Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cameron Brown 3rd Trial, Day 6, Prosecution Case Continues

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Thursday, March 26, 2015
Here are some maps to give you an idea where Inspiration Point is, and what it looks like. First, Inspiration Point and Portuguese Point are in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Google® map of the Southern California south bay area. 

Close up Google® map view of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Above is a Google® satellite view of Inspiration Point (IP) and part of Portuguese Point. I'm no expert, but it could be that the tide is out in this image.

It's my understanding from attending the second trial, that Lauren fell into the cove of water below the eastern edge of Inspiration Point. 

As you can see, IP stretches farther south into the ocean than Portuguese Point. I know from going to IP in 2009, I could not see the eastern edge of IP, from the most eastern edge of Porguguese Point.

In opening statements, the prosecution stated Brown first went down to the beach to get a phone to call 911, before collecting Lauren from the ocean. I do not know the level of the tide at the time Lauren fell. I do not know how far back Brown went along IP, or what specific trail he took to get down to the beach at Sacred Cove. We will probably learn that as testimony continues.

As you can see from the overhead photo, Brown would have been unable to reach Lauren from the beach at Sacred Cove. He had to go back over the top of Inspiration Point and down the eastern side, to get to where Lauren fell.

Court resumes at 9:30 AM this morning.

9:27 AM
I'm inside Dept. 107. The DA's intern is back. Yesterday, Sarah wore a sleek black dress. Today, she's wearing a black and white knit top with a black skirt.  Yesterday, the LA Times reported Craig Hum's title as Assistant Head Deputy. I will try to find out when he was promoted and what unit he is the Assistant Head Deputy.

9:34 AM
Court informs counsel that we are waiting on two jurors. One just called said they are walking in the building, and waiting on an alternate as well.

Sarah, her husband a family are in the courtroom.  The defendant's wife, Patty Brown did not attend opening statements yesterday and is not here this morning.

9:37 AM
DDA Hum paces a bit in the well. Mr. Laub and his investigator are at the defense table. Sheriff's Detective Jeff Leslie is standing by the podium, checking out his cell phone.

9:39 AM
DDA Hum stops by to speak to Sarah and her husband.

9:40 AM
More family members arrive and sit in the gallery. The film crew is not here today. That's understandable since they are not able to film Sarah's testimony. It's a good bet that she will be on the stand for the rest of the day.

I've mentioned this before, back when Judge Lomeli first took over Dept. 107. Judge Lomeli has a very large brass, "scales of justice" on the counter between the clerk's counter and his bench. It looks to be about two feet tall. and 15 inches wide.  There are several portraits hanging on the walls through out Dept. 107.

9:44 AM
I hear the bailiff in the hallway address the jurors. He comes back in and tells the court they're ready. The bailiff enters the custody area to get Brown. Sarah takes the stand.

9:46 AM
The clerks leaves to get the jurors.  The jury enters.

Judge Lomeli reminds the juror to be here on time.

Direct examination of Sarah Key-Marer continues.

When the visits between the defendant and Lauren started, did you start to keep notes? Yes. I kept a journal. She kept notes on the dates and how long the visits were. She also added notes on her thoughts as well.  Originally the notes were hand written, and then she put those notes on computer.

She went back and reviewed those notes, and also her prior testimony.

Now re asking about her trip to Seattle and return, and when she first told the defendant. Now asking about what else she recalled Brown said at the time. He told her that he was in a time of his life where he was unprepared to have a child. 

Court hearing, where her declaration was part of Brown asking to have his support reduced. A confrontation with the defendant in the hallway. The defendant said to never talk to her again. yes.
And what goes around comes around. Yes. He also told her that she was just like his mother.  At that time, she did not know what that meant. His tone and attitude was angry, vindictive, angry, scary.

The visits that she arranged between Lauren and the defendant's mother.

Brown leans in to whisper to Laub.

