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Phil Spector Statements

When Spector was in the process of being arrested at his residence, Alhambra Police Officer Bea Rodriguez wrote in her report that she heard Spector confess to causing the death of Lana Clarkson. Here is her sworn testimony from the Grand Jury being questioned by Doug Sortino. All of the information below has been transcribed from PDF documents off of the LA County Superior Court web site.

Grand Jury Testimony of Bea Rodriguez:
Starting at Page 368, LINE 20:

Q: Now as you were doing that, could you hear whether or not the person that had been detained, the person you have identified, was making any statement?

A: Yes.

Q: Was he talking quietly, yelling? How would you characterize the level of his voice?

A: I would say he was loud.

Q: And were you paying attention to some of
the things that he was saying?

Page 369:
A: Yes, I was.

Q: I want to show you what’s been marked as -- I will put it the other way.
I will show you what has been marked as
People’s 18. The diagram that is up on the board behind you, do you see that diagram?

A: Yes, I do.

Q: Does that accurately show, in diagram form,
this foyer area that you made entry to on the morning of
February 3rd of 2003?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can you please point out on the diagram,
using that pointer that is right next to you, the
position -- the location you were at or how you had
positioned yourself as you were covering this hallway and
the portion of the foyer area?

Ms. Priver: Careful you don’t roll backwards.

The Witness: It was this area (pointing).

Mr. Sortino: For the record, she was pointed to
what appears to be the intersection of the foyer and the
hallway leading to the west, directly -- actually just to
the side of the foot of the stairs, roughly between the
foot of the stairs and the doorway to the bathroom.

Ms. Priver: Yes.

Mr. Sortino: You can resume your seat.

Ms. Priver: Be careful it doesn’t roll off the
step there, your seat, when you sit down.

Q: By Mr. Sortino: Let me ask you one other

Page 370:
question. When you looked at the victim and saw her that
morning, did you see any weapon in her vicinity?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: What kind of a weapon did you see?

A: It looked like a handgun, a small handgun.

Q: Where was it in relation to the victim?

A: Under her feet.

Q: Now, as you were standing at the foot of
that stairway, or roughly by the entry to the bathroom
covering the hallway, you said you could hear the suspect
that was detained making statements?

A: Yes.

Q: And initially when you were covering that
hallway, were you alone or was there another officer
assisting you?

A: I was alone.

Q: As you were standing there alone covering
that hallway, what did you hear the suspect say?

A: He said, “What’s wrong with you guys? What
are you doing? I didn’t mean to shoot her. It was an

Q: Do you recall any other statements that he made?

A: Something to the effect that he had an
explanation for it.

Q: And this all occurred while you were
standing in that area covering the hallway?

A: Yes, it did.

Page 371:
Q: At some point were you joined by one of the
other officers to assist you in covering the hallway?

A: Yes, I was.

Q: Who was that:

A: It was Officer Cardella.

Q: And did that occur before or after you
heard these statements you have just recounted to the
Grand Jury?

A: After I heard the statements.

Q: Later that morning did you return to the
Alhambra Police Department?

A: Yes I did.

Q: that same morning:

A: Yes, I did.

Q: Was the incident still fresh in your

A: Yes, it was.

Q: Did you document those statements in your

A: Yes, I did.

Q: And when you documented them in your --
strike that.
At the time you wrote your report and
documented those statements, did you believe it was
important to document exactly what the suspect had said
that you had heard?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: Did you do something when you wrote your
report to indicate that those statements were exactly
what you heard the suspect say?

A: Yes I did.

Q: What did you do?

A: I put them in quotations.

Q: In your report?

A: Yes, I did.

Officer Page, hearing Spector start to speak, turned on his tape recorder. Here is a complete transcript of that recording.

Transcription of tape-recorded statements of Phillip Spector, by Alhambra Police Department Office Page at 1700 Grandview Drive on February 3, 2003.

SPECTOR: Phillip Spector

RODRIGUEZ: Alhambra P.D. Officer Bea Rodriguez

CARDELLA: Alhambra P.D. Officer Brandon Cardella

HAMMOND: Alhambra P.D. Officer James Hammond

PAGE: Alhambra P.D. Officer Mike Page

KENNEDY: Alhambra P.D. Officer Garrett Kennedy

JUAREZ: Alhambra P.D. Officer Enrique Juarez

UNKNOWN: Unknown Alhambra P.D. Officers

***: Unintelligible

SPECTOR: Just as me and I’ll tell you. I’m not Robert Blake


SPECTOR: ..what the hell is wrong with you?


SPECTOR: Oh, what the fuck is wrong with you?


SPECTOR: Oh, Jesus Christ.


