Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phil Spector Retrial: Closing Arguments Day 4

Hello everybody! I'm in the hallway outside 106. I don't type well with my computer on my lap, so I hope you will bear with me. I will be back to hand written notes from the second row for the last of Jackson's summation and jury instructions.

Once the jury goes inside the jury room to deliberate, I will move to the back row and get back on my laptop.

Our usual group is already here waiting to get in: Linda, Sherri, Katie, Lisa, and the young man studying for the bar. I just saw My2Cents is at the end of the hall. Four of Lana's girlfriends are sitting to my right on the benches. Pattie, Ann, Maryianne, and Nili. The ladies tell me that Annmerie is on her way.

Ann and Patti show me photos of Punkin before Lana was killed.

Harvey with the white hair is hear, a few other fans that have come the last couple of days and Teresa, the schoolteacher who has been here the most out of all of Spector's supporters.

8:58 am: Counsel was supposed to start right now, but we've not been let into court. Weinberg and his staff just passed a moment ago. The CNN reporter is here, along with the camera men and Aphrodite Jones.

Truc and Jackson just passed me in the hallway.

It's 10:28 am, and the rebuttal closings are finished. There is a short break because Weinberg is asking for his special instruction to be included. As it was written by him it's been rejected. Fidler told him, "It's argument, and it's out." Weinberg did not accept the rewritten instruction that the prosecution presented. Both parties are supposed to get together and rewrite that instruction. Weinberg is probably on the phone right now, talking with Riordan.

Jackson, Truc Do and Joshua are all at the podium. There are a few people in the gallery, mostly the press in the back row. I'm still in the second row, able to use my computer because court is not in session.

Jackson closed with the same scenario he did in the first trial, taking the jury back to the parking lot of the House of Blues, as if they were voyeur in those early morning hours, where Phil Spector is inviting Lana Clarkson back to his castle. And Jackson said those same words he said last time, "Don't go."

More to come...

10:47 am: Looks like we're ready to go! The defendant has filed back in and is at the defense table.

11:40 am: The jury entered the jury room. 11:43 am: Court is out of session and we are on verdict watch.

I will try to find out if the jurors will deliberate through lunch.

12:10 pm: I'm down in the cafeteria right now. I don't have a "precise" jury clock at this point. While Harriet Ryan, myself, and the CNN reporter were asking Pat Kelly from the PIO office about notifications, a single buzzer went off. That was about 11:50 am. We find out from the bailiff later that a single buzzer means they have started deliberations. Two buzzes means they have a question. Three buzzes means they've reached a verdict.

The bailiff did tell us that they would not be having a working lunch today. They were going to break, have a relaxing lunch and then get back to work. I hope to report when they've selected a foreperson.

I'm going to eat my lunch now, and then work on getting an entry up on the final part of Jackson's rebuttal closing.

1:30 pm: I'm back inside the courtroom in the back row. Weinberg and his paralegal are setting up on the defense table. Ah. I think they are going over their evidence book. Apparently, that's still not inthe jury room yet.

1:43 pm: All counsel are back in the courtroom. It looks like they are doing a last minute run through of exhibits and something with the jury instructions. When the instrucitons were read to the jury, there was one instruction that should have had a few sentences removed and it was not removed. So, before they were given to the jury in the jury room, both parties agreed to just have those sentences removed before the jury would be given their copies.

1:45: pm: Truc and Weinberg are going over it looks like copies of the instructions.

1:46: pm: My2Cents is here on their computer as well as the CNN reporter. Louis Spector and his companion, Frieda are here. A man I don't recognize is here in the back row in the plastic seats. In a jacket, shirt, no tie and black jeans.

1:48 pm: Wendy tells both parties, "I want each of you to go through each other's books and go through them because I'm not turning anything over until you've both approved each other's books."

1:51 pm: Truc and Weinberg are going through a book together and Susan and Jackson are going through something together. Ah. Jackson and Susan are done.

1:54 pm: Just a reminder, for those of you who may not remember, the jurors from now on will be escorted to their cars out of the courthouse by a different route. They will go through a hallway that's behind the clerk's desk. Linda from San Diego and Louis are discussing moies.

1:58 pm: The Daily Mail has photos of Spector. These are not from today (the tie and suit are different); I think they are from yesterday. You can see the heavy makeup on his face. Maybe that's what the big mirror was for that I saw him use several times at the defense table. Maybe he was checking his makeup.

