Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ed Halverson Stuns Court at Sentencing

~Elizabeth Halverson

District Judge David Barker sentenced Ed Halverson to three to ten years in jail for domestic battery with a deadly weapon. Halverson took an Alford plea on Oct. 24, avoiding a trial when he pleaded guilty to the one count after he attacked Judge Halverson with a frying pan on Sept. 4. Attempted murder charges against him were in the end, dropped.

Former Judge Elizabeth Halverson was also in court Wednesday to testify against her estranged husband. She believes he should be locked up for much longer. Testifying through tears, she said that the attack could have killed her.

Ed Halverson spoke briefly in court, saying he was not at fault.

"If she hadn't pulled a knife on me, I wouldn't have clocked her."

Elizabeth Halverson told KVBC: "No justice for victims, especially for those who live with their abusers," says Elizabeth Halverson. "If a stranger came in, would they be giving him domestic violence? I don't think so."

"With everything that happened, what I had left was my brain and my ability to go back and work as an attorney and produce stuff. And with this brain injury, I can't go back and do that right now."


katfish said...

Sounds as if someone is laying the ground work for a Social Security disability claim....not saying she doesn't qualify....just saying.

Anonymous said...

RE: Katfish

How sad that all you can come up with reading such a sad story is "sounds as someone is laying the ground work for SSI". What if something like this happened to your daughter, sister, mother? Would you so easily make such an unfeeling judgement?

Not everyone is entitled or pays into Social Security. What if Judge Halverson did not have that option?

Did you miss the whole point that woman who are battered get little to no help and their batters serve little time for their crime where as the victims live with the damages from being attacked for years and sometimes forever.

Let's hope someday that darling little girl you have as your icon does not run across a crimal con artist that harms her someday. I wonder how your tune would change then.

CaliGirl9 said...

Ditto katfish. I thought the exact same thing ... how many people get bonks on the head, recover from the concussion and do just fine.

Former Judge Halverson is a disgusting human being because of her actions as a judge, and now this.

Sprocket said...

I have difficulty having any sympathy for this woman. She was a terror and abused her power as a judge. I think you might be right katfish that former Judge Halverson will be visiting her local disability office....that is, if she hasn't done so already.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have never seen anyone as conniving as Judge E. Halverson. I actually feel sorry for Ed for being such a fool.

katfish said...

RE: Anon 9:57
Frankly, as someone who does have experience with spousal abuse, I don't need you to tell me what to feel.
I didn't miss the point about women who are battered and get little help or that those who batter women often serve little time....IMO it just doesn't fit with this case.
Elizabeth Halverson does a disservice to those victims of abuse as well as those who truely have brain damage.
What does fit is we reap what we sow - we have hateful actions; hate comes back to us. We abuse others, abuse comes back to us. If you think I was tough on dear Elizabeth I suggest you go to some of the Las Vegas publications and read the comments from those who know the Halversons.

donchais said...

Wonder how many license plates Ed will have to make?

San Francisco Chronicle reported:

“Barker also set a Feb. 13 hearing to determine how much Edward Halverson will have to pay toward Elizabeth Halverson's medical bills.”

You just know Elizabeth is going to milk this for all it’s worth!

Sorry, the disgraced Judge is a manipulative bully who has left many victims in her wake!

Anonymous said...

She must be a very depressed woman and for good reason. I wish she would have bypass surgery. This weight can't be helping her. But she does NOT deserve to be treated with violence!!!