Saturday, June 18, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Day 22

Yes, We Have No Salami

As I mentioned yesterday, my feed re-ran the post-lunch session and I missed the famous salami container scene. This morning, I went through to find it. You can watch it HERE at 21:10.

Dr Huntington had already waffled about the fact that the body was placed at Suburban Drive 2-5 days after decomposition had begun. He said, however, that it depended on the conditions under which the body was stored. I'm wondering if the defense is going to try and put out the theory that Roy Kronk refrigerated/froze the remains until it was convenient, and then placed them at the site to his own nefarious ends. I'm sure Jeff Ashton will be ready for that eventuality. Question is, will the defense try that theory?

A Most Unusual Day

I was surprised to see the live feed up when I was setting up my computer this morning. Apparently, there had been a matter of violation of the sequestration order, but Jeff Ashton said he had spoken with Dr. Spitz and it was no longer an issue.

At 8:45, the defense called Dr. William Rodriguez to the stand. He gave his educational and employment background. At the present time he works for the Department of Defense in Washington DC as a forensic anthropologist. It was interesting to note that he was a co-founder of the Body Farm in Tennessee with Dr. William Bass. He said that he had testified more than 100 times in various courts. Jose Baez asked for him to be accepted as a forensic anthropologist, taphonomist, and forensic entomologist.

Jeff Ashton asked to voir dire the witness on forensic entomology. Under brief questioning by Jose Baez, we learned that he had consulted with law enforcement hundreds of times concerning forensic entomology. Judge Perry accepted him as a witness in all three fields.

Baez asked Rodriguez what information he had been provided with in this case.

Rodriguez replied that he’d received the ME report and findings, the forensic anthropological report, the entomological report (Haskell), photographs of recovery scene, ME’s photographs of the of deceased, including the skull photographed at the scene and at the ME’s office.

Dr. Rodriguez said that the evidence collection at the scene was very thorough when it came to the skeleton. He did have a problem with the fact that they didn't do a study to find exactly where the body was originally placed and subsequently decomposed. He stated that it is the area where they may find much of evidence related to decomposition and trace evidence. Clothing is usually left at that scene and helps gives an idea as to where the body was originally placed.

Jeff Ashton asked to approach the bench.

After a quick side bar, Baez asked Dr.Rodriguez what he would look for to identify where the body was originally placed. The witness said the decomposition would change the vegetation, killing it off. Insects would colonize the area of the soil. He would look for these environmental changes. He said that in looking at the pictures of the site, he saw no evidence of these changes..

Baez then went on to finding remains which have duct tape. Rodriguez said he had seen many bound bodies, where duct tape had been employed. When there was still soft tissue, they looked at it to see where the tape was bound to the body. The same would occur when mummification occurs. When a body undergoes decomposition, it interferes with the adherence of the tape.

We were then treated to another side bar. When the side bar broke up, the jury was sent out and Mr. Ashton addressed his objection. The opinion about the duct tape is not in Rodriguez' report!

Judge Perry asked Baez said he understood the court's order. He then asked him to pull out the order. While the other attorneys were hunting for it, Judge Perry questioned the witness.

Rodriguez stated that the position of the duct tape and at the scene showed the duct tape in different positions. Therefore, the original position can not be determined. He could only determine original position in buried bodies or mummified remains.

Rodriguez said he first saw the photographs when they were given to him just prior to his report of February 21, 2011. He did not include that portion in his report because it was a non-issue. There was no scenario where one could make a firm decision as to where the duct tape had been.

Rodriguez shared his opinion with Jose Baez over the phone after his report in February, 2011. He said he was not aware that he had to place all his opinions in his report and did not see the court order.

Perry asked if Mr. Baez had never informed him of the court's order. He twice said he hadn't.

Baez then reminded Rodriguez about e-mails sent prior to the report stating that all opinions should be in the report. Rodriguez said that he did!

When they met two nights ago, the determination was made to use the duct tape information to rebut Dr. Warren's testimony which they felt was not true. Rodriguez said that the use of the superimposition was not viable.