After reviewing her notes, he said that they were going to meet with his mother, but he had an argument with his mother so that didn't happen, to bring Lynn along to the visit.

Sarah: Brown did not want Lauren to have a relationship with his mother.

More questions about what Brown said about his mother. "He said that his mother was a liar and not to be trusted." He said it to Sarah in front of Lauren. That was said at the same time that he said his mother was a bad person.

Also noting the dates of the visits, and also noted how long they were. At a prior point in time, went through and added up all the hours that Brown spent with Lauren. total number of days. "Sixteen point three days. Approximately."

Now about the visit to her attorney. She was asking for an ex parte hearing to stop the visits. She did not get that order. Based on what her lawyer said to her, did she continue the visits? Yes.

The next visit after she spoke to her lawyer, was November 8.  All that week prior, Lauren was upset.

On November 8, she took Lauren to school. That was a day visit where he would pick Lauren up at school and drop her off at home around 7:00 pm.

She didn't tell Lauren when she got up. Lauren had a hard morning getting up and getting her clothes and socks and shoes on. In the car, she told her. "We were singing her favorite song, Thumblina. We were okay." As we exited off the freeway [close to the school], I told her that, "Papa Cameron would be picking you up today."

Describe her reaction. She said, "No I don't want to go there." By the time that she got to the school, she was crying upset, saying, "No Mommy, no." When there was a visit, Sarah would tell her, "What ever you want for dinner it was your choice." Sarah did that, to take Lauren's mind off of what she was feeling. Lauren would usually say what she wanted, like spaghetti or something. This time, she didn't respond after that.

She didn't want to get out of the car seat when they got to school. "I kept telling her that I had to get to work. She was clinging to my neck and holding on to me." Lauren was saying,  "No, I don't want to go mommy." I walked her into the school. Sarah was carrying Lauren. The teachers at the school, they could see we were having a difficult time. And they'd seen her like this before. So, they said it's okay. We'll deal with it. You just go to work. "She didn't want to leave me." And so I took my time. 

"As I had to leave, I assured her again. I told her I love you and she said I love you, too," Sarah testifies.

When you were waking away. what did you see?
"She's looking at me."
Was that the last time you ever saw your daughter?
Sarah lets out a squeak when she answers, "Yes."

Earlier that day, she got Lauren ready for school.

Large Photograph. People 101. This is the photo of how Lauren was dressed when she went to school that day. That was the way Lauren was dressed when she took her to school that time. She had on light colored long pants and an tunic type top. Even though this is a large blow up photo of Lauren (easily two feet by three feet), I can't tell from where I'm sitting the colors of the pants and tunic. I have a memory from the second trial, that the colors were shades of violet.

She packed Lauren a lunch. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, granola bar, cheese stick, an orange, and some chips. There was an apple juice carton.

"After I dropped off Lauren, I just remember I had to be at work at 8:30 and I was running late." It was already 8:40 am. She was working at a travel agency that was 10 minutes away.  It really bothered Sarah, the way she left, and how upset Lauren was. She called the school to check in on her to see if she calmed down.

Based on what the teacher told her she called back at around noon. "I asked to speak to Lauren. They put Lauren on the phone. Lauren was extremely quiet. She didn't say anything." Sarah reminded her that she would get to pick her dinner, would see her later but Lauren gave no response. "I told her I loved her she said she loved me too. She was crying quietly."

At some point later, Sarah made a decision. "I just said that's enough. She cant take any more suffering. I'm going to leave my job and go pick her up. I didn't care about abiding by the court order. I just wanted to go rescue her."

Laub moves to strike on relevancy grounds. Over ruled.

She told the school she was going to come get her. The teacher told her that she saw her dad pull up in the driveway. Sarah knew it would take her ten minutes to get to the school. She knew that she couldn't make the drive in time, so she didn't go.

What time was he supposed to have Lauren at her house? 7:00 PM.

