Saturday, June 25, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Day 28

Judge Perry Not A Happy Camper. Court Cancelled. What's Going On?

I don't know if it's me or the fact that it is Saturday, but, when I look over what has been going on in the defense case, all I can think is that forensics have fizzled and the Anthony family is acting strange indeed. We've seen various versions of Cindy and Lee on the stand. I can't imagine what the jury must think about the ever-changing emotions and lack thereof. If Baez has now switched his focus to family dysfunction, he's sure done a good job of that. However, to tie that to Casey's innocence, there's going to have to be a few links in their chain. Now, we are starting to see the "slipshod" police bumbling. So far, that hasn't done too well either. Between Cindy Anthony's slip about Casey's check fraud arrest and the credit card fraud brought in through the door Cheney Mason opened, the jury is going to have those things in the back of their mind, even if it doesn't come into their deliberations.

At about 8:45, Jeff Ashton addressed Judge Perry. He said that he received documents at 8:40 from the defense. Dr. Furton has done more research since his deposition. New research since his deposition now identifies the sources of chloroform. He's been handed slides which are about the source of the odor.

Ashton indicated that the state had no prior notice of these new opinions and said that he wanted a full Richardson hearing at the close of testimony today.

Judge Perry said that he could testify to what was in his deposition and could come back next week to testify as to the new material.

Baez stated that it appeared that the state is incorrect. These are issues that are at the center of the case.

Perry asked if his opinion had changed since deposition and had he supplied supplemental report?

Baez said he didn't see any new opinions in the material he gave to Ashton. He said that Furton had arrived this morning, and he got his copy and gave one to Ashton. He also said that Mr. Ashton is making allegations for which he has no support.

Ashton replied that, from what he had read, Furton was making vague comments about cleaning products. The Powerpoint presentation has slides of sources of chloroform from the trunk.

Baez said that it all came from the testimony of Dr. Rickenbach, which was not in his report.

Judge Perry said that he wanted a copy of his report, since he doesn't have it. He asked if the demonstrative aid was the same sort of thing the defense asked to be excluded because it wasn't provided?

Ashton said that Furton's information cites studies not in the report.

Baez said he won't go through this. There's nothing secret going on. If Ashton had any legitimate issues, he'd be willing to pull some of the slides. He said he would be more than willing to tailor Furton's testimony to avoid the issue.

Perry said that all he can do is read Furton's report and deposition to see if he has not complied with the court's order. Once done they could move on from there. Perry's final statement to the defense was, "You would thing this would have grown old by now, but some things never change."

Just as we thought we were ready to begin testimony, Cheney Mason stood up to say he had a different issue. The attorneys first went to the side bar and then into the judge's chambers. I have a feeling there are going to be more fireworks going on! Sure enough, Bill Sheaffer, on WFTV reported that Kathi Belich had messaged him from the courtroom saying that she thought she heard Mason's voice loudly emanating from chamber.

I didn't have a video stream up when Judge Perry addressed the court. He said that a legal issue had arisen that necessitates the court be in recess until 8:30 Monday. He also said that the issue had nothing to do with Dr. Furton's testimony.

Now, we will all have to spend the weekend wondering what issue could keep testimony from taking place today. According to HLN, it has to be a VERY serious issue!

So, I'll see you all Monday morning at 8:30 AM. Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

IMO, Baez realizes that the case is already lost, and what would it really cost him to violate any orders/rules and become the sacrificial lamb for Casey?

He really has nothing to lose if he does that because he will be making a boat load of money on future tv commentaries, books, etc. So he's already made it financially, unless the court can bar such rewards as a result of this case! The Anthonys are reportedly also financially set for life, having already signed multimillion dollar movie and book deals.

Wonder why the Anthonys were laughing today at the back of the court room...hmmmmmm....

caroleigh said...

I wonder if Casey has come to the realization that the END is at hand !!!!

The gas chamber, electric chair, or potassium chloride are waiting for her.

It's my bet she will plead guilty,,, do 25 years,,, and start life over. Heck she will only be 50 years old................

or,,,,,some big family secret has just been let out of the closet. They are so weird they would do anything for each other it seems to me.

