Monday, March 9, 2009

Casey Anthony: The Motions Continue

Lawyers are due back in court on Thursday, March 12, at 3:30 PM. They will be arguing two defense motions. The first is one filed by Jose Baez on January 23. In it, he requests the information from Ricardo Morales' computer. Read motion here. I'm supposing that at this point, Ricardo is ever so sorry he thought that the "Win her over with chloroform." picture was cool.

In the second motion, the defense asks for DNA information, bench notes, reports, and standards. This lengthy motion was filed on January 28. Read motion here. I originally discussed this motion prior to the January 30 hearing. If you would like to read a summary, check it out here.

Fox35 also reported that an affidavit concerning DNA reports and procedures was also filed by Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, an expert for the defense. This could possibly be related to the previously mentioned defense motion. As of this time, this document has not been made available to the public. If and when it does, I will post a link here.

The third motion to be discussed at the hearing will be one submitted by George and Cindy Anthony's attorney, Bradley Conway, on March 3. The motion asks the judge to not allow the release of the document recovered from Anthony's car following his suicide attempt on January 22.

In the motion, Conway indicates that the release of the document because it contains very personal information intended for nobody other than Mr. Anthony's family. He also states that disclosing this document now would create substantial risk of unnecessary annoyance and embarrassment...

Conway also indicated that the document is related to George Anthony's suicide attempt and used to "Baker Act" him. As such, he believes that this is medical information protected by statute.

Since this is an evidentiary hearing, Casey Anthony will have to attend.

WESH has already announced it will televise the hearing and I would expect other stations to carry it as well.

See you all in court Thursday!