2:03 pm: Katie enters 106 a few minutes ago and sits with Linda from San Diego. It looks like they are almost finished getting the exhibit books to the jury. Weinberg and Susan are packing up. Jackson and Truc Do are still leafing through books.

2:05 pm: Looks like the books are on Wendy's desk, and Truc and Jackson are going over a few last items being pulled out of the people's books.

2:07 pm: Weinberg, Susan, Truc Do and Jackson are still going over some last items. Louis just told me that he just got off the phone with Gary and to tell me Gary said "Hello." HI GARY!!!

2:09: Court is once again in session! Fidler is on the bench! Inner courtroom doors close. Back on record. Correcte version of instrucitons. Gone over all exibit books. Everyone satisfied? We are your honor, Jackson. No problem with the jury forms? No you honor. We have phone numbers to reach you all Fidler asks? Mr. Weinberg, you may get a call from Mr. Parachini, if there's a verdict reached, they will set aside a courtroom for them if he wants to talk to the media.

2:11 pm: And that's it. Jackson and Truc say goodbye to those of us in the gallery and they head out. It's just me, CNN, My2Cents, Louis, Frieda, Katie, Linda and Lisa in the courtroom.

2:25 pm: There is a single buzz from the jury room. The bailiff enters and then a moment later comes back out. He goes back out. We find out that the buzz was letting Wendy know that the jury will need to leave early next Wednesday, at 3:30 pm. So looks like they are planning ahead. Harriet Ryan, who stopped in for a moment, asked Wendy if we know yet who the jury foreperson is. Wendy called the Judge and then told us a few moments ago, that unless the jury communicates with the bailiff who it is, they won't know.

3:54 pm: Terri Keith from City News enters 106. Pat Kelly from the PIO department entered a few minutes before her. We are waiting to see if there's anything that can be observed from from the jurors body language

3:56 pm: Buzz! This means they are done for the day. I don't know how this tracks out on the jury clock.

Today, from Wendy, the jury deliberated from: 11:52 to 11:55 am. Then 1:15pm to 2:10 pm. Then from 2:22 pm to 3:55 pm.

4:00 pm: By my computer clock, the jurors still have not emerged from the jury room. The bailiff is back by his desk.

4:01 pm: Single buzz again. They're ready to exit. Bailiff says, "Let's go." From the jury room we hear, "There's one guy still in the bathroom." The bailiff enters the jury room.

4:03 pm: They exit the regular way they came in. They did not ext the way they did during the first trial.

And that's it. Court is over.


cake fairy said...

wish I could stay up with you but I need sleep - I'll check in when I wake up. I hope it isn't long.

Have a good day - and I'm sending Jackson lots of energy and magic words.


Anonymous said...

To all of you who bash California courts I'd like to say stay where you are and keep thinking we are as bad as you say. We Californians know we live in Paradise and really don't want you here.

Sorry Sprocket--you probably won't let this get published, but I'm tired of people talking badly about our state.


Anonymous said...

Hope Alan Jackson knocks it out of the park with the last ten minutes of his closing arguments !

Anonymous said...

Tell Nili she has a big fan in NC. She was a most credible rebuttal witness the last time. And I recall that Annmerie was the bride at the wedding where PIE walked around and said PS should "FRY". Does anyone say what PIE does for an income these days?

I wonder how the mannish gym teacher gets all these school-days off to attend this trial. Does her principal know, lol?
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

It's just like being there with you Sprocket! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear sprockett, As so many have said, thank you so very much for all of your effort. I am so grateful that I was able to follow this coverage, and it has been fantastic. It was nice to see you mentioned, positively, in an article by Anderson Cooper 360. I hope you are getting the respect you deserve.

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to notify us when the jury actually begins deliberations. Then I can officially start my "verdict watch clock" LOL.

I will be glued to this site all day and I so look forward to your coverage and perspective.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sprocket! I am so sad I had to work today and just couldn't make it down for AJ's final closing argument wrap up.
(I spoke with you at lunch yesterday - friend of Lana's - was there Mon, Tues & Wed)

I was searching everywhere for some kind, any kind, of online streaming coverage of closing arguments and was shocked to find nothing. Very grateful you brought your laptop today ... I'll try to check in between appointments to see how today plays out, but am so thankful there is somewhere to check in to!

