Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Casey Anthony: Strickland sets new trial date

It's going to be a long time before there is any resolution to the Casey Anthony murder trial. Fox35 has reported that Judge Stan Strickland has set a trial date of May 2, 2011.

In addition, they are reporting that the prosecution has filed a motion to meet with the judge in camera. According to Fox35,

Prosecutors say they have new material and information from investigators regarding the case that they don't want to go be disclosed to the public.

WESH has an article out which states that:

In the motion, the assistant state attorney said the team wants more time to go over new materials and information that has come into the hands of law enforcement. Prosecutors said they want to meet with the judge and ask to delay turning that information over to the defense.

Attorney Richard Hornsby said the state needs to determine how the materials affect the murder case against Anthony. If the information is coming from a new witness, he said the state needs more time to prevent the defense from discrediting or scaring away that person from testifying.


So, we will have to all be patient and watch the motions fly for over a year. Let's hope that the defense can get its act together by then.

Let's also hope that the information that the prosecution wants to keep away from the public is true "Bombshell" material at trial time.

I do have to wonder what Casey Anthony thinks about this timeline. I'm certain of one thing, she's not a happy camper in the Orange County Jail!


shari said...

I sure hope whatever this new info is going to help really tie the knot on Casey's actions. I also think that the trial being so far into the future gives her a better chance of a fair jury. This whole family has acted in such a bizarre manner that it is hard to imagine what will happen at trial.
Sprocket, any news on ole Phil and how he is doing in the big house???

Nora said...

More smoke and mirrors - buying time. Can't believe it's going to be more than another year until this goes to trial! Some justice for Kaylee.

Anonymous said...

as for phil he is doing really good,and still waiting for his appeal,,,,,,,,,he will be out before casey gets put in

Anonymous said...

Patience is the word....look how long it took to get Phil there. Justice will come for Caylee too, we just have to wait awhile longer. Meanwhile Casey sits in her pretty jumpsuit.

As for Phil getting out, yeah right.

Anonymous said...

at least she has to stay in jail for another year

ritanita said...

I posted the article last night as the news broke. It's turned out that the May 2 date is a tentative one suggested by the prosecution. Strickland has to officially set a date for trial somewhere down the line.

Anonymous said...

maybe they found out who the father of Caylee is..KM

Unknown said...

Judge Strickland has not yet signed the motion to set the trial date for may 2, 2011.
While there is no reason to suggest that he will not set this date for trail, he has had the motion for a couple of days and has not signed.
MyFox Orlando has jumped the gun on this story.
Hopefully Judge S will act on this motion on Monday, Feb 8