Baez then addressed the judge. He said he informed all of his experts via e-mail of the order. He informed them of the deadline. He also stated that they were dead set on following the deadlines. He went on to how busy their experts were with their case loads, they were not given the video superimposition until... Baez gave more excuses and pointed out that the state did not depose the witness. Baez said that Ashton was playing a trick on the defense by not doing so. (My words.)

Baez then said that he should not have been forced to take depositions of his own witnesses!

Judge Perry pointed out that Baez was picking which court orders he would comply with, and which he would not. Perry then said that both sides had engaged in game playing and this is not a game. The orders were because of the game playing. He did not want to be in the position he was currently in. Perry indicated it was a major opinion that was not in the report. Baez could have disclosed this. It could happen at the last minute. Perry said that the omission was quite intentional on the part of the defense. It was not inadvertent. The question was if Ms. Anthony should suffer for this.

Judge Perry then asked what other undisclosed material was not in his report. The witness was told to step down, he would be deposed, and testify Monday. In addition, the state was to write an instruction and he may use it. Judge Perry topped that off by saying that he would consider a contempt citation at the end of the trial.

Baez then mentioned the "etc." portion of his filings in the court. (For example, “witness x will testify to A, B, C, and whatever)

Well, Baez got off rather easily in that all the information will be ferreted out in the deposition. Perry then warned that "lightning does not strike twice" in court and IF he has any other disclosures to make, he will not get off so easily.

Baez said he would take the deposition at 1:00 and the prosecution could come if they wanted. Perry straightened that out fast. The prosecution will depose the witness!

There will be no "Trial by Ambush" in Judge Perry's courtroom!

After a 10 minute break, we heard from Dr. Werner Spitz.

Having seen Dr. Spitz testify in the Phil Spector trial, I was ready for what was to come. He is easily riled and will lose his temper if any of his conclusions are questioned. He reminds me of my late grandfather.

After the break, Cheney Mason was at the podium and asked the judge to explain why they were changing witnesses.

Perry explained to the jury that Dr. Rodriguez would finish testifying Monday to accommodate an out-of-town witness.

Cheney Mason called Dr. Werner Spitz as the next expert. Casey Anthony smiled as he walked into court.

Dr. Spitz is a world-renown forensic pathologist. Cheney Mason asked for his background, which is formidable. Unfortunately it is an arm-and-a-half long and Cheney Mason had to prompt him on his CV. When Cheney Mason asked about the Phil Spector case, the OJ case, the Mary Jo Kopechne case and what other high profile trials he testified in, Jeff Ashton objected and was sustained.

Spitz testified that he became involved in this case through the Jose Baez Law Firm. (The question was when!) He requested to attend the post-mortem examination. When Mason asked if he was permitted to attend, Jeff Ashton objected and went to the side bar. He was overruled and Dr. Spitz testified that he was not allowed to attend. He wanted to attend because it was useful to see the body in the condition is was at that particular time.

He also felt it was an advantage to have two people in the specialty to work together. Four eyes are better than two eyes. He said it was a custom in pathology. As Spitz went on, Ashton objected and was overruled. Pathologists often send sample to doctors across the country. (Fact is, in Orlando, there is a policy that doesn’t allow for this.)

Spitz conducted a second autopsy when he was given access to the remains. He did them at the funeral home. Spitz didn't think Dr. Garavaglia hadn't completed her report at that time. He said he came to Orlando, but he didn't bring a saw. He needed one because the skull had not been opened. He opened the skull and examined it. Mason handed a bag to Spitz and had him open it up and take out a real skull of an adult.

Spitz opened the top of the skull to demonstrate what he had done. Spitz also took photographs of the autopsy. Mason approached and showed the pictures to Spitz. Apparently, pictures of the opened skull were placed on an easel for the jury to see. We could not see Spitz or the photographs at all.

Spitz said that the last redoubts of decomposition would stay in the skull. He said that the dust from the skull was the remains of the brain. Some had been removed. The specks were attached to the inside of the skull. Spitz claimed that it showed the position of the skull. Since the matter was on the left side of the skull, the body was laying on its left side during decomposition.

