Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Member of T&T Team

As you've probably guessed, T&T has several "behind the scenes" friends who help out now and then with our story edits and research. They are an invaluable resource that has saved our sanity time and time again.

Although donchais branched out and started her own blog, Calls For Justice over a year ago, she will always be an honorary member of T&T because of the vast contribution she has made to T&T as well as setting the standard for "raising the bar" on our trial reporting.

We've been feeling the need to add a new writer for some time now and our friend Days Like This (DLT) has agreed to join the T&T writing team. DLT will not only be a story contributor, she will also take on the duties of copy editor. Along with myself, ritanita and CaliGirl9, please welcome our new c0-blogger, Days Like This!


Saschamaroon said...

Welcome Days! Looking forward to reading you.