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 Joshua Wooward at a pretrial hearing

State of California v. Joshua Woodward
Case # BA 403598

Defendant: Joshua Woodward
Victim: Fetus of Gail Greaves, former girlfriend

Charges: Four counts of felony attempted murder of a fetus.

Synopsis: Sometime around October 18, 2009, Woodward is alleged to have inserted an abortifacient, specifically the drug Misoprostol, inside Jane Doe, causing the miscarriage of her 13 week old fetus.  Woodward is alleged to have made computer searches, such as: what men have done to end pregnancies; evil ways to terminate a pregnancy; drugs that (induce?) miscariages; misoprostol insertion; how do you insert pills vaginally.


09/11/13 Joshua Woodward Pretrial Hearing
10/21/13 Preliminary Hearing Expected to Start
10/21/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 1, Part II 
10/21/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 1, Part III
10/22/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 2
10/22/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 2, Part II
11/18/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 3 *
12/09/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 4
12/09/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 4, Part II 
12/09/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 4, Part III
12/16/13 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 5 
01/23/14 Joshua Wooward Ordered to Stand Trial on 4 Counts of Attempted Murder of a Fetus
01/23/14 Joshua Woodward Prelim, Day 6, Part II
02/06/14 Joshua Woodward Arraigned on 4 Counts of Attempted Murder of a Fetus
11/13/15 Joshua Woodward Pleads No Contest to Attempted Murder
01/29/16 Joshua Woodward Sentencing
02/13/16 Joshua Woodward's LA County Status is SP4

* Note: Day 3 was not a part of Woodward's prelim. It was an evidentiary hearing. Sprocket.

Bail Motion - LA Times
Felony Complaint
People's Opposition to Bail Reduction Motion

Defendant's Wedding Registry 
Wife Suzy Buckley-Woodward's Twitter Page

Wife Suzy Buckely Woodward's Profile at Vantue
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04/19/10 ABC - Man Investigated for Allegedly Using Mystery Powder
10/17/12 KTLA - Video: Woodward Bonded Out
10/18/12 GrubStreet - Table 8 Partner Joshua Woodward turns himself in on attempted murder charges
10/18/12 - Restauranteur Charged with Attempted Fetus Murder
NY Daily News - Former NY Restaurant owner Joshua Woodward, released on bail
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11/13/15 - Celebrity Chef Faces 9 Years in Prison
11/13/15 KSBY - Man pleads for giving girlfriend pregnancy ending drug
11/13/15 NY Daily News- Former Restaurateur Convicted of Attempted Murder
11/13/15 DailyMail- Restaurateur to get 9 years in prison
11/14/17 Inquisitr- Restaurateur Pleads Guilty to Poisoning Unborn Fetus
11/16/15 Ntl Right 2 Life- Man Expected to be Sentenced to 9 Years
01/29/16 NYDN - Joshua Woodward Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison
01/29/16 LA Co. DA's Office - Press Release on Sentencing 01/29/16 CBS LA - Ex-Girlfriend Confronts Restauranteur
01/29/16 ABC7 LA - Restauranteur Sentenced to 9 Years
01/29/15 KTLA5 - LA Restaurateur Sentenced to Prison