I don't think Spitz' graphic language is doing anything for Casey's stomach, she looked ill.

Spitz then returned to the stand and testified that he read Dr. Garavaglia's report. Mason asked the problems and deficiencies he found in her report. Spitz said he examined the entire skeleton, which only had little bones missing. To demonstrate why the skull needed to be opened, he opened the skull on the witness stand as he showed the jury.

When he opened Caylee’s skull, there was no discolorations in certain areas that he could see. There was no pre-mortem damage. Some of the bones were chewed on by animals. An area of one of the thigh bones had been opened by those who did the first autopsy. He thought that the bone was opened to get bone marrow. He learned that was not the case.

He testified that, based on his examination, the cause of death remained unknown.

Spitz understood that there were sections of duct tape that were loosely on the face. He said that there was not a shred of soft tissue remaining. He didn't need to use protective clothing to handle the bones. The tape was not with the skeleton he studied, so Spitz used the picture to show how the tape was attached.

Spitz disagreed with Dr. Garavaglia's statement that when the skin decomposed, the duct tape came loose on the skeletal structure. The roots and the hair were the only things holding the mandible in place. He believed that the duct tape was placed there to hold the lower jaw in place.

Mason asked if there would have been DNA on the duct tape if it was placed on the face prior to decomposition. He said there would have been DNA on the duct tape.

Mason then moved on to ask Dr. Spitz about adipocere. He said that it was when tissue breaks down and becomes "slimy" and somewhat like soap. Adipocere is mainly fat.

Jeff Ashton interrupted the adipocere information at this point for a side bar.

Spitz went on to testify that adipocere develops in warm environments within 10 or 12 days. He found no adipocere with the remains. (That’s in direct contradiction to what Dr. Huntington said yesterday.)

We finally came to the cause of death. Based on the remains, certain things could have been ruled out, but based on the conditions of the bones, it wasn't possible.

Spitz ruled out suicide, but not accidental death, the manner of death, according to Dr. Spitz was unknown.

Dr. Spitz testified that he had conducted or supervised approximately 60,000 autopsies.

With that, Mr. Mason finished his direct examination and there was a 10 minute recess.

There was a bench conference prior to Werner Spitz' cross examination by Jeff Ashton.

Jeff Ashton asked Dr. Spitz what information he received for his investigation. He said he had the ME report, visited the remains site, and met with the Anthony family.

Ashton asked what he found out about the specifics of the case to make a decision concerning the cause of death. Spitz replied that he asked questions of Mr. Baez, Mr. Mason, and the people in the Anthony home. He did read the police reports as well, but he couldn't say which one(s) he read.

Then Ashton asked what he knew of the case. Spitz said he knew the there was a one month lapse of time between the disappearance of the child and the time the police report was made. Ashton asked if that was important. Spitz said it was, but he needed to know all the information so all the pieces of the puzzle could fit together. He said he had some knowledge of the events at the time Caylee Anthony was last seen alive. He mentioned she had been taken to the babysitter. However, he said he could not recall information that would say what she was doing when she was last seen alive.

Ashton then asked if Dr. Garavaglia had more information than he did to make a decision. Spitz said he only knew what was in her report. He asked if Spitz recalled what Dr. G. had put in her report about the predicates. Spitz didn't remember. Ashton indicated Spitz didn't recall any of the facts. Spitz said he recalled the important facts. Spitz only recalled that Caylee was a healthy 3-year-old child.

Ashton asked Spitz WHAT facts he felt were significant:

Pool: possibility of drowning
A month went by with out informing the authorities.

We were next on to the violation of protocol in not opening the skull. According to Spitz, when you examine a body, you examine the whole body. He spent quite a bit of time explaining why it was so important. Ashton asked where it was published, but Spitz couldn't remember. But he did remember he helped write the protocol. He went on to say that since the head was not opened, it was a shoddy autopsy.

Spitz said that Ashton had provoked him!

Ashton asked if the skull is opened in a normal autopsy to see what is inside (when the remains are intact). Spitz said no, that the skull has to be examined, no matter what.

