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Note: Goodman has filed a federal lawsuit against the LAPD and the coroner's office for false arrest.

CASE #LA071714

State of California v. Lois Goodman

Victim: Alan Goodman
Defendant: Lois Goodman (wife of victim)

Prosecution: DDA Sharon Ransom & DDA Lisa Tanner
Defense: Alison Triessl; Robert Sheahen; Kelly Sheahen Grener

UPDATE 8/16/13: Lois Goodman is suing LAPD & Coroner for false arrest.

The prosecution alleges 70 year old Lois Goodman, a tennis line judge with the US Open, bluggeoned her severely disabled husband, Alan Goodman (80) on the stairwell of their San Fernando Valley home with a coffee cup.  When the cup broke, Lois allegedly continued to stab her husband in the head several times with the broken shards attached to the handle of the cup.  Prosecutors allege several shards from the cup where found in Alan Goodman's head wound.  Blood was found in several areas of the home.  Goodman called 911 when she came home from a tennis match and after having her nails done.  Detectives originally believed Lois Goodman's initial statements that her husband must have fallen down the stairs.

 Search Warrant
Charging Document
Defense Motion to Reduce Bail; Letters of Support

People's Motion for DNA Sample
Defense Opposition Motion to Provide DNA Sample
Lois Goodman Federal Complaint Against LAPD, Coroner

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