I'll be sending Jackson mojo from across town. (not that he needs it) It looked to me like he'd captured every juror to the point of full engagement by mid afternoon yesterday. He was riveting - and so dynamic.... what a contrast to his opponent whose 2 days of excruciating minutiae had everyone nodding into slumber.

I felt very encouraged at the end of the day ....

Thanks again so much - I'll be hanging on your reporting.

Anonymous said...

1:00PM EST Court TV (tru tv) just reported that the jury will start deliberating shortly.

Anonymous said...

In barely audible whisper, Jackson recounts events of 2/3/2003 starting at House of Blues. “You’d tell Lana, 'Don’t go.'”

Oh, I wish I could see AJ... I remember his "Don't go," from Spector 1.

Anonymous said...

Happy Almost-End-of-Trial, Ms. Sprocket!

The excitement builds as it appears that the jury will soon begin deliberations.

In light of this (and in recognition of the terrific job you've done to keep us all updated and informed), I am planning to send a (credit card)cash gift to you!

I hope that you'll place your "Help Scout Kitty" personal account credit card information in a prominent place on your T & T website so that others can follow my lead with their own VISA/Mastercard (or similar) gifts.

You and Mr. Sprocket deserve a getaway weekend or an elegant, memorable night-on-the town!

You've worked extremely hard and you've given of your time and energy in a most generous way, Sprocket. So... Enjoy!!!

Thanks again for ALL of your efforts. I wish you and Mr. Sprocket the very best for the future.

All Life's Best,
Emily From Ohio

Anonymous said...

I can feel the anticipation of AJ's final statements. I hope the jury instructions are clear, concise and brief. I would love for the jury to get the case today.
You are a warrior. Thank you, we just can't say it enough. I think it was a big blunder for "tru/court tv" not to cover this second trial. It has all the drama and twists and turns you could want. Finally some justice for Lana and well deserved rest for you.

Anonymous said...

Does PS appear more nervous than usual?

ritanita said...

Thanks for the coverage!

I'm so glad AJ used the "Don't Go" scenario again. It was so powerful the first time that I'm in tears revisiting it in my memory.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, amazing you are able to write from the courthouse. I am hoping the instructions are complete and it goes to jury. It is downright torture to the jury to have all this stuff keeping them from their jobs

Anonymous said...

What is the "new" jury instruction that Weinberg wants? Is this another ploy like Reardon tricked the judge into giving last time? JF was so surefooted until that one! I hope he sees through them this time.


Anonymous said...

Article about the arguments that I believe came out this morning.

Anonymous said...

Emily from Ohio:

Scroll down to the end of the list on the right side of the screen and you will find "Help Scout Kitty". Hit donate and you are there. That's how I did it.


Anonymous said...

Glad I can soon retire my Sig Line I've used for the last 2 years.

A constant reminder and a hope justice will prevail.


don't go....

Anonymous said...

Emily read my mind - I would be honored and grateful to contribute to an "evening out" fund to Sprocket and her VERY patient nubby!!!

I remember the power of AJ's "Don't go" from the first trial. I hope he also uses the image of "diaper wetted in the toilet." It drove home the disrespect PS showed to women throughout his life.

Finally, we now know that at least one of Lana's friends reads this blog. To her - and to all who knew and loved Lana - our deepest condolences are with you during this emotionally wrenching reminder of your loss. Lana has NOT been forgotten.

Thank heavens for my iPhone - I am in the waiting room at my doctor and can watch for updates - let the jury watch begin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sprocket...just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to you for keeping us in the loop of this trial!!!!

Conrad said...

Great reporting through all this Madame Sprocket. I hope Alan Jackson and the people get the "Oscar" on this one. Spector won't be singing "Be My Baby" where he's going!!! (:o)

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic… OMG how much plastic surgery has Spector had??? I was just looking at old & new pics of him, they must have siphoned 20 lbs of fat from his neck alone, lol! Can’t wait to see his mug shot sans wig –

Anonymous said...

How did Alan's closing compare to the first trial's?

Anonymous said...

After reading articles by other reporters covering the closings, I felt they were biased against the state and pandered to the defense. Maybe that’s because these reporters schmooze with Spector & Weinberg, and that really bugs me. No doubt they’d say they’re just trying to get the story but that’s a crock, they like to rub elbows & think they’re as important as the celebrities they write about. I saw the same thing with OJ and reporters. Thank God we have you, Sprocket, to shed the light of truth on these proceedings. Many, many thanks to you.


