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Julianna Maureen Redding - 10/25/86 - 3/16/08

Juliana Redding

Juliana Redding, a young model and aspiring actress grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where she attended Catholic school, participated in the drama club and played varsity golf. In 2005, Juliana moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue a modeling and acting career.

At 18, Juliana landed a small part in the comedy Kathy T.  In 2007 she received a lot of attention when she appeared in the men's magazine, Maxim.

 Juliana Redding

She lived in a small apartment in Santa Monica, loved her little dog, worked part time at a local bistro and was taking classes at Santa Monica College. She was close to her family and spoke to them on a daily basis. Juliana was good friends with many of her coworkers at the restaurant. The restaurant was a place where many of her friends came to meet, have a meal and hang out.

She was stunningly beautiful; talented. She had opportunities and a full life ahead of her. Tragically, Juliana was found beaten and strangled to death in her apartment on March 16, 2008.

Juliana Redding, taken hours before her death.
Photo credit: Friend Kelly Duncan

Juliana's murder went unsolved for over two years until Kelly Soo Park (an associate of Juliana's former boyfriend, Munir Uwaydah), was arrested for her murder. Uwaydah had bragged to Juliana's father, Greg Redding that he had a "female James Bond" in his employ. Kelly Soo Park's fingerprint and a drop of her blood was found on a dinner plate in Redding's kitchen sink. Park's DNA was found around Juliana's neck, on the t-shirt she was wearing, her cell phone and on the kitchen stove.

Park went on trial in May 2013 and was found not guilty of Redding's murder on June 4, 2013.

A happy moment at Juliana's 21'st birthday party.
L-R: Ashley, Juliana, Jessica

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The Bitch Next Door said...

We all know who murdered her, don't we.

David In TN said...

There was strong DNA evidence against the defendant and she was acquitted.

NancyB said...

I will forever not have *any* understanding of how this jury could ignore all the DNA evidence and other compelling evidence that proved Kelly Soo Park's guilt.

Sprocket said...

It's been a while since I've read the defense closing arguments, but I will try my best to summarize their main points as I remember them almost 2 years later.

There were two key witnesses to the defense closing arguments, argued to the jury.

One was the interior designer, the other was Juliana's friend who helped her move out of Uwaydah's home.

Additionally, the state's DNA experts testified that you cannot 'date' when DNA gets on an item. They also testified that there is no way to determine if DNA got on an item (Juliana) via secondary transfer. I recommend reading up on secondary transfer of DNA.

The interior designer testified that she saw Park and Juliana in the Uwaydah home where Juliana lived for a short time, at the same time. This potentially puts Park's DNA on items in this home.

Juliana's friend testified that she helped Juliana move her things out of the Uwaydah home.

The defense argued that Park's fingerprint and drop of blood, could have gotten on the dinner plate, at the Uwaydah house.

The defense argued that Park's DNA could have been left on towels Juliana may have taken from the Uwaydah home. The real killer, could have used those items to clean up the scene, and left Park's DNA behind.

'Reasonable' doubt.