Monday, March 16, 2015

Robert Durst Case - Felony Complaint

Monday March 16, 2015

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office released the felony complaint for extradition against Robert Durst.

Durst is charged with the December 2000 murder of his long time close friend, Susan Berman.

It's my understanding that DDA's John Lewin and Habib Balian are prosecuting the case. I believe the case has been filed at the Torrance Courthouse.

You can click on the above image or read the complaint at THIS LINK.


David In TN said...

I've seen John Lewin on several of the "Crime Shows" concerning cold cases he prosecuted. Elaine Graham was one of them.

Sprocket said...

I had the opportunity to see Lewin cross examine two witnesses in the Douglas Bradford case. He was fantastic.

Habib Balian, his cocounsel on Durst, prosecuted the fake Rockefeller, Christian Gerhartstreider.

Avenging Angel said...

Dear Sprocket and Company:

I have been away for awhile tending to real-life duties and now this case has jolted me BACK! The City of New Orleans---where I lived twice, including during Katrina--captured Durst over the wkend and it would be most interesting to know how they knew he was there. NOLA (New Orleans LA) has stunningly high levels of crime, poverty,etc, and the Sheriffs Dept and Jail under federal-takeover, so in spite of all that, they made the catch......nobody else. I am following his New Orleans detention on and suggest that others who are interested check out the newspapers website there as well. THIS is gonna get good!!

-Wes J in NC.

Sprocket said...

I'm sorry to burst your bubble Wes, but the FBI was part of, and assisted in the arrest.

Avenging Angel said...

Well not too surprised that the NOLA cops could not do it on their own....but it sounded good to my battered mind. Those of us who love New Orleans look for a silver lining.

Still, how did they KNOW? If I ran around with a fake name and paid cash for everything, I would think I could relax and not be found.

Avenging Angel said...

OK but how did anyone know that he was there (in NOLA)? using a fake name, paying cash for

Sprocket said...

The LAPD issued an arrest warrant. Maybe the FBI helped in finding Durst. It may have been revealed in the press how authorities found him, I don't know.

Sprocket said...


In this link"

LA Times Article

it states the FBI was monitoring Durst's activities and location.