The defendant knew her home phone number and her cell phone number.  She was waiting at home for Lauren. Her husband and stepson Joshua were inside the house, watching the election news. Defendant did not bring Lauren back to the house.  He was usually prompt. She thought there might be traffic. It didn't seem like the usual pattern.

Sarah said to her husband, to call the CHP, there may be accidents. The CHP said there hadn't been any reported.

By 7:30 what was your state of mind?
She didn't have a good feeling.

She decided to drive up to where Brown was living. "All that I was I thinking, was, he kidnapped her, why wasn't he calling but it had to be something." Her husband's parents came over and watch Joshua and they got in the car and left. They headed on the 405 to where Brown was staying at the time.

Did you try to get in contact with the defendant. She called his house several times. There was no answer.  Also called Cameron's mother. She did not provide any information.

They got in the car and started to drive up to Palos Verdes. She was frantic. Many things were going through her mind. "I was worried. Desperate for information." Greg and her were talking about what could happen.

Thinking about all that had happened prior with Brown and the broken down communication, Greg suggested they get a police escort to Brown's home. Greg was on the phone, explaining the situation and he was transferred, and on hold for a long time. They were halfway on the 405. Sarah is wondering, what's going on? What's happened? I was suspicious that they knew something. At some point while Greg on the phone, Sarah noticed Greg's demeanor changed, in his face. Sarah could hear some of the words over the cell phone.

What was Greg told to do?  They were to exit where they were and find the nearest police station. He did that. Her state of mind was worse. She had such a bad feeling. We knew something was wrong.

She kind of knew something had happened. She thought that there was a car accident. She was hoping that Lauren was still alive. She thinks it was Lomita or Carson police station. She thinks it was a sub-station.

We checked in with the officer. They were told, well, you have to wait for the other officer who is supposed to meet you here. So they waited outside. Seemed probably 15 minutes. It seemed like forever.

While you were waiting outside, or prior to that, had you received any phone calls from the defendant, from Patty, anyone on the defendant's behalf? No.

Sarah and her husband called Cameron's house and got no answer. They also called Brown's mother and spoke to his mother again. Brown's mother didn't have any information. Waiting at the police station for the other officer to arrive, it seemed like the longest 15 minutes of her life.

They were told to go inside to an interview room. A lady walked in, a sheriff. She said hello and she had a pouch, bag and she put it on the desk in front of me, and in big bold letters and it said "Homicide" on the pouch. I knew what it meant, but my brain wasn't working. Sarah didn't relate that, to what might have happened to her daughter, because she was thinking car accident. What did "homicide" have to do with a car accident. Sarah was in denial. "Then what she said, I don't remember exactly. I remember heR saying that Lauren was not alive, and the word cliff. That's pretty much what I remember hearing.

Ater she said that, I was trying to process what she said. I was in shock I was not wanting to believe. It was a mistake. I wanted to see Lauren. No she could not see Lauren. We're sending a pastor to pray with you. It was done. It was like,  that was it. I refused to believe it.

How were you reacting physically? It was the most intense shock of my life. Deep pain, trying to wrestle with it if it was true. T hat it was a shock. Distraught; pain, crying, desperation. Someone [is?] telling me a story. What I'm hearing, I don't want to hear this story. Give me back Lauren.

I believe you said that they said something about a pastor coming to pray with you?
I think they did. But I dot remember.

Did you call anyone in your family?
I called my mother in England what had just been told to me.

Where did you and Greg go?
We couldn't go home. We were just in a daze. He said find the nearest hotel and stay where we can and process this, find out more information We were in disbelief. We found a Hilton in Long Beach. We drove around for some time. I was hysterical. I [wanted?] to be sick. It the worst feeling in my life.

Sarah remembers the police coming to talk to her the next day at the hotel. I was pretty much in a trance the next day. I told them bits and pieces as to what happened with Lauren, [Cameron?] and the custody. I just stayed in bed all day. The  told me they were flying a helicopter to the crimes scene. Crime scene? And I was slowly trying not to accept the actuality this wasn't an accident. Because they didn't know. That's all the information they knew. They had taken Cameron for questioning.

