Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping Up With Casey Who?

August 24, 11:40 AM

InSession has just announced that they will be carrying the hearing live at 9 AM tomorrow. It also appears that there is a possibility it will be live streamed by some TV stations.

August 23, 7:08 PM

Casey Who?'s probation must be served. In a decision just released by the Appellate Court, it states that Judge Strickland's oral order for probation takes precedence over the written order. In addition it says that

The petitioner and her lawyers were well aware that her probationary placement was not to begin until her release from confinement. The petitioner may not, under these circumstances, take advantage of the administrative error of the Department of Corrections.


I have to admit my real life has now become more interesting than tracking down Ms. Casey's every movement. Was she in Ohio? I don't really care. Where is she in Orlando? I don't care. Will she make money from the infamy her trial has given her? As of now, I don't see the money rolling in for her and that pleases me. As for her family, the same applies. It's a good thing I've never been a Dr. Phil fan. Whatever they have told him can stay off my DVR. I don't really have any interest in what they have to say. The verdict is in and we have to live with it.

What does interest me is the probation situation. Yesterday, the State Attorney General filed a reply to the defense motion. State's Assistant Attorney Frank George joined in the Attorney General's reply. The Attorney General's reply pretty much followed along with Judge Perry's ruling. Attorney Lisabeth Fryer just filed a reply. It said much the same as the original motion. All we have to do is wait for the Appellate Court to make its ruling.

Proof positive the media interest is waning in this case is the fact that there has been very little publicity about the hearing on Thursday where the State will be asking to be repaid by Ms. Casey based on her convictions for lying to Law Enforcement and causing the massive investigation. There has been virtually no mention of the hearing and have not heard of any live feeds that will be available.

So, it will be interesting to see if anyone actually streams it. I won't know. I'll be away for the hearing and will only get to read about it later! After three years of living and breathing this case, it's good to move on.

As for the civil cases, I will be following up on them. However, these cases tend to move at a snail's pace, and that suits me just fine right now. Let Ms. Who? sink into the background, forgotten for the most part. Let little Caylee linger in our hearts, forever.

Check out the current news for all the documents in the appeal.


FRG said...


Wise words! I wish Ms. Who? fades away...

Thank you for the update!

Anonymous said...

Just reported that she must serve probation....I wonder where she will stay (Mr and Mrs Mason's house?)and who foots the bills. What is the motivation for taking care of her if she can't repay via book deals etc?

I see the Anthonys want to start another foundation....which takes away money and attention away from other legit and established nonprofits. Why does everyone seem to have their hands in or near the cookie jar?
-Wes J

shari said...

I wonder how long this defense team is going to continue to babysit her...and when she is going to have to stand on her own 2 feet??? Guess she'll go back to her old ways of boyfriends, sleepovers, and cheating gal pals out of their money. A gal has to live after all!

John said...

She is a bad seed and revels in her life style.
She cares for no one but herself.
She is a sociopath and very narcissistic.
I would not believe a single word from her mouth; even on her death bed.

Nora said...

Report came out tonight that Wed. night she reported for probation. Not saying where she'll serve, but tomorrow's news may give more info.

Anonymous said...

If more people would just ignore her rather than spend energy hating her they would probably be happier within themselves. Hate is a heavy load to carry around in your heart, hard to smile and enjoy life with a heavy heart. I agree with you totally, I will always remember a precious little girl who lost her life, but will not spend my time following or hating the one who took that life. I have been reading here since Phil Spector, thanks for all you do.

shari said...

HATE is a pretty strong word. I don't think anyone here "hates" her...they just would have liked to have seen justice for a murdered child. Unfortunately IGNORING criminals and criminal behavior only perpetuates such behavior. I found that most people on this blog had very compassionate hearts and as far as I am concerned need no lecturing on how to feel. I also think most people on here are very happy within themselves and I would certainly trust their motives and their judgement.

ritanita said...

Shari, I agree about the hate issue. Hate is somewhere I don't go, because it wastes time and energy. I don't like Casey Anthony, wouldn't want to be around her, but she got her acquittal and we have to live with it.

I've been pretty busy with other things and major positive changes in my life just at a time when I needed it. The aftermath of the case has become a tiny portion of my time and energy. I am still interested in what happens down the line, but it doesn't rule my life.

I watched both hearing, and will be posting a summary shortly. I took the night off to think about them. I won't bother with the details of the hearings, just the major points.

Check back later today (Saturday) for a new post.