Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cameron Brown 3rd Trial, People's 1101b Motion

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 Lauren Sarene Key, 4
Cameron Brown is alleged to have thrown Lauren off of 
Inspiration Point, a 120ft cliff, on November 8, 2000.

March 11, 2015
Cameron Brown has been in the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail custody since November 16, 2003. He was denied bail.

I obtained a copy of the People's 1101b Motion to admit other crimes/acts of the defendant. There is a hearing tomorrow on the people's motion as well as defense motions. If I am able, I will get copies of the defense motions that were filed.


David In TN said...

Here's a question I've had for some time. Is Cameron Brown holding out for a plea deal which has him released with time served?

Sprocket said...

It's possible, but I don't know Brown's thought process.

I'm not positive, but I believe at the end of the second trial, the defense pushed for a plea to involuntary manslaughter. The maximum on that is 4 years.

That was in 2009 and no deal was made.

Gregg the Obscure said...

Seems unlikely to me that Brown would plead anything. There was a civil trial several years ago in which Brown was found liable for wrongful death and his liability insurance paid a substantial judgment. Under such circumstances, were he to plead guilty to any wrongdoing connected with this event - or be convicted for that matter - he'd owe that money back to the insurer.

Sprocket said...

I'm not sure that's exactly correct.

My impression was, the victim's mother sued the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, not Cameron Brown.

I don't know that Brown had personal liability insurance at the time of Lauren's death. It's my understanding that his new wife owned property, but Brown did not.