The night she got this information from detectives about Lauren, from the time Brown was supposed to return Lauren from the time she learned about Lauren, Brown did not call her and no one called her on Brown's behalf.  Sarah was thinking, wondering, why didn't he tell her. Why wouldn't he tell her what happened.

From then until today, he never told her what happened. She didn't want to hear from Brown's wife. Patty called Sarah and said she was sorry. She said Brown was sorry. "I called him over and over trying to get him to speak to me."

He left a message, she was out, it was about a week after her death. Her mother took the message, and she came home and I was so happy that he called. Called back, no answer. "There was some time after that, a week, I don't remember, he called me or I called him and he answered, and I asked him, please talk to me tell me what happened. I was trying my best not to set him off, and to be neutral. I wanted to be polite, so that he would tell me, something. He was pushing the mute button on the phone." Objection. Sustained.

What did you hear? "His voice was there, then it was gone."
Tell us what you heard, the sounds that was coming out of the phone. He was acting as though he couldn't hear me. I was asking hi to tell me anything about that day.

He was responding Hello? Hello, Hello? I would say, tell me what happened. And then there was chuckling in the background. I said to him, why don't you tell me something? Were you just trying to mess with me? She doesn't remember if she said that exactly or thought that.

Either that conversation, or when he left a message with your mother. Did he ever give you any information about how Lauren died?

Some of those calls, she left messages on the defendant's phone. She left many. The voice box was full.

Were there times when you would call, the defendants house and and his voice came over the phone saying hello? "I don't remember."

Can you tell us how many times you left messages on his phone, begging him to call him back?
Around a hundred, I don't know. I was obsessed in getting information. Maybe less, I don't know.

At some point the detectives opened Lauren's lunch box. She saw what was inside. The only thing that was missing, was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which was not her favorite.  She usually ate everything else first. It was odd that everything was there, apart from the sandwich.

Did Detective Leslie and Detective Smith, ask you to meet with the defendant at his job. Yes.
It occurred in the evening. They asked me to approach Cameron as he was coming off his day at work. He entered the parking lot and I wanted to know what happened. I was extremely happy to do so, because it was my first chance to ask him what happened.

Did they advise you that the conversation would be recorded. Yes. She was wearing a microphone. They told her it would also be video recorded. The detectives would be near by if she needed them.

She went to LAX and met with defendant as he left his job. It was in a parking lot. He was walking toward his motorcycle. She approached him, and asked if he would talk to her. He was putting on his helmet and getting this backpack and things together.

Sarah is asked what she said to the defendant.
Please tell me something. Anything. I'm neutral, just tell me something. Just tell me. I want to believe something horrible didn't happen. He said that he had an attorney and that he couldn't talk to me. I kept repeating the same thing. This went on for a while. He was having trouble [getting his things together?], I was desperate, I was afraid that he was going to leave. There was a crow gathering. I was raising my voice. People were starting to gather around.

He kept saying, I' can't talk to you. He started his motorcycle, and I had to move out of the way for in fear of being run over. When he left, he was motioning like this with his with arm, over at a police officer, like motioning, pointing at me, at my head, as if, come get this person away from me.

Ms. KeyMarer, did you ever during that conversation, threaten the defendant? Did you ever tell the defendant, maybe I should kill you? Anything about killing him at all? No. No. No.

Did you hear that the defendant make a police report stating you threatened to kill him? Did you do that? She did not.

A few questions about Lauren, herself. How tall was she when she died? Three foot six. About 44 pounds. Four years and two months old. Describe her personality.

She was a happy child. Always smiling joking,g pretty chatty, friendly, affectionate. She would talk to everybody, strangers. She would just introduce herself. My name is Lauren, I got to church. I love Jesus. He loves me. She was very sociable, outspoken. She loved to learn new things. She like to dance, sing and play dress up.