Chelsea said...

Sprocket, as always, you have done an amazing job on this trial! Loved seeing Anderson Coopers' article on you on CNN.
God Bless AJ and his team too.
I pray this jury will do the right thing.
I am slightly bothered about the fact that juror #5 couldn't wait 10 more minutes for AJ to finish. Did it seem strange?
Hoping for the best.
Justice for Lana!


Carol L Beck said...

I noticed DW said that De Sousa "may have" misheard the confession and several other phrases with may have, could have, might have. To me that sounds like DW knows PS is guilty. If I understand correctly an attorney cannot say something he knows isn't true like Mr De Sousa misheard as if it were a fact but they are able to speculate by using words that do not denote a "fact" such as the could have, may have, etc.

What are your thoughts on this Sprocket? And, I'll bet you are having a great time today, getting to chat with all the friends you have made. I so wish I were there!

Looking forward to your next entry and again, thanks for all you've done.


Susan said...

This day has a been a long time in coming. Six years . . . No doubt, Lil' Phil is going down. Praise Be.

Anonymous said...

I started lighting candles on our group is Lana.

Justice for Lana.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the special instruction?

Anonymous said...

Verdict Watch has begun! Oh what I would give to be a fly on the wall.

If the deliberations drag out like they did the the prior trial, I just give up.

Anonymous said...

I hope Judge Fidler gets some must needed rest & relaxation after this case is concluded. I have the highest regard for this man.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will be.

Anonymous said...

you are the bomb!
I can't imagine that this jury will take very long to get a foreperson and an initial vote. If I recall, the last jury foreperson kept stalling the initial vote.
Have a nice lunch, chill a little so you will have renewed energy. You have to feed your body....remember to take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

LA Weekly is reporting that in Weinberg's final jury remarks today that Spectpr's diver De Souza perjured himself on four seperate fradulent visa applications in a row over a 4 year time period.

Is this true?

Are the vias applications in evidence?

Some might disagree, but some jurors may think that once a man admittedly commits perjury his testimony under oath can never be trusted.

What is your take Sprocket--you were there for the closing and the cross of De Souza?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carol L Beck: to me Weinberg has dropped clues that he knows Spector is guilty. I thought it was very odd that he said,"To an outsider he may look guilty." That statement has got to get jurors thinking.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" talking about driver De Souza perjuring himself.

You forgot one telling point:
De Souza was man enough to call 911.

His boss did not. There lies the rub and the telling point. Clarkson was Spector's guest - and if she had committed suicide(cough,cough) then he should have been the one to call 911.

Guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

Spector did not call 911 when this was supposedly a suicide.
Spector confessed to killing Lana when this was supposedly a suicide.
Spector cleaned up the crime scene when this was supposedly suicide.
Spector fought with police when this was supposedly a suicide.
Spector is a killer and is going away for the rest of his worthless little life.

Thank you Sprocket, again & again & again.

Elizabeth :)

Anonymous said...

Sprocket - Did AJ talk about Spector not cooperating with the police when they arrived?

Anonymous said...

Re De Souza and "perjury" accusation by Weinberg. Well, Weinberg on the one hand says Pex' testimony is just fine what with him lying and switching the guns, and then he accuses de Souza of perjury on something totally unrelated to calling 911. Like every one of us in everything in our entire life has told the truth.

With a little common sense, who would you believe, an expert who makes up evidence? Or an immigrant who wants to stay in the country and may or may not (unproven) have attempted to improve his visa, an event totally unrelated to what he'd do when he witnessed a crime.

I believe his actions, trying to call Michelle, then 911, and his FEAR of being shot himself are enough to make him believable, notwithstanding the fact that the guy has a computer science degree and you have to be smart and speak English to get that in the US.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work, Sprocket. Will you be getting his new home address? And, his own special inmate number? Love to drop a note saying "Ha Ha." Isn't that terrible of me.

Anonymous said...

Regarding De Souza: I think he had more to lose by calling 911 because he put himself on the radar by making that call. What if Spector accused HIM of being the shooter? What if Spector tried to kill HIM to keep De Souza from ratting him out? Spector probably expected De Souza to help him dispose of the body. But he didn't. He called the Police so they could do their job. He did the right thing. At what point can Spector say he did the right thing? When he hindered the Police from aiding Lana in a timely manner? Nope.