Ashton also asked about the protocol of autopsy to open the ribs. Spitz said that it was necessary to inspect the organs. It wasn’t necessary with skeletal remains.

Ashton then showed a book that Spitz edited. Ashton pointed out that Spitz had written some of the articles, Dr. Neal Haskell had written articles... Ashton put the book on the stand and asked where it talked about opening skulls. Spitz said that it wasn't a book of protocols. He said that to see injury inside the head, the skull must be opened.

Ashton asked if there were any protocol in the chapter of forensic anthropology that said the skull had to be opened. Spitz pretty much stuck to his guns that it wasn’t a book about protocols!

Jeff Ashton cited a protocol for disinterred skeletal remains in a publication. Spitz pointed out it was written for lawyers by lawyers and he didn't understand the document. Mason objected, but Ashton got Judge Perry to agree that he could read the protocol, which was not written in legalese. After he read it, Spitz said he never heard of it.

Ashton asked Spitz that Dr. Garavaglia's not opening the skull was a violation of HIS protocol. Spitz said no. At that point, Spitz started to go on that this is a high profile case, national significance, media, etc., etc. He felt this case required more questions to be answered which wouldn't be needed in someone of 85 who died of a heart attack.

Spitz really was incensed!

Ashton asked Spitz how many media interviews he had given. Spitz said one in Orlando and one in Detroit.

Ashton pointed out he did one with Detroit 6 just this week. Spitz said it was given in Detroit for local consumption and it was showed in Orlando. He then brought up the Detroit News article.

Ashton said he gave an interview with Tony Pipitone and also with a lady in Detroit. Spitz said not many facts in the case were discussed there. Ashton reminded him that he discussed much of the content, going into detail about his testimony. Ashton brought up his appearance on The Today Show and 48 Hours. Spitz didn't remember them.

When Ashton asked if he liked high profile cases, Spitz said he liked all cases. Then Ashton mentioned the Phil Spector case, among others.

Ashton then asked if Spitz broke the skull when he opened it. Ashton pointed out a crack in the skull. Spitz said he was unaware of that.

Then, Ashton went on to the residue in the skull. Spitz said he scraped the skull and sent it out, no, he kept it for possible testing. When told that the testing had been done by the County, ...

Spitz said that the stuff was not "brain dust," but was debris. Then, he turned around and said it was brain dust!

Ashton mentioned the area which is occasionally under water. Ashton asked that if the skull was under water, couldn't it be sediment from dirty water?

Spitz went off on another ramble and then, Ashton again asked if it was brain sediment, not residue, why not have it tested.

Ashton asked Spitz if he realized that the skull had been rinsed with a saline wash. He was. Ashton then asked if there was no possibility that the sediment ended up on the left side because of that.

Spitz went off about a case in Riverside, California.

Then, he said the finding was of such importance because it was on the left side. He said this sediment stayed put even with the saline wash.

Ashton pointed out that in the California case, he sent that residue for chemical analysis.

Then, Spitz went on to again say this kerfuffle wouldn't have happened if he had worked with Dr. G.

Ashton pointed out that if they had it tested, there wouldn't have been a kerfuffle! Spitz said he wasn't a laboratory!

Jeff Ashton then had Dr. Spitz put his skull back together and put it in the approximate position Spitz described Caylee’s skull would have been in based on his testimony. There then followed a discussion of the way the hair would fall. Spitz said that some of the hair would fall to the left side. Some would stick to the top. The hair to the back would probably fall back when the skull was lifted.

Ashton then showed the picture of the Caylee's skull. Ashton pointed out that the hair mat had fallen back and not to the side.

Spitz demonstrated the position with his skull and mentioned she has long hair and is sitting on the base of the skull, sort of glued to the bone. Ashton pointed out that the picture was inconsistent with the skull being on its left side. Spitz then said that perhaps the water splashed the hair and the liquid remains glued it to the skull. Ashton asked if the hair was sticky. Spitz said he only saw pictures of it but he knew it was sticky because he had seen it in other cases.

Jeff Ashton then asked if it was contradictory that he said that the body lay on the left side and the hair was in another position. Spitz said it wasn't and explained the situation. (I didn't get it!)