She liked Barbie dolls and to ride her bike. She was learning to roller skate. She loved to go to the park with her friends. She liked to be outside. She liked the beach. She couldn't swim. She had a fear of water. We would play on the sand. We didn't visit pools that often, because she couldn't swi m. She was mature for her age. She was cautious in situations that she wasn't familiar with. She had afear of dogs, if she saw one approaching she would jump into my arms and over react. I had a fear of dogs too, so I understood.

Do you think that she was physically demonstrative when she was happy or sad? Would she just say, I love you? She would often say I love you. She told people who she loves.

Would you describe her personality as adventurous or more cautious. I would say her more cautious.  She just loved life. Her favorite thing was her faries and (?). She was cautious and careful.

What about physically? Did she like to walk for long distances? One thing we always talked about, was that she didn't walk anywhere. (She liked to be carried.  If you went grocery shopping she sat in the cart. I would tease her, that she was getting too big to get carried. I think she liked the connection, of being held.

Some of the activities that she liked to do? When I would pick her up from the school, they had a play apparatus in the yard, she loved to go up and down the monkey bars. One time her hands got blisters.  She was fairly active, she wasn't over active. She liked ballet. Gymnastics. She was in gymnastics in her class. Singing dancing, she liked to draw. She liked to perform. She'd put on performances for us.

How was Lauren with heights. She didn't like flying. We didn't have many opportunities where we were in a height situation. Couple of times in McDonald's play places, where they have the tubes that go up to high heights.  One time she got stuck. She's calling down, "Mom, I can't get down. Come and get me I can't get down." I had to climb these tiny tubes to get her to come down.

Had you ever seen Lauren climb a tree, over fences? No.

DDA Hum asks about a pool situation. Had her in swim lessons. She would not let go of me, and just hang around my neck. She was too afraid.

At the time that Lauren died, was she able to swim? No.

Did you ever told the defendant that Lauren couldn't swim. "I told him, yes."

Overall, would you describe Lauren as a tomboy, a girly-girl, or somewhere in the middle? Somewhere in the middle.

Talking about Lauren and heights did something happen at the pier? She didn't walk anywhere. They were at a pier, walking around Sarah's [father-in-law?], he had Lauren on his shoulders. He wanted to show her the water. He leaned out over the railing, and she begged him to lean back. She was leaning back toward the center of the pier. That pier had a railing.

How did Lauren feel about dirt or bugs? She didn't like creepy crawly's. She didn't worry about getting dirty playing in the park, but she wasn't rolling around in the mud.

How did Lauren like camping? She liked that we were with other people but didn't like the tents or [sleeping in the tents]. She ended up sleeping in the back of the car, because she didn't want (bugs?) to get her or touch her.

Went on a camping trip with their church group. On this camping trip, there were other kids, but Lauren refused to go on the hike with the other kids. Lauren didn't want to go, Sarah wanted to go. So they stayed behind.

Did that hike go up on a cliff? No. It was at the bottom of small hills. Not too far away, because there were children.

Did you ever in Lauren's life, know that she went hiking? Did Lauren ever tell you, that she had gone hiking? She did not.

You said you went to England with Lauren. She took the stroller to England, with her on the plane. After Lauren died, did you go to the area of Abalone Cove, Portuguese Point, Inspiration Point area? Yes.

Do you remember how long it was, after Lauren died? It was within a few days. I wanted to see for myself, the area. She had no idea.

Did you go to the playground? I did.
Did you hike from the playground to Inspiration Point? Yes. She went out on Inspiration Point. She went there many times.

Sarah knew Lauren. Their relationship was very very close. Would you say that you knew Lauren better than anyone else in the world? Yes.

Knowing Lauren, what she liked and how she reacted, would Lauren ever have initiated, a 1.5 mile hike? No she wouldn't.

