Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Child Abuse Case that Keeps on Giving…

And everyone thought the Phil Spector trial took forever to bring in front of a jury and resolve! The failed prosecution of accused child molester Dr. William Ayres makes Spector’s trial look like a speedy one! Ayres was originally arrested in 2007 and has been out on bail ever since.

I personally covered much of this trial the summer of 2009, which ended up in a hung jury on all nine counts. One count was hung 11 to 1—and that reliable hold-out juror was a recent law school graduate who believed nothing had been proven. I have no idea how she came to that conclusion, but then again, I have no idea how Spector I ended up hung or Casey Anthony ended up acquitted.

After noted defense attorney Doron Weinberg did the very best he could with a stinker of a case by managing to convince just one juror of reasonable doubt, the San Mateo County (San Francisco Bay Area, California) District Attorney’s office elected to retry Ayres, and the wheels were put in motion for a retrial. Ayres’ new attorney Jonathan McDougall proved quite masterful at the art of delay and delay tactics (and why not—Ayres remains at large on bail, living the good life, attending the opera in San Francisco, wandering the streets with his wife). McDougall’s most brilliant idea was to question Ayres’ competency to stand re-trial in the first place, and earlier this year, he managed to take his case of “poor infirm Dr. Ayres cannot assist in his own defense” in front of a jury to determine his competency. That trial ended in a hung jury as well, with the majority of jurors leaning toward Ayres’.

Meanwhile, a third survivor of Ayres’ psychotherapy with genital exam died by his own hand this past weekend. Earlier this year one survivor, Mark Doe, died from internal bleeding (complications of alcoholism) after being punched by his roommate. For Mark Doe, there had been numerous attempts at therapy as an adult. In therapy, Mark Doe stated that Ayres plied the then-13-year old with alcohol and drugs and told him, "If you let me do this to you, I will make sure you don't go to juvenile hall."

As always, I encourage readers to stop by Deep Sounding’s blog for the latest on this case. I have been asked to inform T & T readers about a strategy meeting to be held in Redwood City this coming Saturday, August 13, 2011, at 5 p.m. If you or someone you love is a victim of Dr. William Ayres "psychiatric services" at any time during his career (which started in Boston and continued in San Mateo County), you are encouraged to contact organizers of the meeting. This meeting is not a support group meeting—it is a strategy meeting for victims of Ayres to voice how they feel the case should proceed. Your anonymity will be fully protected at the meeting, and your voice will be heard. Please contact or for information regarding the specific location.

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s office has not announced or made a decision regarding the continued prosecution of this case, even though the same six men who testified the summer of 2009 are all ready to take on round two of justice. Unfortunately the issue of competence must be resolved before the criminal trial can be re-heard.

There are rumors that Ayres has been seen out and about town, driving himself hither and yon, enjoying his life free from his crippling dementia. If any local residents have any Ayres sightings while he is out-and-about in the community, seemingly unimpaired, snap a photo and please contact or

Deep Sounding’s blog

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post.

Saturday's meeting should be very interesting.

As Caligirl9 has reported, Ayres has indeed been spotted skulking about his own, trying to hide under a baseball cap. He is perfectly competent to stand trial, but for some bizarre reason the San Mateo DA's office has been resistant to this idea.

Please come to the meeting on August 13 at five pm in Redwood City, CA. Email or for details on meeting place

Anonymous said...

Everyone has reported in the last couple of months seeing Ayres out and about without his court "prop"- his walker.

Anonymous said...

Caligirl9 - thank you for writing about this and putting it before the eyes of the public. I live in the SF Bay Area and can not believe the apathy in this area regarding this case. This is ground zero Babylon.

Anonymous said...

New surveillance video on Ayres taken by a private investigator. Shows him to be more than mentally competent..

As the police weren't responding to tips that Ayres was seen driving around in his car, the poor parents who had already been victimized by the DA's office scraped their money together to hire a private eye. But the DA doesn't think it's good that Ayres uses a walker.

What in god's name does having a walker have to do with mental competency?

Anonymous said...

An update - Families Hire Private Investigator to follow Ayres