Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President; Phil Spector Retrial Continues

Barack Hussein Obama has been sworn in as our 44th president.

At 1:30 pm PT, Phil Spector's retrial for second degree murder of Lana Clarkson continues. Dr. Lynne Herold, senior criminalist for the LA Co. Sheriff's Office is still under redirect by prosecutor Alan Jackson.


sandrah said...

You are doing a fantastic job,im sure you have heard that before,thank you so much, can you give me directions on how to get to the court house and also what airport/hotel so that i can be close by,im from alice texas, and am planning on attending this trial sometime in february,im taking this trip instead of going to vegas(been there)thank you

Sprocket said...


Thank you. I do not have a recommendation for a hotel. It depends on what area of the city you would like to stay at, what's your budget or if you are going to rent a car or not. You might consider stayiing downtown if your focus is the trial and walk several blocks to court or take a surface bus that drops you near the courthouse.

You should be aware that there are some dark days in February. Thursday the 12th, and Monday the 16th. I also don't know how long or short the defense case will be. I have no idea what witnesses the defense is going to call.
Here is a link to the courthouse and where it is located. It's broken up so it will fit in the comment box.


It takes up the entire block between Broadway and Spring on the south side of Temple. There is also a huge lower level parking lot behind the court building and you can enter the building from that direction.

Parking near the court buildings is expensive. $16.00 to $20.00 a day. There are cheaper lots 2.5 blocks south on Broadway and Spring St.

Hope this helps you and best of luck on planning your trip and getting to the courthouse. Judge Fidler's courtroom is on the 9th floor. The 9th floor is the only floor (besides the lobby) that has a security scanning station. As you clear security in the elevator bay area, turn to your left and go to the very end of the hall. Fidler's courtroom is 106, the far courtroom on the right.

Anonymous said...

I still can't understand why no actual journalistic coverage was done of this, no cameras etc. How much can it cost to install one or two cameras?

Sprocket said...

The LA Times did a commentary entry a few days ago, explaining their limited coverage. Basically they stated the testimony is the same, and there is nothing "new." I disagree with that; there is some "new" testimony, some new conclusions about old evidence.

Believe it or not, it can be very costly to put a camera in the courtroom, especially when the cameras have to conform to Judge Fidler's requirements. They would have to be the same type of cameras that were used in the first trial.

I believe The Legal Edge investigated putting cameras in the courtroom and came up with a cost of approximately $35,000 a month.

Here we are more than half way through the third month, and the defense has not put on their case yet.