So what if De Souza was making some money? To compare making money while on a Visa to pointing loaded guns at many women is just a little petty at this point, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

How I wish Lana had wrestled the gun out of the weasel's hands and offed him. The world would have been a better place.

I hope Spector has a miserable time in prison and has a ruthless cellmate.

Hell is too good for that vile man.

4MrsB said...

Hi Sprocket . . . I'm in the cafeteria too! I SEE YOU.

Sprocket said...

The Student Visa Application:

This was gone over extensively when De Souza was on the stand.

De Souza stated on the applications to extend his visa that he wasn't working when he was.

On the type of visa he had, he was here in the country going to school. He wasn't allowed to work on that type of visa. I want to point out (the same thing that Jackson did at the time, he wasn't in a gang, he wasn't in the US evading the law, he was going to school to get an education.

Anonymous said...

When PS gets convicted, will they let him wear his wigs into court appearances in the future, that alone might make him die of shame
Guess time will tell

Anonymous said...

The issue is perjury, not visa fraud to go to school.

Most jurors stop for red lights, pay their taxes, and tell the truth when they are under oath. and they do no trust those who do not.

I cannot believe that you would disagree with this?

Anonymous said...

Um, Anonymous who is stuck like a broken record on this: What about Sims who said that Lana was the type to commit suicide when he had already gone on television and said the opposite?

I'd also be curious as to your explanation as to why Spector never called 911? If Clarkson were his guest, and she had committed suicide, do you not think he would have done her the courtesy of calling the cops and an ambulance?

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of prison security—since inmates would hide stuff up there (weapons, drugs).

However, if Spector--who has lived as a VIP celebrity with a personal assistant and a business manager to handle every detail since he was 21--the no wig rule is going to be the least of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Phil with makeup looks like the Joker in Batman movies!

Sprocket said...

Court appearances:

Spector has the right to be in a suit and whatever else he needs,(think hairpiece) when he appears in court, even after convicted. That's what one of the DDA's told me this morning.

Chelsea said...

"However, if Spector--who has lived as a VIP celebrity with a personal assistant and a business manager to handle every detail since he was 21--the no wig rule is going to be the least of it."

Oh, I was enjoying the thought of his mugshot with his real "non" hair, but this post made me giddy.
Please, God, don't rob us of this again!
On pins and needles...

Sprocket, how are things in the cafeteria?? Can't wait for an update...

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up at whomever is on here for Spector, insisting that De Souza can't be believed. Nice try, now go away & wait for the guilty verdict with your madman buddy in his dungeon oops I mean mini-castle LOL.

Anonymous said...

Let's not count our chickens before they're hatched.Here's hoping he's convicted.

Sprocket - how does Jackson's performance on this trial stack up with his performance on the first trial?

Sprocket said...

I am not in the cafeteria. I've been upstairs, in the jury room where I am now. I am updating my entry, above the comments every few minutes or so, so check the blog entry itself, for updates on today.

Sprocket said...

Jackson's performance in 2 vs 1:

Understand that I was not here, in the courtroom for first trial closings. I only saw a tiny bit of it, on TV. I think Jackson's closing went well.

I also think Weinberg did the best job he could for his client in his closings. He pointed out the issues he felt were the strongest for his client, and he tried to discredit prosecution witnesses. He specifically stated in his closing that it was his job, to make the prosecution's job, harder.

Anonymous said...

Why am I getting the feeling that Weinberg knows his client is guilty. and that in a strange way he's been telegraphing that to the jury?

Anonymous said...

I hope the jury finds him guilty this time. I hope there are no juror #10 this time

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reporting.

Even though times are tough here moneywise, I for one am heading over to make a donation to help Sprocket defray the costs she has incurred going to and fro to the courtroom all these months.

I hope many of you can do so as well.

In the meantime, I will be sitting, waiting for the verdict I hope will finally be GUILTY!


Chelsea said...

Ugh! NEXT WEDNESDAY they have to leave early? I am not liking the sound of that. Well Sproket, maybe you can get some well deserved rest now....At least you know you probably have at least a week before there is a verdict...

Anonymous said...

The jury making plans for next Wednesday worries me. I was hoping they would find Phil guilty in short order and get on with their lives. Thank you for keeping us posted. I guess Phil is back in his castle by now.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked at how bad Spector looks in the pics.

