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Short Synopsis
On December 9th, 2013, Jahi McMath had three complicated surgical procedures to open up her upper airway. She’d undergone an adenotonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, and submucous resection of bilateral inferior turbinates to treat her sleep apnea. On December 12th, she was declared brain dead.  What happened to Jahi?

Jahi McMath - (13) year old who had three surgical procedures at once
Omari Sealey - Jahi's uncle and family spokesperson
Marvin Winkfield - (Stepfather?)
Latasha Nailah Winkfield - Mother to Jahi
Christopher Dolan - Family attorney
Jabria Milsap - (19 or 20) Jahi's older sister
Jose Llamas - (10) Jahi's brother
Jordyn Johnson - sister (kindergarden)
(Source for sibling info.)

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San Jose Mercury News - Timeline of Events

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12-16-2013 Dolan's Cease & Desist Letter to CHO 
12-20-2013 Children's Hospital Opposition to Temp. Restraining Order
12-20-2013 Children's Hospital Physician's Declaration
12-23-2013 Dr. Paul Fisher's Report of his examination of Jahi
12-24-2013 Children's Hospital Opposition to Petition to Appoint Dr. Byrne an an Independent Expert
12-27-2013 Children's Hospital Atty Response to family atty
12-30-2013 Children's Hospital - Family Filed Appeal
12-30-2013 McMath Civil Rights Lawsuit Filing
01-03-2014 Supplemental Declaration of Dr. Heidi Flori 
01-29-2014 Plaintiff's Dismissal Without Prejudice to Dismiss Federal Ct. Filing
12-30-2103 Plaintiff's Notice of Status Conference on 4-2-14 Federal Ct. Filing

03-03-2015 Malpractice Complaint Against Hospital, Surgeon  
December 19, 2013
Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Jahi McMath. This is a tragic situation.
We want the public to know that the family has not permitted us to discuss the medical situation. We are unable–without the family’s permission–to talk about the medical procedure, background or any of the details that are a part of this tragedy. Details that would provide transparency, openness and provide answers to the public about this situation.

We implore the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give us the necessary legal permission–which it has been withholding–that would bring clarity, and we believe, some measure of closure and deeper understanding of this medical case.

Many of the statements made by the family and its attorney must be taken in the context that they will not allow CHO to discuss the case and provide the information necessary for there to be a fuller understanding.

David Durand, M.D.
Chief of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland
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Wofford College, SC, G.R. Davis, Ph.D. - Lessons From the Pithed Frog
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- - Blogs, Website T&T Recommends
Thaddeus Mason Pope
Stories from the trauma bay - DocBastard Blog
All Nurses Website - Jahi McMath Discussion
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Wikipedia: Single-photon emission computed tomography
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Jahi McMath Wikipedia Page
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2005 SF Gate article with image of CHO PICU unit, curtains sep. beds
Undated photo of CHO PICU unit, curtains separate beds

YouTube - Frog Legs Dancing With A Little Salt
- - Twitter
Twitter Pic of Agreement between Family & Hospital
Christopher Dolan Twitter Page 
Christopher Dolan Law Twitter Page
Omari Sealy Twitter Page 
Angela Clemente Twitter Page
Alleged Jahi's sister Twitter Page
Image of hand holding on Twitter
Better Image of hand holding on Twitter
Alleged cousin of Jahi McMath Twitter Page 
 - - Facebook
Family Facebook Keep Jahi on life support
Image of hand holding on Facebook
Team Jahi McMath Prayer & Support Facebook Page
Team Jahi: A Family in Denial Facebook Page
- - Instagram /WebStagram
Omari Sealy WebStagram Account
? Nailah Winkfield Instagram Account
- - YouTube 
YouTube: ALLEGED VIDEO of Jahi's feet & ice cubes
YouTube: Video of grandmother speaking to media about suctioning Jahi
01/17/14 Black Hollywood Live - Justice Is Served (McMath is discussed)
12/17/13 ABC7 - In this video Jahi's mother says she was spitting up clots
01/03/14 Raw footage of Christopher Dolan arguing with the press 
01/16/14 Dee Dee Simon Official Jahi McMath music video
- - Etc.
Official Jahi McMath Website - Give Jahi A Chance
FundRazr Account for Jahi McMath - currently suspended
Family GoFundMe Account 
Nailah Winkfield's letter released 2-19-14
Possible Marvin Winkfield Google+ Page 


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01/20/14 - When is someone dead: Biology, Humanity & the Law
01/20/14 CNN (The Chart) - 'Routine' tonsillectomies not so routine
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