Delgado, was scheduled to plea in court today; I promise an update as soon as I can learn if there were court proceedings.
In the meantime, I found this:

CBS 5 Video

This is raw video of Donna Fife’s neighborhood and also of a police spokesperson talking about the crime (two separate videos). Note the skid marks all over the neighborhood street and the size of the fence Delgado drove through. Neither are edited so both are a bit slow-moving.

The neighborhood street video is sad. There are no people in it, but you’ll see it was a sunshiney day with birds singing and airplanes overhead, taken the day after Donna’s murder.

There are also videos of the BART shooting on that same page. “Outrage in Oakland.”

If Donna’s cousin stops by and knows if there was a court appearance by neighborhood menace Delgado, please offer a comment. I'm positive this selfish bag of human cells will plead not guilty and come up with plenty of reasons why. In this country, that's his right. It's also my right to ensure that Donna Fife will not be forgotten!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the link to the video, Caligirl9. I was watching the SJPD spokesman being interviewed and noticed that at one point he said something was off-the-record (hypothesizing/clarifying about what kind of scenario might make it NOT a homicide vs a homicide). If something is off-the-record, perhaps they shouldn't be putting that portion up on a webpage.

donchais said...

"I'm positive this selfish bag of human cells will plead not guilty and come up with plenty of reasons why."

Those reasons why he pleads not guilty ought to be interesting. There is no defense for his actions!

Thanks for the great coverage CaliGirl.

CaliGirl9 said...

SS, one of the things they teach us in journalism/public relations college is "nothing is off the record." When I was doing hockey writing, I had lots of "off the record" stuff and I honored those players by keeping those secrets.

I did think about posting that link but since it's been done there have been other articles explaining why this crime is indeed a homicide, and a first degree one to boot—and it's as simple as Richard Delgado yelling at Donna Fife—"I'm going to get you"—before he drove 30 feet from the street, over a curb and over a lawn to run her over.

donchais, nowadays no one is responsible for their actions. Most likely the Delgado family is busy collecting a list of reasons why "poor Richard" was driven to do the things he did.

Anonymous said...

I am a freind of Mark and Donna's. We've been watching this closely. I have asked local media to keep this story in the press as it should have never happened and was totally avoidable. it is important to keep the pressure on to get this a** put away for life on premeditated murder. He supposedly was in court yesterday to enter his plea, but not sure what he entered. I suppose Not Guilty. His next court date is Feb. 27 at 2PM. Interesting that he has had a prior court date scheduled on 2/4 at 1:30 for some time. I wonder if it was for his previous offense in September? Donna's memorial is tomorrow at 11:00. keep her in your prayers. If I can find out more, I'll post it here. If you want to have the media cover it, contact the SJ Merc. Any of the journalists who have had a story written there can be contacted directly by email:

Sean Webby:
Linda Goldston:

CaliGirl9 said...

Anonymous, please feel free to stop by anytime to visit us. I know that T & T readers are outraged about this crime. You may e-mail me as well if you would prefer a regular blog entry.

I would like some photos of Donna if that is possible. I’m not looking to sensationalize, just to remind that if it can happen in her neighborhood it can happen in yours, too. There are kids and young adults all over who have zero sense of accountability or empathy toward their neighbor. Richard Delgado is an excellent example of genetics and nurturing gone way wrong.

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow morning.

I’ve worked with Linda Goldston; I’ll e-mail her and ask her to please stay on top of this crime. I pray that an intelligent jury can be assembled for this court case and that those fine citizens of Santa Clara County don’t get all bleeding heart “poor misunderstood Richard” on those of us who know that there is only one justice here. He got plenty of chances; Donna didn’t even get one.

CaliGirl9 said...

To any of Donna's friends or family who stop by:

Linda Goldston of the Merc wants to do a piece for her paper; she is eager to keep this story alive. Please contact her.

Anonymous said...

Give me a heads-up about future court hearings and I'll go check them out for you, and give you a nice summary of the legalese in plain English. I think you have my email from my informing you about the engineer text-messaging in the southern California passenger train that struck the freight train.

Sarah70 said...

Hi, my son is Donnas nephew. Donnas brother and I dated for a few years. I wanted to also ask that if anyone knows about any upcoming court dates to please post them here. I know that there is a court date on February 27, just dont know the time. Only reason for me not being at a court date is if my son isnt in school. Otherwise I will be in court for all appearances. My biggest fear is that the system will let us down by giving him 15-20 yrs. In my personal opinion, I believe he should get the death penalty. He made the decision of when he was going to take Donnas life. I also believe that it was pre meditated. He yelled back to Donna that he was going to get her as he walked back to his place to get his other car. The more people that are in the court room the better. If no death penalty then the next best thing is life in prison with no possiblity of parole.

John v (bugdude21) said...

Just to keep you guys up to date: Today, March 28, 2012, jury selection started in Delgado's trial. The trial should start early this week. Donna's husband, Mark, is a close friend of mine going back more than 10 years. My wife was pregnant when Donna was killed, and the middle name we gave our daughter was in Donna's memory. I hope for all our sakes that this guy gets everything he deserves......

Anonymous said...

So whatever happened to Delgado III? He was to have been sentenced April 19 and I've never seen one word as to what that sentence was.