Sunday, March 22, 2009

Justice for Jeffrey

Officer Fontana's brother Greg and his mom Sandy
(below) Officer Jeffrey Fontana Memorial

I wrote about the murder of San José police officer Jeffrey Fontana in February, and the trial of his killer which started last month. Unfortunately for me, real-life work has made it impossible for me to attend this trial, even though the courthouse is a short 10-stop, 15-minute light rail ride away.

However, Officer Fontana’s brother Greg is blogging about this trial. Please check out his blog and offer your support for his family.

Justice for Jeffrey

I don't believe I have ever read about a trial that has so many witnesses who "can't remember" because they've since had blows to the head for whatever reason (motorcycle accidents!) or have killed off brain cells for other reasons (drug and alcohol abuse?). One witness took the Fifth and refused to testify. Some truly upstanding citizens are involved as witnesses in this case!

Our thoughts are with Officer Fontana's family as they are forced to watch a "fine" defense attorney point his fingers at another suspect, claiming his newly-retarded client is innocent of the whole thing! Deputy District Attorney Lane Liroff is doing his very best to make sure the right thing is done for Jeff, his family, those who loved him and of course SJPD!

Justice for Jeffrey: Slain cop’s brother blogs about trial of suspected killer

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