Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christian-Newsom Judge Says No

In early December 2009, jurors in the George Thomas double-murder trial found Thomas guilty of first degree felony murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

During the trial his defense attorneys submitted a 24-page motion asking Judge Richard Baumgartner to acquit Thomas claiming the state's evidence presented during Thomas' trial didn't meet its burden of proof.

Baumgartner indicated that the motion was well written and compelling, but delayed ruling on the motion until the state could respond in writing. The Judge wanted written record for any appellate courts that may review the Thomas case in the future.

Yesterday, Judge Baumgartner ruled against the motion saying the state's evidence was legally sufficient.

In January, the defense also submitted a motion for a new trial for Thomas. It is doubtful a new trial will be granted.

Motion for Acquittal

State's Response to Motion for Acquittal

Motion for a New Trial




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update David. I knew there was virtually no chance the judge would grant the request for acquittal, but it is good to see the denial made official. His attorneys are leaving no stone unturned in trying to set up appeal issues.