Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Outrage In Jersey


Within minutes if not already, Senator Stuart Syvret will be arrested and charged with breaches of the Data Protection Law. As you recall, the good Senator was jailed for seven hours and his residence tossed without a warrant last month. He has been told to present at Police Headquarters at 5.00 pm this afternoon.

This latest outrage comes on the heels of William Bailahche’s announcement the charges and cases against eleven accused child rapists, child batterers, and those who concealed the child abuse are to be dropped.

At this point it is unknown whether Stuart will be allowed bail or will be kept in jail for an unspecified period of time.

Least you forget, William Bailhache is the Attorney General and solely in charge of prosecution decisions in Jersey.

I shall be emailing Mr. Bailhache in a few moments politely (gag) reminding him that he, himself, is not beyond reproach or above the law!

He does so enjoy having his clerk respond to me!

Update from Stuart

Oh - by the way - I'm out...two charges under the data protection law - both very incompetently written.

And guess what? The charging officer stated unambiguously that the charges had been brought under the direction of Bill Bailhache.

Justice - Jersey style.

Senator Stuart Syvret Blog


ritanita said...

Donchais, I don't know what to say about this anymore. It's so obvious that the oligarchy that rules Jersey knows little about justice.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for keeping us up to date on this situation.

How remarkable it is that Jersey's corrupt anti-democracy rule is not better known to the rest of the world!

One would think that either the legal system will be overhauled by the good people of Jersey or the UK will have to step in. By now, this old Mafia style oligarchy should have become too humiliating for the Paliament to accept.

Janet said...

Donchais, thank you for the coverage of this horrible crime. I couldn't find your previous posts, so I spent last night looking up old articles. I sorted them and started reading from the first. It is horrendous that the only person charged is a young abuser who lived there and became an abuser himself. I had no animosity toward the people of Jersey at first, but for a whole island of 90,000 people to try to protect the abusers is completely disgusting. If I had ever considered visiting Jersey, that notion is over. They seem to have no shame. No remorse, no empathy, no caring for the children in their care. They made a lot of money "caring" for these children. Your coverage was exemplary, and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

There are certainly many villains in the Jersey abuse case, but there are some extraordinary heroes as well. What is wrong with the ordinary citizens of Jersey may be a mystery for the ages, but certain brave heroes really shine.

Senator Stuart Syvret has lost his ministerial position, faced threats of formal peer censure in retaliation, and endures constant public criticism and ridicule. This was his second arrest for what Americans would consider completely justified political opposition expressed in the form of free speech on his blog. Despite being utterly demonized by the island's corrupt government and local press hacks, he has remained Jersey's longest serving (and presumably most popular) elected official.

Former Chief Police Investigator Lenny Harper would be a hero to anyone who cares about abused children and justice for his own courage, despite his own life being threatened repeatedly. His entire investigation is now being whitewashed and depicted as complete rubbish, even though it was overseen by, and had the backing of, UK experts.

And let us not forget the courageous abuse survivors and witnesses who have overcome so much pain and reluctance in order to seek justice. They count on the increased awareness blogs like T&T generate to bring international pressure to take this to higher courts in the UK. We can support them by making more people aware of their ongoing struggle.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for standing up for those who cannot do so without fear.

By making the outside world aware of a corrupt and vindictive dictatorship operating only a few miles off the shore of France, you restore faith in those who are afraid to raise their own voices.

You have that rare opportunity to help change the course of political history on Jersey, just by bringing global support to victims of ongoing institutionalized child abuse and government cover-ups there.

I say, "Well Done," that you have found yourself called to this moral duty.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this story to T&T. It is fascinating to read that Jersey's political elite believe they can just cover up such horrific crimes against children. Won't the mainstream British press investigate this all over again, now that charges are dropped? On so many levels, this seems to be the most outrageous true crime story in a long while.

donchais said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement!

I cover this story for many reasons - the plight of the victims, the outrageous behavior of the government, the heros who have taken their own special brand of abuse, but mostly because so many can't stand up out of fear.

I can only imagine the culture shock that will occur when Jersey finally throws off their shackles and moves into the 21st century

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Donchais, for all you are doing to bring this story to a wider audience. Once they have Googled last year's news reports on that disgusting orphanage, I would think all of your readers will be following this story very closely.

Who could have believed a cruel regime like Jersey's still existed within Great Britains's own jurisdiction? Like Stuart Syvret always says, "You couldn't make it up!"