Spitz said that it was his opinion that the duct tape was placed after the face had decomposed. Ashton then asked how the person put the duct tape on the decomposed skull. He said the person took duct tape and cut it into sections to keep the mandible intact. Ashton asked if the person picked the skull off the ground to put the tape on it. Spitz said he couldn't answer.

Then, Spitz said maybe. Ashton went on to say that if the person picked up the skull, the mandible would have fallen off. The person would have to pick up the skull and mandible and put it back in its anatomical position and then tape it.

Then, Spitz argued that the tape was put only on one side. Ashton then made it a hypothetical that if the person wanted the mandible back in place, why would it take three pieces of duct tape!

Okay, I have fallen down the Rabbit Hole.

Then Ashton asked why there was not glue residue on the skull? Spitz said that bone is solid and dense... then I got confused again.

Ashton then indicated that the duct tape was not stuck to the bone. Spitz said that the water would remove some of the glue.

Spitz then said that the person could have taken the head someplace, put the tape on, and brought it back. Ashton then pointed out that what happened to the hair that was stuck to the tape?

This examination got to go very far beyond the absurd.

Spitz said that somebody at the ME's office might have put the hair over the skull for the picture.

When Ashton showed him a picture of the skull at the site, he said that somebody did it in that picture as well.

He was saying somebody rearranged the hair !

Mason came up for re-direct.

He started with other reasons for opening the skull. Spitz said that there are occasionally fractures that will not fracture the outside of the skull, but will fracture the inside.

Another reason is that in a case of certain types of death, there would be hemorrhage in certain locations at the base of the skull which would color areas inside the skull. There are also sometimes hemorrhages in smothering deaths which would do the same thing.

Spitz read the autopsy reports and learned the matter from the autopsy was sent for toxicology. Spitz said he read the reports. He found no poison, chloroform.

Mason also addressed the duct tape. He asked Spitz if he knew how many people handled the skull. No. Was the skull was manipulated? Yes. It also explained the change in the position of the hair. Somebody had to do it.

Mason was finished, Ashton was finished, and I certainly had quite enough!

Judge Perry reminded the lawyers about the reports. (I’m sure he wants no more ambushes from the defense, but included the prosecution to be fair on any appeal.) He told them to be ready to work next Saturday to 3:00 PM! One witness a day was not going to get them where they need to be. He will not hurry the defense, but he will extend the work hours!

See you all at 9:00 AM on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

If I were the defense, I might just dispense with the rest of my "experts". I feel like they just picked a little thread in the sweater and now they are just looking at the buttons in their hands. Everything is unraveling. I just worry about ineffective counsel as the appeal issue. I also hope that Baez gets a contempt slapped on him when this is over and the Florida bar strips him of his membership.

Chico said...

Jesus turned water into wine...Jeff ashton turned Salami into paper.

Anonymous said...

Judge Perry has called their game! It's clear that the defense has no case and Perry is not taking any more of their BS excuses!

Spitz was a rambling idiot on the stand. It's really time for him to retire and spend his time enjoying his grandchildren or great grandchildren, if he has any.

maryb said...

I was very excited to see Dr. Spitz when I turned on my computer this morning. It brought back fond memories of AJ cleaning his clock during the Spector trial.
I knew that Mr. Ashton would bring his knowledge and skill to the cross and make for a very entertaining morning! I was not disappointed, not one bit but I almost fell out of my chair when Dr. Spitz started accusing people of “altering” the evidence.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because it was clearly spontaneous catching the defense off guard (loose cannon on deck!) and sad because a man with a glorious career had gone off the rails and is ending his career on a sad note.
Watching Mason check his watch while Dr Spitz was testifying on direct was telling, after all you don’t want to tell your esteemed witness to shut the hell up!

shari said...

After watching the whole Spector trial, I wouldn't believe a word that Spitz, Henry Lee, or Michael Baden said. They ALL need to retire! They have goteen where they are so arrogant and egotistical that they think they can come in, glance over paperwork and a bit of evidence and give a conclusion that NO ONE is supposed to challenge. It's time to stop resting on bygone days and go away.
Spitz was the epitome of a senile grandpa that refused to recognize his limitations in his aging process.

caroleigh said...