Would Lauren ever have initiated that hike, from the playground at her own request? No.

Did you tell the detectives the very next day, that Lauren taking a 1.5 mile hike was ridiculous? Yes she did. That was before she even knew anything about the location.

Sarah does not believe that Lauren would ever have initiated a hike at Inspiration Point. Sarah testifies that Lauren would never have run around on the edge of Inspiration Point.

You sometimes took video of Lauren engaged in activities. Yes, she took those videos.

Did you ever try to repress Lauren as a child? No I wanted her to find her self. No.

You were in the courtroom when counsel gave opening statements. Did you make Lauren into a barbie doll? No, she liked to play with Barbie dolls.

Did you try to make her into a version of a 1950's female? No.

Now DDA Hum is playing a series of very short videos of Lauren, clips of her playing. In the first clip, Lauren is wearing roller blades. It's like, she's almost walking in them in the video.

Next video, of Lauren playing in the said, dirt. Next clip, Lauren playing on the monkey bars. Next, Lauren on a skateboard. Lauren is trying to maneuver on the skateboard. She almost falls She has one foot on the skateboard, and one foot on the sidewalk. She's slowly moving along. In the video, there is another boy on a skateboard, possibly her step brother, Joshua. Now she sits on the skateboard and moves along. Now she's sitting on the skateboard, and holding her arms out.

Next video, Lauren is walking along at a play area, or on the beach around pier pilings. Now video clip at a pier, walking on the dock. She's dipping her toe in the water. Now Lauren is walking on the water's edge. The next clip of her climbing on a playground climbing rock. Another video of Lauren at a pier, then the water's edge. Another clip of Lauren walking on the water's edge.

Do you remember the dates, all those video clips were taken? Exactly. Specifically, in the sandbox and monkey bars. That one was her graduation day at the Montessori school, in 2000.  In some clips, the boy was her step brother. The female voice on the videos was Sarah and also her husband's voice.

Direct ends and the court states, "Cross examination?"

Laub asks for a break now. The court states they will take a break in 15 minutes. Laub presses for a break now.  The court appears a bit irritated, agrees, and asks counsel to take care of his needs before hand. Laub asks to approach. I believe that request was denied.

The jury files out for the break.

11:04 AM
I will try to do some editing of the morning session during the break.

11:18 AM
Sarah retakes the stand. Her friends reenter the courtroom with her. 

11:20 AM
Back on the record.

Cross examination begins.

When you were testifying a short while ago, you told us that Lauren, didn't like to roll around in the mud. Do you recall that? Yes. You also told us that Lauren didn't go hiking. Yes.

You and Lauren about two weeks before her death, you'd gone to England. Yes. While in England, Lauren did a lot of running around, is that... there was an incident?

Objection. Approach. Sidebar.

Laub gets an evidence code book from the defense table.  Sidebar is over.

You testified that you kept a journal of the visits? I recorded everything as it happened. She just kept a log, because so much was happening.

At some point you brought a wrongful lawsuit against Brown. (Yes?)

At the same deposition you took an oath? You also testified at a grand jury proceeding, same oath there? Yes.

And [you] testified in a prior proceeding at a prior courthouse and a prior proceeding in this courthouse? (miss answer)

Counsel, deposition transcript, page 28, line 5. You were asked the question, Other than that one document, do you have a journal that you were keeping, other than journal? You answered, that only prior to her death.

Prosecution objects that statement was taken out of context.

Now move on. Laub asks about the journal itself.

Cameron Brown at no time, did he ever hit you? He did not.

He never grabbed you in a forceful way? No.

Never did anything abusive? No.

Cameron never hit Lauren? Not that I'm aware of.

Well you were looking for bruises and signs that might be there? (miss answer)

And she had never said that Papa Cameron hit her? Correct.

A bump on her head is asked about. Lauren said he had fallen.

There's no evidence or issue about him grabbing her or hitting her?