Thanks Sprocket for the verdict watch!

Anonymous said...

I predict Phillip Spector will not
be found guilty.
Bet ya won't this!!!!


Anonymous said...

"The jury making plans for next Wednesday worries me. I was hoping they would find Phil guilty in short order and get on with their lives."

Realistically, after the trial judge instructed the jury that is rarely productive to express an emphatic opinion early on and their duty to discuss the case with their fellow jurors--there has been six months of testimony.

Therefore, as much as we in the cyber-world would like the instant gratification of a 24 hour verdict, a week OR MORE of deliberations is realistic.

PS: Regarding my prior QUESTION on whether Weinberg’s closing argument perjury accusation is true, I am not “on here for Spector” nor am I saying that (IF the perjury accusation is true) that Spector should be found not guilty.

I am simply pointing out that an admission by a key witness that he has perjured himself on multiple prior occasions—for whatever reason—is going to create credibility issues in the minds of some jurors; So chilax.

Anonymous said...

SF8 boldly predicts that Sprocket ". . . won't this!!!!!" She shouldn't have based on your failure to include a fairly important word . . . but she did . . . nanner nanner nanner!

Anonymous said...

Next Wednesday...are you kidding me? I'm totally sickened by this. I can't even imagine this verdict taking more than a day.

Did Phil get to this jury, as well?

Unknown said...

Love the minute to minute updates Sprocket!


shari said...

Sprocket, you must be soooo glad this is coming to an end...just hope it is the end we all are hoping for. You have been our eyes and ears and for that you are a truly fantastic. As for the wigs and Edwuardian suits....I wonder if they make prison issue for either????? LOL May Phil get all that he truly deserves! S.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the court dark on Monday and Tuesday, for state holidays?

Anonymous said...

Guys, don't worry about the next Wednesday thing.

I believe that ever since the OJ debacle, juries want to take the time to go over the evidence even if they believe he is guilty. It was a long trial and taking time to review is just a sign they take their job to review and render an informed verdict seriously. Nothing more.

There is no way PS is getting a not guilty verdict. The worst case scenario is another hung jury but the lesser included charge should prevent that.

Sprocket said...

Coming to an end:
Y'all have NO IDEA how much I want this trial to be over. I have things to do. I've got tons of fabric to organize, projects to sew, a garage to organize and spring cleaning to get started on.

Dark days:
Yes, court is dark on Monday and Tuesday.

Unknown said...

OMG.... Court is dark on Monday and Tuesday... and delibs will only go until 3:30 on Wednesday.


I'm dyin' here I tell ya... dyin' here!!!


Anonymous said...

Not to say that the jury will not reach a verdict by the close of business on Friday. Couled happen--if they are all on the same page.

Doubtful, but still posible.

Anonymous said...

Will the jury come in tomorrow or is the court house closed on Friday's? Does this jury bring refreshements like the last one did? Thanks again Sprocket for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

We can hope a verdict will come on Friday, as there is a four day weekend coming up.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Response to "Anonymous" who noted his/her high regard for Judge Fidler:

Friend, I couldn't agree with you more! After Spector I, I was so impressed and inspired by Judge Fidler that I sent a donation in his honor (for "His Honor") to the Los Angeles Habitat For Humanity program.

Although I didn't get a formal thank-you or acknowledgement from him, I'm certain he received it.

In my humble opinion,few judges possess the intellect, skill, passion and sense of humor that JF does.

I would LOVE to be his next-door neighbor! :-)

Emily From Ohio

Chelsea said...

Thanks Sprocket.
Great job today!!
Get some rest..
but you will be in the courtroom tomorrow right?

Sprocket said...

Verdict watch:

Okay one more reply here before we go down to Frys and get me a computer lap pad and a track mouse I can attach to the computer. I've never adapted to using the computer thumb pad, and I'm very uncomfortable trying to type with my computer on my lap. I honestly don't know how Harriet Ryan does it.

I will be in the courtroom tomorrow. Fidler will be at a seminar, but he can easily come across the street and be available in 10 minutes if he is needed.

I've relented. I will be willing to send out a mass email mailing for when there is a verdict. Send me an email through the blog. My email contact is on my profile page.


What I will do, is get an email ready in draft form and just keep adding emails to that list. When a verdict is reached, I'll send out that email. All email addys will be under "Blind CC" so your email addy will not be shared with anyone else.

