Monday, August 1, 2011

Will Casey Have To Return For Probation?

Update #3August 3, 2011

WESH has just reported that Judge Perry has issued an order and there will be a hearing at 9:00 AM.

Update #2
August 3, 2011

WFTV has reported that Judge Belvin Perry will sign an order tomorrow to stay the order for Casey's return to Orlando to serve probation. This will allow time for the defense's emergency motion to be heard in a hearing.

August 3, 2011

InSession carried a live news conference by the Probation Office. From the sounds of it, they are fully expecting Casey Anthony to return to Orlando to report in. This occurred in spite of two recent events. First, the defense filed an emergency motion stating that, among other things, Casey served her probation while in jail and it would be a case of double jeopardy. They also pointed out that it would put Casey in harm's way should she be required to return to Orlando.

Judge Stan Strickland recused himself from the case and it is now back with Judge Belvin Perry.

There is still a large difference of opinion between TH attorneys following the case. Bill Sheaffer of WFTV feels she will not be required to serve probation. Richard Hornsby wrote an interesting blog about the situation.

View presser here.

Check back for updates.


On January 25, 2919 Casey Anthony pled guilty to check fraud charges before Judge Stan Strickland. You can read her plea form here. She briefly spoke and apologized to Amy Huizenga for "what she did to her" and was sentenced to time served in the Orlando County Jail and serve one year of probation on her release.

At the time, there was a problem with her probation: she was in jail. At the time of the hearing, prosecutor Frank George suggested that the probation be served while in jail. Jose Baez suggested a "decent bond" would make it possible for Casey to serve her probation while awaiting trial on the murder charges. Judge Strickland stated that it was problematic and would deal with it at a later time. For more details on that hearing read HERE.

On July 29, 2010, Judge Strickland filed an order. There were two important provisions:

  • The Defendant is to report to Probation upon release.
  • No personal contact with the victim, Amy Huizenga.

Somehow, Casey ended up serving "probation" while in jail. According to the Orlando Sentinel today,
Orange Circuit Judge Stan Strickland signed amended court documents Monday that he said will have the effect of requiring Casey Anthony to serve one year of supervised probation as he originally intended back when he sentenced her in her check fraud case.
"From my reading of this, she should be reporting to probation in Orlando probably within 72 hours," Strickland said early Monday. "I suspect she's going to be required to report to probation."
Will Casey actually serve additional probation in Orange County? Will she return from wherever she is? I hope she will, but I'm not counting on it. So far, she has managed to avoid responsibility for any of her actions and she has some people around her who continue to enable her as much if not more than her family enabled her.

I won't report on the gossip and hoopla that is going on. I don't trust any of it to be factual and I won't add one iota to that sort of discussion. Casey Anthony doesn't deserve that sort of attention.


FRG said...

Hi there ritanita!

Thank you for the update! I have missed your articles! I am sure you re enjoying your break from this insane case and most shocking verdict!

I am not either, counting on this probation order! How the heck she served probation in jail? That's ridiculous! But hey, Garrido also had probation officers in his home and Jaycee Dugard was in the house during the officers visitations!

It makes my head spinning!

ritanita said...


Well, it seems Cheney Mason is challenging that!

The Legal Eagles in the media have mixed opinions on this.

Anonymous said...

I think she should have to serve probation, because the whole idea of serving it in jail defeats the purpose of probation. Probation is supposed to test your ability to stay straight on the outside, and follow rules in a setting where you actually could break some. It's pretty hard to break a rule when you're in solitary confinement.

Sandy said...

I know Mason wants to 'remove' Strickland (again) but ultimately I think it will be up to Judge Perry to decide and I am sure he will uphold Strickland's 'clarification.'
And the circus is back in town... or are they?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and your well-said comments.

Anonymous said...

Its outrageous isn't it?

Why why why do Cheney Mason and the rest want to serve as Superpimps for this creature? What is with this squash-and-deny every claim and every order of the court? Are they paid for this....if so, by whom? Its a pity they don't have other (paying)clients they could work with on their cases. I suggest they volunteer with Legal Aid, it is well known that they need all the help they can get, regardless of which jurisdiction.
-Wes J.

Anonymous said...

It's either jail time or probation, and Casey got both from Judge Strickland. And yes, probation means living among normal folks to see if she can deal with temptation on a daily basis and resist the evil urges...and stay out of jail! HA! Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

The defense and Ms. Frye's arguments are blatantly faulty.

The lower level people MUST follow the order of the Judge, unless it violates some federal issue. Lower level errors MUST be corrected.

Remember that WE, THE PEOPLE, are the ones who brought this case against the perpetrator.

The purpose of probation is to PROTECT US, THE PEOPLE/PUBLIC, and ensure the perpetrator's assimilation back into our normal community. Obviously, this COULD NOT and DID NOT take place inside the prison community in solitary confinement, in "PROTECTIVE CUSTODY."

As "officers of the court," this defense team is unbelievably and inexcusably UNETHICAL!

Judge Perry needs to put his foot down once and for all and start penalizing them for UNETHICAL behavior and actions so as to restore some integrity to the system of justice in Florida!