DDA Hum objects. Based on her personal knowledge. Judge Lomeli clarifies the question.

No one's ever told you that Brown ever grabbed Lauren ofrthat there was any forceful action? Correct.

You spanked Lauren? I would tap her on her bottom for safety. Sarah explains that when Lauren did things where she wasn't safe, where safety was concerned.

Asking about the wooden floors at her house. I believe Laube asks if she would run across the wooden floors in her socks, and if that is dangerous? It could be.

Did Lauren ever run across the floors. (miss answer)

And your husband Greg, used to give her a spanking on the bottom? I don't believe he did.

At the time the social worker came to see you, Lauren had bruises? Lauren had bruises on her shins. She got them from playing.

She also had a rash around her mouth? She didn't know if it was a cold sore or not.

Laub makes a statement that it was a reaction to citrus.  Laub also brings up that there was a mark on Lauren's ear. Sarah responds, "He said there was."

When the social worker was there, there was no mark on the ear. (Laub states)

You testified here that while you were going through the proceedings for child support, your concerns you asked to have a 730 evaluation. Someone was going to talk to each member of the family, Brown's family and Lauren? I didn't request it. It was requested by the judge.

Didn't Cameron request it? Possibly.

Previous proceeding, line ... At first proceeding at other courthouse, you were asked about questions that the DA's been asking you then. At one point the DA asks you about the 730 proceeding. Then you responded that it was Cameron's. It could have been Cameron's idea or the judge. Sarah answers, "I just know it wasn't mine."

Isn't it correct that at the time of that proceeding, you thought Cameron asked for it, but it was actually Jan Muller asked for it? (miss answer)

You did have discussions with Jan Muller at that time Yes.

And at that time that you and Cameron were still talking with the mediator? I can't remember exactly if we were still communicating at that time.

You said that you had all kinds of concerns about Brown at that time. Objection vague.

I'm asking about the 730 evaluation. You had concerns about Mr. Brown at that time? That's right.

You were concerned that he might be molesting her? I wouldn't say it was on my mind, I couldn't say that it was. I just know that it was odd behavior.

Laub confronts Sarah that Lauren did have a prior time, before Papa Cameron, where she didn't want to put on her underwear or socks. Sarah does remember there was a prior time, that she didn't want to wear underwear and socks, unrelated to Mr. Brown.

Court clarifies, that she said [possible molestation] it might have been on her mind, it might not have been on her mind.

When was the first time, that Lauren said, "Not right, not right." [I believe this is in regards to not putting on her underwear and socks.] I believe Laub indicates that is not in Sarah's journal.

I know you were keeping a journal, because you kept a record of things for the custody proceedings. You were writing things down, for the judge. Sarah shakes her head, and says she was just writing things down, not specifically for the judge.

Sarah doesn't remember if she testified about the "Not right, not right." At this point, you thought that Lauren was going through a lot of emotional suffering. (Yes.)

Brown offered to have his insurance pay for the 730 evaluation. But his insurance wouldn't pay for it.

You were the parent that Lauren was living with at the time. Yes.

And you had concerns about molestation and her safety. I didn't have concerns about molest, but definitely her safety.

She did not offer to pay for the 730. It was very costly. Laub asks if at the time, she was married. She states she was married.

You had the first visit, was the one where you went to a park together. That's correct.
This was the one that was in December, 1999? I believe November 2000.
And that one was actually a great visit. It went well, yes.

Approximately a week later, you had a second visit? Yes.
And that was a good visit? It was a good visit, yes.

Actually, isn't that the visit where you brought your husband Greg?
I don't remember bringing Greg.

How about Joshua?
I brought Joshua to the third visit, where we rode bikes.

That was a good visit?
That was a good visit.

The fourth visit, that was also a good visit?
I think so.

The fifth visit? The fifth, sixth and seventh those were all good visits?
I'd have to look at my notes.

Judge asks that be done (looking over notes) at the lunch hour.

