Thursday, March 5, 2009

Greyhound Cannibal Disturbing Evidence Revealed in Court

Warning – Graphic evidence now part of public record. Proceed with caution!

Li had few friends, those he had describe him as having mental problems, but never knew him to be violent.

- At approximately 8:30 pm on Wednesday, 30 July 2008, Li began to repeatedly stab Tim McLean, for no apparent reason.

- Tim McLean struggled and tried to escape, as evidenced by a number of defensive wounds.

- Li came to the front of the bus and tried to exit. The bus driver was able to close the door on Mr. Li’s arm, with the bloody knife extended outside of the bus.

- Mr. Scyrup, another Greyhound driver who pulled over to help, realized that Li was severing the head of Tim McLean. Scyrup got off the bus, as he realized that Tim McLean was dead and could not be helped.

- Li went to the front of the bus, holding the severed head of Tim McLean in one hand and a black-handled knife in the other hand. He motioned that he wished to be let off the bus.

- Li threw the head of Tim McLean into the stairwell and then returned to the back of the bus and continued to mutilate the body of Tim McLean with a buck knife and a pair of scissors.

- Li appeared to smell, and then eat parts of Tim McLean’s flesh. He also appeared to lick blood from his fingers and hands. Mr. Li continued to carry Tim McLean’s internal organs and various body parts throughout the bus, later returning to bag them in white plastic garbage bags. He also carried the head of Tim McLean from time to time.

- After arrest, found in Li’s pants pocket was a plastic bag containing Tim McLean’s ear, nose, and tongue.

- A variety of Tim McLean’s body parts and organs were found throughout the bus.

- The tip of the knife blade was located in the skull of Tim McLean in the forehead area just above the inner aspect of the right eyebrow.

- The autopsy reveals that the cause of death of Tim McLean was multiple stab wounds.

- The body of Tim McLean showed evidence of damage in excess of 100 areas, ranging from abrasions to a large gaping wound of the chest.

- The eyes were missing and not recovered.

- The internal organs were recovered, in plastic bags, in 4 separate areas of the bus.

- Dr. Littman, the pathologist, estimates that one third of the heart of Tim McLean was never recovered and it is presumed that Mr. Li ate it.

- Tim McLean’s eyes were never recovered, and are presumed to have been eaten also.

Li denies eating the flesh of Tim McLean.

Carol deDelley, Tim’s mother, said, "The laws are grossly inadequate in circumstances like this. NCR (not criminally responsible) may have its place or may be correct in some circumstances. I don't think so, not in this one. And now every year we will have to undergo a review to ensure the public is safe from Mr. Li."

Justice John Scurfield will deliver his verdict this morning. Scurfield said he would review medical reports in the case before issuing his verdict.

"Hopefully (I can) express it in a way that is understandable to Mr. McLean's family, Mr. Li and the public in general."

Good Lord! This man should never be loosed on society!

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Sprocket said...

I am at loss for words to say. Now, for Tim's family to have to go to every hearing and petition every single time not to have Li out on the streets. This nightmare will continue for them for years.

ritanita said...


I could barely read this and I've got a strong stomach. I had to quickly scan the key words and move on.

I've heard the details before in your posts and they are so awful.

The poor family can't skim over this, because it's burned into their memories and THIS is what happened to a young man whose death will affect them forever.

My heart aches for them and what they will have to go through forever.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Li should never be out in society again. Even if he is on medication now and "seems" fine, when no one is making him take the meds, many of these ill people stop the meds. Then what?
The judge should take the circumstances and rule that he be incarcerated for life. Even if it is in a mental institution...for life. Nothing else makes sense.

Palomine said...

I am truly proud to be Canadian. Where you can kill a human with a vehicle, or claim insanity or pretty much plan a murder and nothing happens. Absolutely nothing, this guy could be out in less than 6 months it is total, total BS. We want our justice system to be revamped, we welcome the death penalty! Canadian justice sucks!

Anonymous said...

Speechless. This person should never be around anyone or anything EVER!

Anonymous said...

That's just shocking. It's beyond demonic if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

This is not a person who should EVER be out in society. This is a person who should receive the death penalty. It's not even a matter of him being evil -- it's a matter of someone who is so profoundly damaged that he can NEVER function in society without society being at extreme risk. Even if he were to get life in prison, he could STILL be let out someday if he's behaved a long time, took his meds regularly and the overcrowded prison lets him fall through the cracks in some mass administrative sweep to free up some space or save some money (that goes for psychiatric institutions, too). Then, once out, it would only be a matter of time before he stopped the meds and he did something similar or otherwise put the public at risk.

While I'm not anti-death penalty, I'm not particularly PRO-death penalty, either. This case, however, is absolutely HORRIFIC and I don't see any purpose for this man to be alive when the risks to society are so high.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for Tim and his family. It's too bad that there would even have to be more than one (if that ) hearing for this poor family to have to go through. I am dumbfounded that someone could act as Li did.