Dr. Spitz is a fumbling fumbling phony
let's not forget, Phil Spector paid him big bucks to say Lanna Clarkson blew her own lawyer jaw off in Phil Spector is living room. So where is Phil Spector................ in prison ho ho ho
So it bears the question, how much is he being paid by Jose

Dr. Spitz ........... spinning just like Jose ..........

can't wait for tomorrow

good good reporting

keeping watch in Mississippi

Sandy said...

It was not pretty to watch a man who may, at one time, have been an impressive and knowledgeable professional demonstrate what happens when the brain begins to get dusty. But according to my viewing of this fellow in times past, he has shown himself to be equipped with an huge ego and that was what metaphorically pitched him into the muck and mire he was so unwilling to examine closely.

Ashton could have been much more of pit bull, but he was honorable in his relentless cross-examining in a somewhat compassionate way, I thought.

Meanwhile, there was a photo of Baez and client taken just after he got his dressing-down by JP and guess what - they are both smirking - again.

I doubt very much if 'ineffective counsel' can be pleaded when there were five (presumably) law-school educated individuals along with one who was DP-qualified. The biggest problem is that 'the team' agreed to the outlandish opening statements which are proving to the jury to be just that - just as far-fetched as the lies their client was telling.

ritanita said...

Hi! Thanks everybody for stopping by!

Chico, great comment.

maryb, shari, caroleigh, Sandy,

I think a lot of us had a hard time with Dr. Spitz. We feel sorry for him because his day in the sun has long passed and he needs to sit back and enjoy his life.

He doesn't belong on the witness stand anymore. Like some of you, I saw him in his "sharper" days in Spector. He wasn't up to snuff then and he certainly isn't now.

I have fond memories of Alan Jackson, patiently leading him through the vagus nerve diagram to show how Lana couldn't have been breathing.

Kudos to Jeff Ashton for treating him as gently as he could while doing his job of seeking justice. I'm sure Spitz' inanities weren't lost on the jury.

So far, the defense has not convinced me with their expert testimony. I'm always willing to be convinced!

I'm still waiting for the defense to finish up with the forensics and move on to "the rest of the story," although I think Dr. Rodriguez will be intriguing AFTER his deposition!

I have a sneaking suspicion that Jeff Ashton will not be in a kindly mood when cross-examining him!

caroleigh said...

Ritanita ,
Oh Yes! You are so right, tomorrow will be great..... watching Jeff pull Rodriguez apart piece by piece. I know he's home going through exactly what Rodriguez can say and not say.

I would like to see Spitz get back on the stand and explain a few more things like evidence tampering, placing tape on a rotting corpse...... HUH ????? and slamming Dr. G. I hope he makes a public apology to her. I doubt we will ever see Dr. Spitz testifying in another case....... thank God. I thought he was a creep 20 years ago.

Good work Ritanita ,
looking forward to tomorrow's report

watching in Mississippi

CC Adams, PhD said...

Oh, yes, Werner Spitz on the stand in Phil Spector Trial 1 for the second time. I was seated next to Sprocket in the second row, right behind Dawn Clarkson and inline with the witness box. It was even better in-person, although I have watched my recording of the live, unedited feed a million times.

Alan Jackson caught Spitz having traced, badly and incorrectly, an illustration of the Vagas nerve from a high school-101 physiology textbook. As always when contradicted, Spitz got nasty before spluttering to a stop.

Later that day Spitz got so confused on the stand when trying to remember the anatomy of the skull that AJ walked back to his cart of material, seemingly to allow Spitz to collect his thoughts. AJ took a book from his cart and walked back to the witness stand.

"Dr. Spitz, here is a copy of Grey's Anatomy. Perhaps it will refresh your memory!"

Today in Orlando Spitz expects this jury to believe rain water stain is "brain dust" only because Spitz says that is so. Yet Spitz cannot remember that he expounded on 48 Hours and The Today Show?