SPECTOR: It feels good.


RODRIGUEZ: I got that one.

SPECTOR: What the hell is wrong with you?


CARDELLA: I know. Hold that, that cover.

RODRIGUEZ: There’s, un, an area over here.

SPECTOR: What are you, what are you worried about?

CARDELLA: Mike’s upstairs?

RODRIGUEZ: No, we’ll do that afterwards. ***.

SPECTOR: What are you concerned about?


SPECTOR: Ph, God. LAPD works for me.

CARDELLA: I’m with Bea.

HAMMOND: Cardella, are you with Bea?

CARDELLA: Yeah, I’ m with Bea.

HAMMOND: Okay, I got the upstairs with Mike.

SPECTOR: What are you worried about?

HAMMOND: We’re over here on your left, Cardella/

SPECTOR: I can tell you what happened.

PAGE: Only if you want to.

SPECTOR: If you’re gonna arrest me, just tell me what happened.

HAMMOND: Mike, I got the stairs. You don’t have to worry about them.

SPECTOR: The dog was locked up. *** was a little schnauzer. What the fuck is wrong with you. Hay Romaine -- he’s a lieutenant in your fucking police department. What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh, Jesus Christ.

PAGE: Nine, be advised, we have one detained --


PAGE: -- clearing the house.

SPECTOR: --Jesus. You know, you’re acting stupid. Get the fuck off of me! This is stupid. I’m sorry there’s a dead woman here. But I’m sorry but this happened. I can explain ti but if you’d just give me a chance. I mean, you know. What the hell are you acting like assholes. You thin you’re acting so fucking important, man.

UNKNOWN: [Over the radio] Sam to Nine, has the house been cleared yet?

SPECTOR: Okay, okay, okay, ***.

HAMMOND: That’s negative --

PAGE: Negative.

HAMMOND: -- we’re searching the bottom half, uh, towards the east --

SPECTOR: Bottom half, bottom half, bottom --

HAMMOND: -- the west is secured and also the, uh, motorcade is secured at this time. We’ve still got the upstairs after the west -- the east is secured.

SPECTOR: Now, wait a minute now. If you want to search the bottom half --

UNKNOWN: [over the radio] Keep the channel clear, please.

SPECTOR: --and the upstairs, ask me.

PAGE: What’d he say?

HAMMOND: Cardella, please keep it clear.

SPECTOR: Why are you standing on my head, asshole? Jesus fucking Christ. I’m not drunk and I’m not stupid. I can tell you what happened. You don’t have to handcuff me. I can tell you what happened. What’s wrong with you people? Jack Mapel worked for me. Jesus Christ, the chief of police worked for me. If you want me to call him, I’ll call him. I don’t want to be an asshole. I’m sorry this happened. I don’t know how it happened, but it happened and I’m sorry this happened. But, excuse me --

UNKNOWN: [over the radio] Sam to Nine, I have additional officers I can send up to assist you.

SPECTOR: --but I don’t need to be tied up like a pig. Okay, I’ll hang ***.

HAMMOND: 10-4, send ‘em straight up the, uh --

PAGe: Turn.

HAMMOND: -- front, uh, garden area ---


HAMMOND: 888 door 999

PAGE: Front door.

HAMMOND: 10-4, tell ‘em to make the first left --

PAGE: ***.

SPECTOR: Why do you keep stepping on em? What the fuck ***.

UNKNOWN: [over the radio] Roger.

SPECTOR: The gun went off accidentally. She works at the House of Blues. It was a mistake. I don’t understand what the fuck you people is wrong with you. Jack Mapel worked for me. He worked for the chief of police. Oh, God. I’m just gonna go to sleep. Would you like me to go to sleep?


SPECTOR: Do you have to step on my back?

HAMMOND: I don’t want you to get up. Just stay where you’re at.

SPECTOR: No, but do you have to step on my back like an asshole. Jesus Christ, I mean it’s a God-fucking disgrace. I mean, I wouldn’t step on your back ‘cause you would probably ***, Jesus Christ.

HAMMOND: We got Tamayo out there too.

PAGE: Have him -- Nine to Tamayo --

SPECTOR: I’m sorry this happened.

PAGE: -- come in the front door.

SPECTOR: I don’t know how it happened. It scared the shit out of me that happened.

HAMMOND: This is gonna be the door they come up. So, don’t get surprised, Mike if we have *** --

PAGE: Okay.

HAMMOND: -- ***.

SPECTOR: If you’re gonna arrest me, arrest me. I own this castle, I live here, and I’m sorry this happened. And I, I see what happened.

HAMMOND: We have more officers coming back from behind you.