Another thing I want to mention. I am NOT REQUESTING people donate to Scout's surgery fund anymore.

The ONLY REASON the Paypal button is even on the blog is to appease Mr. Sprocket.

Sprocket said...

Respect please!:

Please be respectful to each other in the comments. Please do not call each other stupid or ignorant, etc.

I would hate to shut down comments completely, but if it continues, it would make it a hell of a lot easier on me to pull the plug so I wouldn't have to reject so many.

Anonymous said...

My response to "Emily in Ohio" regarding my high regard for Judge Fidler....I'm in Ohio too! Bay/Westlake area

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Weinberg did as good a job as was humanly possible with this client and this case. Like he said, he made the State prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. I just hope and pray he was not as successful in casting doubt than the lovely Truc Do and gorgeous Alan Jackson. But, he gave them a run for their money. If I were accused of murder, that's how I'd want my attorney to defend me.

Justice for LANA! GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY as charged (please God) for Spector.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the way Weinberg handled the case, my opinion is that if you hired him to defend you it might not be such a good idea, in my opinion if anything he hurt Spector's chances to get off.

Weinberg hired and paid people to mislead and lie, and was caught at it (Pex). His constant objections and arguing with Judge Fidler hurts his credibility and also wears out the jurors, his playing stupid games like mumbling to De Souza are insulting and unnecessary, and finally, he never had a cohesive theory which he presented, nor did he back it up and show why it might not have happened. For instance saying the gun didn't have Spector's DNA when the gun wasn't tested for DNA in the first place (so there's no proof either way as to whether his DNA was on it) as it belonged to Spector and such a test would have been meaningless, is so transparent. Taking emails out of context, ditto. And using a witness who completely changes testimony that has been recorded earlier on courtTV (Sims). There is little to say after it seems every witness he put on crashed and burned.

No, I would NEVER want an attorney who says, "Looks like he might be guilty, but...." I would never want an attorney who comes across as a sleazy, whiney person who just has to argue for the sake of argument. I would want an attorney who attempts to make a cohesive case out of provable facts.

If he knew Spector was guilty, which I think he does, he still could come up with some decent arguments AND remain ethical. This might have been enough to cause doubt. Finally, the guy doesn't seem to have much charisma or empathy.

On another note, did anybody note Spector's "cat in the hat" tie the first day of arguments? The stripes made me think of an old fashioned jail outfit............

Anonymous said...



Some recent courtroom photos & Spector II trial articles will pop up.

Enjoy the views!

Emily From Ohio

Anonymous said...

I want to apologize for being a smart aleck earlier when I laughed that only a Spector supporter would say DeSouza might not be credible to jurors… I’m afraid I thought the evil wee one’s camp was trying to be a thorn again. Plus I forget that everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it’s not the same as mine, lol. But most of us are here for the same purpose, to see justice done for Lana. And regardless of whether or not Spector said, “I think I killed somebody,” the rest of the evidence overwhelmingly convinces me that he did commit this heinous crime. No 911 call, he washed his hands, cleaned up the crime scene, fought with police and has a history of gun threatening. I think the prosecution’s presentation was stellar and this is the end of the road for Spector, unless he has managed to bribe another juror (imo).

Thank you again for everything, dear Sprocket, you are amazing & awesome!!!

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Just want to add my thanks for all you have done in keeping us informed about the trial. If the jury is still deliberating on Wed, I just might drive back over and hang around for the verdict. I would love to see Spector's face when they pronounce him guilty.

Ron From Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Some of you youngun's may not remember the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal and how Jim Bakker fell apart when he was being hauled off to jail. He was a blubbering, sniveling, incoherent mass of jelly that had to be held up because his legs stopped working. It was downright pathetic. I am surprised that I can't find any images of it.

I want to see Spector go all Jim Bakker when they pronounce him guilty :-)

Anonymous said...

While waiting or Sproket's recap of Alan Jackson's final close, here is LA Weekly's version. Can't wait for Sproket's!

snowbird01 said...

Thank you SO much for your reports. If you told us about the jury instructions I have missed it. Naturally some of us are concerned that Judge Fidler told the jurors he is available to them if needed AND that the Foreperson is not their Boss. Hoping to avoid a repeat of the last trial fiasco with "Ben-10 and his mindless (or opinionless) groupie".