Wednesday, August 17, 2011

California Supreme Court Denies Phil Spector's Petition

Phil Spector prison booking photo

In a not so surprising move today, the California Supreme Court denies Phil Spector's petition for review of the Appellate Court's decision for his 2nd degree murder conviction in the death of actress Lana Clarkson. It's my understanding that Spector's only recourse is the United States Supreme Court. Good luck with that, Phil. You will have to survive on visits from your Trial Bride for at least the next seventeen years. I wonder how long that will last?

Rest in peace, Lana.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it. Hopefully Phil Spector will die in prison.

Anonymous said...

The image of Spector lives on...

Barry Bradford said...

Spector really has no shot at a USA Supreme Court review. There are no compelling Constitutional issues at play here. The current USA Supreme Court has found very cases of "judicial error" that it even glances at.

Again, kudos to Alan Jackson and Truc Do for putting on a magnificent case. I was throughly impressed with Judge Fiedler; his even-handed and wise approach to justice is a model of what jurists should be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sweet justice.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the High Court would never hear this case, but he can keep paying lawyers and in his mind that is better than paying victors in the civil case.

Speaking of which, I hope there is no out-of-court settlement. I think the jurors would be far more generous to the Clarksons than the Spector attorneys would ever be. After all, whose interests are they there to protect?
-Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean at long last the Clarksons can get some $ out of him? It is long overdue. And, I wonder if the trial bride will be given her walking papers now that his use for her is done. He is done as far as appeals I think. Now he must face the fact he is there for the duration. Thank you Sprocket for your hard work during the trials and appeals. I just want to hear he has to pay the Clarksons a boat load of $$$$$.

Sprocket said...

Spector may still try to appeal with the US Supreme Court. We will have to wait and see if Dennis Riordan files anything. I'm betting he likes spending his $$$ on himself vs paying a dime to the Clarkson family. But we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

In the mean time, it's only a few months away from that January 9th, 2011 date.... less than five months.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, please forgive my senior moment, what is the significance of January 9, 2011? I am hoping it might be the date something positive happens for the Clarkson family. Thanks.

Sprocket said...

Blame my typing skills. I meant January 9th, 2012, which is the date the Clarkson's civil suit is set for trial with the Pasadena judge who has been presiding over all the pretrial motions.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing the civil case go to trial, hopefully on TV. The HBO film will be seen by far more people than paid attention to the criminal trials.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

What if Spector were to pass away while in prison? Does that have any affect on the civil suit? Can things be speeded up if he were to die before the l/09/12 date?

Anonymous said...

It took a long time, but Phil finally was convicted. The justice system does work at least some of the time. It does not bring back poor Lana but I hope he lives long enough to begin to come to terms with the fact that his idea that he's a "genius" who doesn't have to live like others will get through to him.

Anonymous said...

I have seen those "Lockup" episodes filmed at Corcoran and I would not want to be in his shoes!

Should he die before the civil trial, the suit would simply be amended to the effect that the estate is what is being sued.

Sprocket said...

There are three separate facilities at Corcoran.

1. The State Prison on 4001 King Avenue

2. California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran at 900 Quebec Avenue

3. Corcoran State Prison Acute Care Hospital at 1406 King Avenue

From my understanding, Spector is in the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facilty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with David in TN on both his thoughts.

Sprocket, would the civil trial be open to public viewing as the murder trials were? Does Spector have to be present at this trial, or does it depend on whether the Dept of Corrections would let him attend?

Sprocket said...

Spector would not be attending this civil case. The Dept. of Corrections is not obligated to produce him and house him in a different location for a civil trial; only criminal.

The courtroom would be open to the public, as are all State and Federal courtrooms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket - Regarding your response that "Spector would NOT be attending the civil case" . . . I thought in a civil case that Spector is not allowed to take the 5th and therefore would be forced to testify, if called on by the plaintiff (which I assume is a key goal of Donna Clarkson's attorneys). Would they use a video tape of his deposition instead or how would that be handled? It seems like a huge detriment, not allowing Spector to take the stand. Otherwise, why put the civil trial on hold while waiting for his 2nd criminal trial if Spector wasn't going to be taking the stand anyway?

Thanks for everything - - - "my2cents"

Sprocket said...

Hi my2cents! So nice to see you drop by and get my brain working

My short answer for the moment is, from my understanding of while the civil case was put on hold by the Pasadena trial judge is, you wait for the criminal trial to be affirmed on appeal because that makes the civil case that much easier to prove for the plaintiff. You case is basically "proven" in criminal court. All that remains is the $$$ of damages.

The plaintiff can certainly depose Spector at the prison and enter that into evidence, but I don't think they need to at this point.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,
Been perusing the twitter site of Rachelle and seeing the ungodly amount of used clothing she is trying to sell off. Even at rock bottom prices, people aren't snapping up her stuff.

I would bet she is closet cleaning in anticipation of her leaving the castle. Spector is also kicking out the mother of Nicole so as to sell the house. Janice's brother wrote that how can she say they are broke when they have courtside seating and his sister is ill. That got deleted very quickly, but, I saw it. I just am wondering.

Sprocket said...

The trial bride is trying to sell some of her belongings on E-bay? Why am I not surprised. Did the high-end clothing consignment shops turned her down? Poor trial bride.

It's interesting that she is tweeting about all these music icons that are "supposedly" so sympathetic to her husband's plight. Where were they when he was on trial (Not once but twice!)....?

Conspicuously absent.

It doesn't matter what they say to her now about their feelings for Spector's "situation". Spector himself was the one who ranted and raved in an E-mail that NONE of these people came to support him at his trial.

That alone tells you how they really felt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,
True. I recall the rant about all his friends, "who never were my friends" abandoning him during the trials. Now she is sucking up to these folks and thrilled that they are talking to her. Most likely, they would have beat it to the exit, but, were caught like a deer in the headlights by her for a photo op. However, in one photo she took with Smokey Robinson, at the side of the photo, behind him, is a woman who looks like Punkin Pie. Recall her from #1 trial. Hard to forget her and her looks.
On her twitter site Chelle once again has unkind words for people. I think paranoia is setting in as it pertains to people who have "pathetic little lives" be talking behind her back and saying nasty things. She wonders why people don't like her?
With enough donations to causes, I think, in Hollywood, they will let you in the door. She's paid big money to see and be seen. Down the road she may kick herself for wasting $, but, I doubt it. She's "entitled". I'd bet, too, Sprocket, PS is probably in the infirmary full time and she can skip the visits. Lucky for her.

Sprocket said...

Here are the descriptions for a couple of listings:



I don't need to add anything else. They speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

She has paid $1000's for these items and yet they look tawdry. Money can't buy good character and no amount of bedazzlers applied can blind people to her.

I wonder in all that mansion slendor, when she is alone and walks past the place where Lana met her death, she gets a chill.

I saw a leopard print purse (unique and $350 value) for sale and my breath caught. Why would she buy something so much associated with a woman whose very life ended there. I think she will be glad to vacate this place as Lana is very much with her. Rachelle has nothing I would want.