SPECTOR: Oh dear God.

HAMMOND: -- and we’re gonna want him out of here.


HAMMOND: Okay. Uh, has he been searched, Mike?

PAGE: Briefly.

HAMMOND: Brief cursory search.

PAGE: We got-- he’s got a probe in him -- at least one.

HAMMOND: Got at least one probe. Okay, you have to cut the probe -- or cut the wires. And then you stay, stay here. Let them take *** --

SPECTOR: If Jack Mapel were alive --

HAMMOND: -- stay here, make sure this area is secure, all right?

SPECTOR: -- if Jack Mapel were alive, he wouldn’t allow this shit to be done.

HAMMOND: There’s a gun by her feet --

SPECTOR: And I live you guys.

HAMMOND: -- *** revolver.

SPECTOR: -- but I’m sorry. You know -- excuse me --

PAGE: You want me to put that right here?

SPECTOR: -- excuse me. When I see the damage that’s been done -- this is the most devastating thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

HAMMOND: *** tell him to come straight up.

SPECTOR: Oh, come on now. Jesus Christ. *** right now.

HAMMOND: cut the wires and get him out of here. Cut the wires and take him to the car.

SPECTOR: Cut the wires and what?


PAGE: Yeah.


SPECTOR: Are you arresting me?

HAMMOND: Here. Here’s the knife, cut ‘em.

UNKNOWN: Okay we got the --

HAMMONd: Don’t pull ‘em. There’s at least one stuck in him Cut ‘em.

UNKNOWN: Cut the --

SPECTOR: No -- before you do, I want to call my lawyer ***. I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me.

KENNEDY: Put your hands ***.


HAMMONd: He’s not been searched very well -- cursory search.

SPECTOR: What are you doing *** --

HAMMOND: Search him well.


HAMMOND: That’s pretty much been, uh, secured -- quick walk through, so --



UNKNOWN: All right.

[Background Radio Transmissions]


Police reports.
Below are three police reports documenting more of Spector's statements.

Officer Page:
Alhambra Police Department

211 South First Street Alhambra CA 91801

Supplemental Report

Date 02/03/2003 Time 05:02

This is a controlled document for official use only. Unauthorized release of redistribution without permission is prohibited


Spector, Phil S(uspect) - address given

De Souza Adriano R(eporting) - address and phone given

While at APF, I monitored a radio call of possible shots fired at Pyrenees Castle (1700 Grand View). Dispatch further advised that the RP stated that he had heard one shot, that he had seen his boss with a gun in his hand and that he had shot a woman inside the castle. I responded to the location from APD to assist units assigned to the call.

Upon arrival, I made contact with Ofcrs Cardella, Hammond, Rodriguez, Tamayo and Sgt LaGuard. Ofcr Cardella was speaking with the RP (later id'd as R-De Souza). After he finished speaking with him, he advised me that R-De Souza was the driver of the resident at 1700 Grand View. On this date, he had returned to the address to pick up his boss and had driven to the rear of the location. As he was waiting outside the location, he heard what he believed to be a gun shot coming from inside. R-De Souza went to the rear door and opened it. When he did, he observed S-Spector standing in the foyer with a gun in his hand and a female sitting in a chair near the door with blood on her face. When S-Spector saw R-De Souza, he said "I think I killed her." R- De Souza told Ofcr Cardella that he left at that time to call the police.

Based on the information we had at the time, I determined that officers needed to approach the house to check the welfare of the female and the resident (later id'ed as S-Spector. I directed Ofcr Cardella to lead the approach and entry to the location with the ballistic shield. In order following Ofcr Cardella was myself and Ofcrs Hammond, Rodriguez and Tamayo. Ofcrs Kim and Seki took a stationary position at the rear gate to the location on Alta Vista. Prior to entering the north driveway gate, we used a jacket to cover a security camera that was pointing at the north gate.

Once we entered the gate, I saw that the stairs immediately inside the gate on the south side of the driveway led directly to the front (north) doors of the residence. Since there was no cover available, if we were to approach the location by the stairs, I directed Ofcr Cardella to approach the location via the driveway, which led around to the rear of the location.

After following the driveway to the multi car garage, which was near the gate on Alta Vista, I was advised by Sgt. LaGuard that a K-9 unit was possibly available. We waited near the east side of the garage until we were advised that no K-9 unit was available. While we were waiting, we observed a burgundy sedan parked on the east side of the residence. We approached the sedan and Ofcrs Tamayo and Rodriguez cleared it of any possible suspects. I stationed Ofcr Tamayo at the northeast corner of the residence so that he could cover the front door if the suspect attempted to flee in that direction. Ofcrs Cardella, Hammond, Rodriguez and I proceeded to the doorway of the garage located on the northwest side of the building. After reaching the door and entering, I stationed Ofcr Cardella at the door so that he could observe the rear door to the residence while Ofcrs Hammond Rodriguez and I cleared the garage. As we started to do so, we realized that the top floor was being Converted into a living area, with the bottom floor having been divided and containing no vehicles.

