Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vince Weiguang Li, Greyhound Cannibal – No Prison Time?

~Vince Li

It was a crime so horrifying it shocked and sickened people around the world. As horror-struck passengers watched, Vince Weiguang Li’s stabbed and beheaded 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus last summer.

During a three-day hearing this week, it is expected that Li will be found not criminally responsible for his actions. Both the prosecution and defense are expected to present a psychiatrist who will say Li should be found not criminally responsible for McLean’s death. That will be the only evidence presented in this case and it is expected the judge will agree.

Under present law - which replaced the past verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity - Li will not face a long prison sentence as punishment.

A person found not criminally responsible will instead be placed in an institution. Li’s stay could be indefinite, possibly his entire lifetime. Or, if doctors determine he is no longer a threat, he could be released in a matter of months.

Carol deDelley, McLean’s mother, has been actively lobbying politicians to revise the current law with what is known as “Tim’s Law”. The proposed legislation would put the rights of a victim of crime ahead of those of the perpetrator. It would make it mandatory that anyone who voluntarily takes another person’s life loses their freedom for the rest of their own life.


Sprocket said...

If two doctors (or more, at least one from the prosecution and one from the defense) are stating he had an emotional break from reality and is still in that state, I wonder if we will ever hear the formal diagnosis?

Thank you so much donchais, for updating everyone on this story that shocked the world.

katfish said...

Thank You donchais for this update.I must say I'm not shocked to hear he was found to have an emotional break. How can one ever be sure if he recovers his emotional stability that he won't have a break again? This was such a horrific case.I hope that some form of Tim's law is enacted to protect the public.

ritanita said...

This case has so many disturbing aspects to it,the crime itself being undescribably horrific.

Both Canada and the US need laws for guilty/insane. There needs to be a sentence for any person who is legally insane as for anyone else. These inmates need to be housed in special prisons with the safety of the prisoner and all those in the facility assured.

These people need medication and treatment not available in a regular prison, but they should not be deemed releasable when declared "safe" since most will not voluntarily undergo treatment.

Thanks, donchais, for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

This just makes me sick, in my personal opinion I think he should be housed for the rest of his life in an instituation for criminally insane. Yes because in jail he wont recieve the right treatment, in fact it will probaly make matters worse. But it makes me sick to think because he had an emotional break or whatever the case that he may one day be released in public where he could possibly have another "break down" and (hopefully not) harm another living being. My personal opinion...