Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earl Bradley Indicted for Preying on Toddlers

~Bradley under arrest

In what may be the most depraved and heinous case of child abuse in this country, a Delaware Grand Jury has handed down a 471 count indictment against pediatrician, Earl Bradley. The indictment charges Bradley in the rapes of one boy and 102 little girls.
When arrested in December 2009, it was believed that Bradley had raped nine children. After an intense investigation the indictment shows a tenfold increase in the number of young victims - and there may well be many more.

The original 2008 Delaware investigation into Bradley's conduct began after a 2-year-old girl told her mother that Bradley had touched her genitals and 'hurt her' during an appointment.

Besides Delaware, Bradley is also licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. No charges have been filed against Bradley in those states, however state authorities were notified by Delaware officials.

Eleven years ago when Bradley opened his solo pediatric practice, several of the various rooms were decorated in Disney themes and they were filled with toys and candy - a perfect way to get the children to trust you.

"If you look at the office, he created a Neverland of pediatrics," forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner said. "By the time we get to 56-years-old, he worked out the kinks...how to take advantage of them and keep taking advantage of them."

Apparently, Bradley was only alone with a child for a minute -- and that's all it took, according to investigators. Bradley videotaped many of the assaults and authorities confiscated hundreds of tapes from his home and office.

According to documents, the examination room known as the Pinocchio Room because of its decorations, was seen frequently on the videotapes obtained by authorities that reportedly show Bradley undressing his patients -- one as young as 3-months-old -- and performing sex acts on them.

Horrifically, Bradley has been charged with holding toddlers upside down and yelling at them while committing sex acts. In one tape he is seen penetrating a girl's vagina with his hand -- the girl had been in for a sore throat.

In another room decked out with "The Little Mermaid" paraphernalia, equally horrific abuse allegedly occurred at the hands of Bradley, who investigators said was seen on the tapes muzzling screaming children as they tried to flee the abuse.

Described as a large 6-foot, 225-pound man, Bradley allegedly had a "violently enraged expression on his face" as he yelled to a 2-year-old to perform sexual acts on him.

That particular video was made on December 13, three days prior to his arrest and is described by an investigator as, "one of the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age" that he had ever seen.

Gene Maurer, Bradley's attorney, said he expected the sweeping indictment and anticipates more victims will come forward.

"I'm not surprised by the volume," Maurer said, "but 103 victims seems a little like overkill. One conviction carries life in prison. You don't need 103 of them."

I have to say my jaw dropped at that statement and it really ticked me off. Mr. Maurer, do you get it there are a minimum of 103 innocent toddlers and babies that are victims of this monster? Its not overkill - all the children and their families deserve to see justice done!!!Maurer has let it be known that he will attempt to have the trial moved out of Sussex due to publicity and the defense will be concentrating on Bradley's mental state.

"We are working on getting someone in to see him who is most knowledgeable about this type of thing, "Maurer said. "I don't know of anybody locally, so we are taking our time to find the right person to see him. This is unprecedented."

Complaints and rumors have been swirling around Bradley's inappropriate behavior for over a decade. Many of his medical colleagues were aware of allegations Bradley was kissing and touching his patients, but they never reported it. In 2005, Bradley closed an office after police investigated him.

Bradley's own sister, who worked for him, heard parents' concerns!!!

How were parents so trusting they allowed their child to be removed to another room by Bradley?

What happened to 'duty to report'?

How did the Delaware medical board issue a license to Bradley?

There were so many opportunities, people, and facilities that could have stopped Bradley before he inflicted so much trauma and damage to so many innocent, defenseless children.

Regardless of his 'mental state', this person should never walk free amongst civilized people.

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Ronni said...

"We are working on getting someone in to see him who is most knowledgeable about this type of thing, "Maurer said. "I don't know of anybody locally, so we are taking our time to find the right person to see him. This is unprecedented."

Translation: "we are having trouble finding an expert who will tell us what we want to hear."

CaliGirl9 said...

This pervert sounds like a younger version of Dr. William Ayres ... the scale is probably no less horrific, but "Dr. Bradley" had the twisted state of mind to pick kids whose verbal skills were weak.
Ayres picked on adolescent boys.
Funny thing about this: both Ayres and Bradley are large, scary-looking men.
Chemical or surgical castration is too kind a punishment. I suggest the rubber band method. Or perhaps a pit bull tugging on his nuts.
The defense will not find anyone of decent reputation to be able to defend anything this man did. Didn't happen in Ayres, ain't happening here.

Anonymous said...

he is not mental,,,, he is a pervert sicko,he knew what he was doing ,so ther is no way he can fall under the catagory of mentaly unstable,(BULLSH*) HANG HIM FROM HIS NUTS COVERED IN HONEY

Anonymous said...

You can be sure he will never be free again. They have tapes! I predict a deal. This will not go to trial.


MadMama said...

This is horrific. I always thought I was an overprotective mother, but my children never saw any physician unless I was in the room with them. If they wanted to run tests or do x-rays, Mommy was right there. I'm so glad now, and I will say to everyone with children under the age of 16....don't be afraid to be overprotective. You stay with them when they are put in a position where they have to be undressed.

ritanita said...

This so-called pediatrician is the world's champion child predator and for any defense to attempt to find a "mental" justification for him won't go anywhere at all.

He knew what he was doing was wrong and should just plead guilty and take life in an 8X10 cell in solitary confinement with just himself for company and the bare essentials passed through a slot in the door for the rest of his days.

shari said...

What I don't understand is where were the parents during these "medical" visits. When my kids went to the pediatrician, they were never alone with the doctor. I was always there as well as a nurse. These kinds cases are so sick and twisted that NO amount of prison time is enough....

Anonymous said...

I would add to that punishment only the entire group of parents of all those abused children, left alone with him in that cell for an hour or so, while his hands were tied behind his back. I know exacly what THIS mama would do, I just can't say it here.

Damian Leone said...

I can't help but think of the McMartin preschool case. Of course there were no videos there but much that was reported by the media there ended up not being true. Here, if he's guilty of even one incident he should be locked up for the rest of or most of the rest of his life at least.

Are 100 plus counts needed to put this guy away for life? No. Will prosecuting every single act he did so he gets 500 life terms help the victims and their families really help them that much in the healing and recovery process? I don't think so. To Be Continued.

Anonymous said...

I was raised on a farm. We used the rubber band method. Since there is video tape evidence, this should result in a sentence of LWOP.

David From TN

Karen C. said...

Hi, Ronni, David and All!

NO, they have LOADS and LOADS of horrendous videotape evidence!!! From the way it's being characterized by the LE involved, about the most damning possible. Take any deal possible that gives you isolation would be my advice! Poor lawyer has to say what he has to now, but I'm sure after he gets a gander at the evidence he will do whatever it takes to keep this from going to trial. LWOP. Hopefully the Behavior Bunch at Quantico will be able to make something of this monster- such unusually young victims, too. And, yes- where was the dang nurse? God, it seems that we should be sending new parents home out of the hospital with a common sense parenting guide of some sort! Your car comes with an Owner's Manual- maybe that's really what is needed with little ones, too. Half to stop before I destroy the keyboard.... GGGRRRR!