I also noticed that in August 2007 during Spector I Spitz testified that he had personally performed 66,000 autopsies in 52 years. Today Spitz claimed to have either performed or supervised only 60,000 autopsies in 56 years.

At least Mason only devoted 45 minutes to the CV of Spitz. In Spector I it took Chris Plourth over 2 hours to cover the same material.

Speaking of CP, running buddy of Linda Kenny Badden, after court on Thursday Jean C of In-Session mentioned jurors falling asleep during defense direct of forensic experts. Sprock will remember during Spector I the term for that was "Plourthed" based on 3 days of cross of Louis Penya, MD, who performed the Lana Clarkson autopsy without gaining any points for the defense.

Anonymous said...

I have a questions I cannot find an answer to. Dr Rodriquez made it a point to say he is unpaid. He ci=o founded the body farm with Dr Bass.. did they split on good terms? why did he leave? Why is he testifying for the defense My creep o meter is going off

Anonymous said...

Everybody on here got it so right re: Dr Spitz----there is nothing left for me to say. This cantankerous old coot needs to go and take his $5000-a-day fee schedule with him! I fail to see the value of having him around.
Wes J.

Sprocket said...

Dr. Adams! You are really bringing up the memories.

Spitz on the stand during round two of the Spector trial, although not caught on tape, today could have been considered a "repeat" of that event.

DDA Alan Jackson in his cross of Sptiz during Spector, was not nearly as kind as Mr. Ashton was today. (I'll never forget during Spector 2 when Spitz entered the courtroom early. There was another witness still on the stand and he walked in, almost like Mr. Magoo and went directly into the well to take the stand. He had to be shown to the gallery.)

While on the stand during Spector 2, Spitz became confused, befuddled, and rambled on at times. And confronting him on his conclusions? Same behavior as today. He became angry and combative with any conclusion that differed from his own.

It was sad to watch back then and it was sad to watch the repeat today. A once brilliant man, now senile.

Anonymous said...

Shari, I couldn't agree with you more. Their testimonies revealed the lure of money over truth and justice; it was painfully obvious. Huntington should be very careful if he wishes to be truly respected. Dancing around questions, spinning answers, only speaks to his lack of maturity. I hope Dr. G is recalled to address the issues raised by Spitz in all his arrogance.

kellygreen said...

It was pain full to watch the testimony of Dr Spitz. I kept screaming at the TV: for the love of God, is there no one on this planet who loves or cares about Dr Spitz enough to tell him his career is over and that he should devote his remaining years to teaching the gran'kids how to fish?

GeeMama said...

My thoughts exactly on Dr. Spitz, it's a shame to see him again in this way.

If Dr. Baden is somehow called to the stand to have an AHA moment, I'm gonna hurl.

FRG said...

Morning ritanita!

Thank you for your as usual well written report!

Okay, I have never watched Dr. Spitz on the hot seat and boy oh boy, what was that? I am not sure Dr. Spitz is just a senile man or if he has "selective memory", well maybe both. I can't understand the reasons why a person would agree to testify and put a spin on these type of high profile cases, it seems to me these paid experts are capable of putting a spin on the facts to help the lawyers to fit their facts, and this is just "sick" in my opinion, they put their egos above the truth, well this is just another chapter right? Anyway, Dr. Spitz' opinion to what could have happened to Caylee was really outrageous and defies logic in my humble opinion. When Mr. Ashton started his cross, I have to say, if I admired him the day before when he had cross-examined TH, I admire him way more. He just assassinated Dr. Spitz, IIRC Mr. Sheaffer said that. Mr. Ashton was fantastic! Dr. Spitz' nonsense theory fell completely apart. Kudos to him as ritanita says!

As far as "trial by ambush" as JB tried yesterday, I was not even surprised. He has proven to be capable of doing anything to make his name! JB is not working in KC's best interest, never did, never will. He has his own agenda, he has a huge ego! I hope HHJP will punish him after this is all said and done. What he has done to innocent people in this case is despicable! His client will get what she deserves, I believe in the prosecutors, they are doing a wonderful job and will bring justice for little Caylee.