Eighth visit, another good visit?
I'd have to look at my notes. I know there was a change, and I don't want to be inaccurate.

These visits, they lead up to, looks like you've got 10, 12, I'd like you to look at 12 visits through February.

At the end of February, that's when you filed your declaration that Mr. Brown wanted Greg to adopt Lauren? Yes.

Isn't it true that it's all fine until you filed your declaration?
I'd have to look at my notes.

The reason you were actually, that you proposed adoption, you were saying that Mr. Brown was having a hard time with the child support, and maybe he would like it if Greg could adopt and you offered that he could still visit?

I could see that there were some issues that Lauren was having with the visits. Greg and I were looking for a way to stop this whole thing, relieve Cameron of the financial burden.

At the point at which you offered this adoption, you discussed this with Detective Leslie, the reason that you did this? I don't know I may have I don't remember.

You told Det. Leslie, you were scared with how much time Cameron wanted with Lauren?
In regards to the reunification program, I was concerned about the pace. I was concerned about her pace, not mine. I was concerned he was asking for a lot of custody. He was asking for a third of her life, and at that time, he didn't really know her.

A lot of pauses by Mr. Laub.

You talked to Detective Leslie, and didn't Det. Leslie, say to you, "It just doesn't make much sense, he just got it lowered."? Her memory is vague as to the conversation with Det. Leslie.

Now referring to the transcript of the first proceeding. This is the question and answer.... pause. And it continues to 98, line 11.

11:55 AM
This is the transcript of the first proceeding. When you got interviewed, you remember this conversation.

Laub reads from a prior proceeding transcript.

You offered the option to Cam because of all the time. It was time custody and other issues that you had. You told him that you offered the adoption option because of how much time Cam wanted, time and custody.

At the time that you offered this adoption option, it's not the money situation, it was the time and custody. "At the time, I thought it was too much time, too soon."

The point at which things got bad between you and Mr. Brown, is the point at which you claimed that Mr. Brown wanted to have Greg adopt Lauren.  She agrees that's around the time that the communication broke down.

Laub claims that she was angry with Brown. She doesn't remember being angry with Brown.

When you look at your notes, there's a couple that I would like you look at. There's some that are typed out. There's an email that you sent to yourself.  The witness asks him to be more specific so she would know what to look at.

Judge Lomeli calls for the noon break. We are supposed to end court early today, at 2:15 or 2:30, because Mr. Laub has a doctor's appointment. 

While jury exits, I see that Brown is trying to push a piece of paper written on a steno pad to Mr. Laub. There is a bit of writing on it.

1:30 PM
DDA Hum is telling the gallery that the defense is not coming back this afternoon. Apparently the defense attorney called in sick.

Judge Lomeli comes out and speaks to DDA Hum. So I don't know what the court will do now. They need to dismiss the jury and I think they need someone here to represent Brown.

Judge Lomeli tells his bailif to tell the jurors to come in but not to take the box. To line the jurors up in the back.

On the record. The DA is present. The defense counsel Mr. Laub is not. He had a doctor's appointment. But over the lunch hour he's sick, but expects to be here tomorrow. Leave your phone number with the bailiff, so if anything unforeseen occurs, we can reach you. Judge jokes, that, at this rate, we'll be finished with this trial in December. The jurors get a good laugh. They exit the courtroom. They are to return at 10:00 am.

1:37 PM
DDA Hum will give the clerk Mr. Laub's number so the clerk can contact him. Someone, one of the jurors was asking about doughnuts.  The court laughs at that.

And that's it. We are set to return at 10:00 am tomorrow.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Thank you for your diligence in reporting this trial. I hope finally Cameron Brown will run out of options and the jury will see the truth. What he did to that child is horrible. And the fact that this has dragged on for years is reprehensible.

ritanita said...

Sprocket, I'm just catching up. Thank you so much for putting in the time, expense, and effort to keep this story alive.

So many years and still no justice for Lauren.