Perjury does not seem to have a consequence to their conscience. Evil dwells therein

what is everyone else is thinking.???????

Wondering in Mississippi [ can't wait till Monday]

ritanita said...

Anonymous, I have NO idea what is going on, it could be so many things. The defense has tripped over its feet again with Furton.

What Mason is up to, I have no doubt it's something huge which he hopes will end up in a dismissal of the charges or a mistrial.

I noticed yesterday that Baez was quick with the "discovery violation" of the phone records, which is probably more than likely due to his own inability to grasp the whole of the discovery.

Perhaps the defense team has bought another case of spaghetti and is now aiming it at Judge Perry to totally derail the trial in one way or another.


I can't wait for Monday either!

caroleigh said...

Chris ,
You might be onto something. I was on the edge of my seat yesterday waiting for the big one .

All I can think of is Lee at Cayley's Memorial Service

''you have done so much for me '' CMA.....CMA......

and didn't he say something about ''I'll always keep my promise ''

dysfunction dysfunction

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's something about the jury? It would be odd to be coming from Mason but who knows. I can't believe there would be any talk of a plea bargain since I think, in some ways. the defense has raised some doubt for some people.

Chris said...

an interesting day for sure . . . Ritanita . . . please read my comment on yesterday's blog entry re Lee's testimony and the questions Ashton and Baez asked him . . . would love your thoughts . . . thanks as always. Chris B

Chris said...

Thanks Caroleigh . . . it was such a non-bombshell moment left hanging out there . . . I truly think Ashton was wise not to pry any further . . . maybe Lee has limits as to just how far he'll impale himself on the sword for his beloved sister. Chris B

donchais said...

Now that the closed door session transcript has been sealed, guess we are just left with speculation.

It feels like a game of Whack a Mole!

Enjoy your weekend!

ritanita said...

There's a couple Anthony family Whack-a-Mole games, donchais!

GeeMama said...

And once again I have a headache.

Anonymous said...

This morning I watched what went on, and when Judge Perry and all the dust up was happening I noticed Cheney Mason seated with his head on his hands. He looked like he was upset or fuming. Then it was after that when they all went into the room. Wonder what set him off? And what happened in there????????????
My thought is that he wants a mistrial because he feels Perry is being unfair to the defense. Then again it could be a number of different things.
I've read that several of the WFTV bloggers have remarked that if she isn't found guilty they will lose all faith in the US justice system. I have to cast my vote with them. I am not sure that if I were a juror that I would vote for first degree murder, but that's because I don't believe in the death penalty. I still am convinced by the overwhelming circumstantial evidence that she did away with her child.

katfish said...

Hi Ritanita,et al,

Speculation is rampant and alot of possibilities have crossed my mind as well, but I'm over it. LOL! What will be will be.

Haha Donchais, whack~a~mole indeed!

IMO, if this (trial) were a soap opera, the appropriate name of it would be "As The Anthonys Turn", given the Ant's ever changing statements, demeanor,and alliances.

To he## with the rules of evidence and materiality in this case too. I think if HHJP let in even 1/2 of the testimony that Jose Baez has been crying to Geraldo Rivera should be let in for the jury to weigh, this trial would read like the script of a soap opera...or perhaps more appropriately, a juicy novella....Baez is...after all... reportedly working on a deal with Telemundo for after this trial. [eye roll] In the words of the now world famous celebrity, Casey Anthony,"Surprise, Surprise".

Anonymous said...

Based on what you and The Hinky Meter have written about Friday's events, I wonder if Mason's conniption is due to Perry's comments about the defense's theory of the crime. I'm sure Mason would be arguing that the burden of proof is on the prosecution and that the defense does not have to prove Casey innocent (I know, I know, - an impossible task to say the least). Even if Perry didn't comment in front of the jury (he didn't did he?), the defense could argue that his comments show a clear bias and should be grounds for a mistrial.

Sandy said...

