Monday, January 12, 2009

Phil Spector Retrial: Status Update

Here is where the case stands. At this point, I am hopeful that the prosecution is able to wrap up their case by the end of the week.

Witnesses left to present:

Dr. John Andrews is currently on the stand about to undergo his first cross examination. Dr. Andrews is a forensic neuropathologist that assisted in the autopsy on Lana Clarkson's brain and spinal cord.

Dale S Falicon, LA. Co. Sheriff's Office criminalist, fingerprint expert.

Dr. Lynne Herold, LA. Co. Sheriff's Office senior criminalist, blood spatter expert and crime scene analysist. Dr. Herold will put Mr. Spector's jacket within 2 feet of the gunshot wound.

Nick Terzian, Lana Clarkson's print ad agent.

Donna Clarkson, Lana's mother.

Throughout the week, I will attempt to update my entries for January 7th and 8th. There should be a full week up testimony this week, barring any unforeseen circumstances. The following week will be a very short week. Federal holiday on Monday, and Tuesday, the jurors had requested the day off the watch the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Wednesday is a half day, due to a juror asking for the afternoon off for a doctor's post-op check up to surgery performed over the Christmas break. That leaves only one-and-a-half days for testimony. The last week in January is expected to be a full week of testimony.

January 20th will be dark only for the morning session. January 21st, court will be dark for the afternoon session. January 22nd, court will end early at 2:45 pm. January 26th, court will be dark for the morning session only. Court will be dark from February 12th through February 16th.


Anonymous said...

Did Lana's mother testify in the first trial? If so, was she compelling? Wonder if Weinberg will trash her. Gosh,I think he sounds like a slimebucket.

Anonymous said...

She was called to the stand by the defense. A strange move, one would think.

Geralyn said...

Donna Clarkson did testify in the first trial. Mrs. Clarkson went shopping with Lana the evening before she was killed. Mrs. Clarkson purchased Lana several pairs of comfortable shoes for her job at the H.O.B. (where she met Spector). Yes, Mrs. Clarkson's testimony was compelling for 2 reasons: 1)Originally, Lana was only going to buy 1 or 2 pairs of shoes. Lana ended up selecting 7 pairs. This shows she was planning on wearing them in life, and that Lana was not on the verge of suicide. 2)This shopping trip was the last time Mrs. Clarkson saw her daughter alive. Very emotional testimony as you might imagine.
I agree about Weinberg. Hopefully he'll use some tact when questioning Mrs. Clarkson, but that's probably asking too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Weinberg sounds kinda like a "slimebucket." But, if you were on trial and facing incarceration for the rest of your life regarding something you may not have done (innocent till proven guilty, remember?) you would want the absurd money you pay your lawyer to result in pulling out all stops. That's the American legal system and in most cases it works. If you disagree with it, you could always move to Iran or maybe China where you can't do whatever it takes to fight for your freedom - which is what Weinberg is doing for Spector.

The prosecution was allowed to introduce past gun threats committed by Spector against women b/c it relates to the their argument. Just the same, the defense should be able to discuss Lana's past psychological history b/c it relates to their argument.

Anonymous said...

I have this feeling that this week's testimony is all very important to the outcome of the case, the way it's presented and the credibility of the witnesses. As witnesses presented by the prosecution will be up against these paid experts.... leeches sucking blood out of the justice system to live well and help pay the fees of the most expensive of defense attorneys. A public defender wouldn't be calling these people nor the "ordinary" run of the mill murderer.

CaliGirl9 said...

Oh my. Prayers of strength to Donna Clarkson for having to open herself up to the attacks of asshat Weinberg.

But you do things like that for the ones you love—put yourself in a position that is going to be painful.

I do wish I could see Dr. Lynne on television. I really liked her first time around—no nonsense, told it like it is.

Sprocket said...

Mrs. Clarkson was called to the stand in the first trial. She testified that she found the letters that were later shown to be fake. In cross, the prosecution was allowed to ask her about the shoe shopping event.

This trial, her testimony will be very different. Because of the cross of Dr. Pena and the defense going into a quasi-"psychological autopsy" of Lana, Donna Clarkson will be able to testify about what she knew of her daughter's state of mind, up to and including one day before her death. I have faith that Mrs. Clarkson will be able to stand up to Weinberg. I believe she has the strength to handle whatever he dishes out to her.

I will write about this more when I can, but there was new testimony introduced today by forensic print expert Dale Falcion and a conclusion about a partial latent print on the "front strap" of the gun.

Unknown said...

I think it was Dr Andrews who was brought in at the end of the trial last time. (rebuttal) Am I right?

If so I like him... but then the prosecution experts made sense and the other's were expensive hot air. I still get angry when I think of it, and even angrier when I see them showing up at all the other high-profile cases.

Dr. Spitz did Caylee Anthony's autopsy for the defense. Isn't he like 153 or so by now. Actually, I think he was around when dinosaurs walked the earth and has the raptor bites to prove it. (Can you tell I don't trust his professional EXPERT opinion!)

Some expert... Spitz suggested that all four of Drew Peterson's wives should be exhumed... two of whom are still alive.

What expert is going on for the defense???

Thanks for all your hard work Sprocket.... hugs!

Sprocket said...

Yes, Dr. Andrews was a rebuttal witness in the first trial.

I have not been able to find out how old Dr. Spitz is, but I agree he is getting up there in years. He's been a practicing forensic pathologist for 45 years, I believe.

From this biography of his life,

(link broken to fit blogger)

I'm guessing that Dr. Spitz is in his mid to late 70's.

During the first trial, Dr. Spitz said that Ms. Clarkson, lying dead in that chair "looked peaceful."

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, you always remember a good one that sums up the character and sensitivity of someone: Spitz saying that "Lying dead in the chair looked peaceful" for instance. The last thing I'd think having seen a photo of her is that it's peaceful. It's horrifying.