Monday, June 13, 2011

Radio Interview

I've been asked to give a summary of last week's testimony on the Trace Nealy Morning Show on Live 105.5 KFYV in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area of California this morning at about 9:10 AM, PDT.

The program doesn't have a link to play on the internet, but I hope those of you in the area who receive Live 105.5 KFYV will listen in!



FRG said...

Wow, that sounds fantastic! Congratulations! You know I love your reports!

See you in court today!

Nora said...

Ritanita - not sure where to place this comment since the most current one has comments diabled. I did want to comment on something regarding the trial. Let's take the drowning theory the defense first tried to use: CASEY ADMITTED SHE WAS THERE WHEN CAYLEE DIED. She just tried to frame her dad for taking care of the body afterwards. So, she's admitted being present at Caylee's death - doesn't that mean something to anyone on the jury? Since then, as we all know, the defense has tried other theories, and now trying to bring in some kidnapper. I'm glad Perry is trying to keep this a tight trial and keep a schedule, or this charade by the defense will never end.