1) No mistrial - Perry has been very careful to be fair, and sometimes even going against the prosecution in order to maintain that judicial balance.
2) Casey only cries if it seriously affects Casey... so it had to do with HER; possibly moving JB to second seat so he cannot sit next to her anymore? making Mason the lead to conclude the trial?
3) Sealing the action means that JP doesn't want it to affect the jury's deliberation or inflame the media... so easy to do these days; look what they've done with this little bit of fodder!
4) If the trial itself was in jeopardy, Ashton would not be proceeding with a deposition, which he did later on Saturday with Dr. Fulton and Ms. Sims.
5) "A legal matter," is very broad and JP knows how to craft his words to say only what is required... guess we'll just have to keep guessing, do a pendulum swing or throw the Tarot cards to see if we can figure it out ahead of time.

ritanita said...


I'm with you on trying to figure out what is going on. I think I'll live 24 or so more hours to find out!

Anonymous @7:37,

I do have doubts about it being the defense theory of the crime. Whenever Baez, Mason, or Sims asks a question, it has to go to the facts of the case.

Admitting pictures of Caylee going into the pool is only relevant to the case because the defense is claiming there was an accidental drowning.

If the defense had stuck with a kidnapping, those pictures would have been irrelevant.

When there is an objection due to relevance, they go up to the side bar and explain why the evidence elicited is relevant to the case.


I think the Tarot cards might be a better indicator than all the speculation going on!

Anonymous said...

Seems that Perry was forced to ask several of the defense witnesses whom they spoke with about providing required reports and facts relating to the case. "Baez" seems to be the answer in each instance. As Perry alluded, the defense keeps doing the same things he warns them about, such as last minute "finds" and ambushing the People (state/prosecution).

We also know that Perry is concerned about the well being of the jurors and the timely progression of the case in the proper carriage of justice.

In light of the above, is it possible at this point for the judge to request Baez to turn over the "lead" position on the defense team to Mason due to Baez' repeated acts of contempt of the court by deliberately obstructing the proper carriage of justice (like his pathological liar client) which impacts not only the timely progress of the case, but also the jurors themselves?

It's really time for the "tail wagging the dog" gamesmanship on the part of the defense to STOP!

ritanita said...

What a great question! I'm sorry I don't have an answer for it. Unless Baez does something VERY bad, I think the decision it totally with Casey.

However, we all know that Baez doesn't learn from his mistakes and tries to blame them on the prosecution.

Anonymous said...

All I know is I get up every morning at 5:15 a.m. to get ready to watch the trial M-Sat. I am very fortunate to have a job and a boss whereby I can listen to the trial while at work. After thinking about why this whole thing means to much to me is that I just can't lose faith in our justice system again like I did with the O.J. Simpson trial. The murder of Caylee, the family's lies, and the defense team's shady tactics assaults the senses on so many levels. Cut the @*%& and let justice and truth prevail. A big thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog and all the care that comes through from everyone who participates in the discussion.

Unknown said...

Something bad has happened for the defense, judging from the nauseated look on Cheney Mason's face, and Baez's spiritless and distracted response to the prosecution's complaint about Furton. Mason was visibly distressed about something, to the point of almost looking frightened. I think the defense -- probably Baez -- has committed a major and so far undisclosed legal boo-boo.

caroleigh said...

2:00 pm...monday WOW~!!!

Jeff Ashton ........... he's passing garbage! He's turned the tide, Baez is is WETTING his pants ...............

Jeff Ashton holy cow, he's Alan Jackson revisited

Jeff Ashton for Prosecutor Of The Year

any votes, anyone?

On the edge of my seat in Mississippi.

shari said...

Cheney Mason called for a competency hearing over the weekend and 3 psychologists examined Casey and found her fit to stand trial and participate in her own defense. Mason must be seeing something to indicate Casey's psychological fitness. Interesting! He seems to be pulling back from the case.

Anonymous said...

Both Lee's and George Anthony's blood was reportedly tested in order to rule out paternity through DNA - have those results ever been published?

Also...I have heard Lee Anthony referred to as Casey's half-brother. Is he a full or half-brother? George Anthony is Casey's biological father, is he not?

You do a wonderful job of reporting on this trial, ritanita.

ritanita said...

Neither Lee nor George is the father. Casey and Lee are full siblings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ritanita.