I am also looking forward to watching Rodriguez testimony. Hopefully Mr. Ashton will have time to prepare for his cross-examination and will do a great job.

See you in court tomorrow ritanita!

Anonymous said...

Keeping in mind that the people of FL are funding the "indigent defendant" in this case, the latest ruse for the defense is to declare that certain people are NOT being paid for their testimony or participation in the case. Evidently they believe that this gives them the green light to outright LIE through their teeth on the stand and that the taxpaying people of the State of FL cannot object to such outrageous and contemptible behavior in a court of law! The fact is, though, that the entire defense team is responsible and accountable for such behavior!

ritanita said...

One thing I have to say here, Dr. Spitz stated he has not billed anything for this case and I do believe him.

GeeMama, At least in Florida we are unlikely to have an "AHA" moment!

Anonymous @ 9:55, I was also interested in the tie in with the Body Farm and Dr. Rodriguez. We may never know the connection to Dr. Vass, but I have a feeling that the prosecution knows!

FRG, I did warn you about Dr. Spitz! I must say that I read that Kathi Belich reported that he shook hands with Jeff Ashton afterwards and said he'd done a good cross examination.

gentleeyes said...

Thanks for your great reporting!

Dr. Spitz drove me crazy the same as he did for the 1st Spector trial. He was not going to back down from his position (whatever that was)!

There is a Magpie over at "The Hinky Meter" who has been at the trial quite a bit and tweets during the trial. She met him as he was walking to the courtroom to testify. She ended up physically escorting him to the door upon his request. It sounds like out of the courtroom (and cameral) sounds like a nice older gentleman.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Spitz doesn't have dementia, or at least early dementia. the short temper after being confronted with inconsistencies and the circular way of thinking.

What struck me most about Spitz is that as far as I can tell he had no one theory of an alternate scenario. He believed he could muddy the water by arguing anything that popped into his mind. Some of his answers were truly ludicrous, as I read even several members of the jury smirked while he was bringing forth stuff about the duct tape.

Anonymous said...

What was really laughable was when Spitz repeatedly said, "Believe me, believe me!" That's why the defense spent so much time going through his past experience/work history -- they were counting on everyone simply accepting whatever Spitz would spit out during his testimony, true or not! They were so sure about this, but as we witnessed, they could not have been more wrong!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Adams, it's so nice to hear from you again. I really enjoyed your comments during Spector 1. I hope you are well.


Anonymous said...

Funny how we have alternate personalities; suppose most people do to some degree. Spitz kindly grandpa off the stand, belligerent and conceited on the stand. Casey model mother by day, hormonally driven killer by night. Let's hope Juror 4 finds her alternate self!

Anonymous said...

Casey is still jerking everyone around but now through her SCUMBAG lawyer! The only lawyer who is "DISINGENUOUS" in this case is BAEZ, period!

The people of FL should strongly OBJECT to wasting their money to finance this mockery of the justice system. If she were not declared "indigent," she would have to pay for this herself. Obviously, because she is NOT paying for this for herself, she allows this to take place on her behalf on taxpayers' back!

As Perry said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Thank you, Judge Perry!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Baez is being coached by other unidentified "experienced" lawyers to use his "inexperience" as a sword in this case against the "experienced" Ashton.

THAT IS their game to get a mistrial!

Do NOT give it to them, Judge Perry!

Anonymous said...

Baez is outright defying the court orders and obstructing justice for the people of the State of FL. His lengthy explanation of why it's the prosecution's fault, and not his fault, CLEARLY shows that he did this INTENTIONALLY!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Baez is using his inexperience as a sword and as a shield!

Ricardo said...

Omg! Seeing Dr Spitz brought back the reason why the first Spector disregarded his testimony. He is back in all his splendor.

Juror #9

ritanita said...

This whole bit about non-disclosure has been going on for so long and was deliberately planned, in my opinion.

Why the defense wants a mistrial is what drives me crazy. It will only prolong the agony.

Ricardo, it's good to see you! Dr. Spitz' memory losses were awful convenient! I have no doubt the jury saw in him what you did!