As we were clearing the top floor of the garage, Ofcr Cardella advised us via radio that he could see the suspect inside the house and that he thought he was coming outside. We returned to Ofcr Cardella's position, and positioned ourselves behind him and the ballistic shield so that we could observe the rear door of the residence. After a short time (approximately 15 seconds), I observed a white male with shoulder length hair wearing a black shirt and black pants exit the back door of the residence and stand at the top of the stairs leading to the driveway. The suspect had both hands inside his front pants pockets.

Ofcr Cardella verbally identified himself as an Alhambra Police Officer and told the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets. The suspect looked in our direction, but failed to take his hands out of his pockets. Ofcr Cardella again ordered the suspect to remove his hands so that we could see them. The suspect removed his hands from his pockets and raised them over his head and held them there for approximately 3 seconds, then placed them back into his pockets. Ofcr Cardella again told the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets, but he started to turn towards the rear door, then said "You've got to come in and see this". He then stepped into the doorway and out of our sight.

Since we knew the suspect was near the rear door, I told Ofcr Cardella to move out of the garage and take a position near the rear door so that we could keep him as contained as possible. We approached to the east of the door, then moved west at an angle until we were approximately 4 feet from the bottom step that led to the rear door.

We could see the suspect standing in the rear doorway, still with his hands in his pockets. Ofcr Cardella again ordered the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets, but the suspect made no attempt to do so. After Ofcr Cardella issued the order for the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets several more times, and the suspect refused to comply, I fired my M26 Air Taser, which was pointed at the suspect. I observed the top dart make contact to the upper chest area of the suspect, and the lower dart move towards the suspect's lower body. When the darts struck the suspect, I saw that the suspect showed no visible signs of incapacitation. The suspect started to back away from us, so I told Ofcr Cardella to move towards the suspect. As Ofcr Cardella started to move, I removed the cartridge from the end of my Air Taser and followed him, with Ofcrs Hammond and Rodriguez following me.

We entered the house. with the suspect approximately 3 feet inside the foyer. Ofcr Cardella struck the suspect with the ballistic shield and shoved him backwards towards the staircase. he then dropped the shield and moved to my left, allowing me to move forward. I reached the suspect and placed the M26 Air taster against his upper body and activated it. l Again I saw no visible signs of incapacitation on the part of the suspect, so I continued moving forward and shoved the suspect against the staircase again, then grabbed him with my left hand and forced him to the ground. I landed with my left knee on the suspect's back, and my right knee on the ground next to his right side.

When the suspect landed on the ground, he was lying face down with his right arm extended straight above his head, and his left arm was underneath his body with his left hand protruding out the right side of his upper body. I grabbed his left hand with my left hand, and his right arm with my right hand. Due to the position I was in, the HK MP5 that I had moved to my back slid around to where it was easily within reach of the suspects left hand.

During the struggle for the suspect's right arm, I was forced to discard the M26 Air taser, which landed to the right of our position. When I looked to see where it was, I observed a female sitting slouched in a chair approximately 4 feet away from where we were on our right. The female was white with blond hair, and her head was lolled to the left. She was also wearing a black dress. I also saw that she had a bloodied face and chest and was not responding to what was happening immediately in front of her.

Concerned that the suspect could possible take control of my HK MP5, I yelled to Ofcr Cardella to remove the weapon from my body and place it away from us. I had to yell to Ofcr Cardella due to the fact that the suspect was also yelling, as was Ofcr Hammond. Because I was focused on keeping the suspect from gaining control of my weapon and yelling instructions to Ofcr Cardella, I did not hear what the suspect said. I directed Ofcr Hammond to take control of the suspect's right arm, so that I could release him in order to allow Ofcr Cardella to remove the MP5 sling from my body, which they did. After the weapon was removed from the immediate area, I pulled the suspect's left arm out from underneath his body and moved it back behind his back. Ofcr Hammond moved the suspect's right arm behind his back, and we were able to place him into handcuffs. After the suspect was restrained, I conducted a cursory pat down search of the suspect's body and found no weapons.

I knelt with my left knee in the small of the suspect's back, my left hand on the suspect's upper back and trained my handgun on the stairs behind us. Since we did not know if there were any additional victims or suspects inside the residence, I directed Ofcrs Cardella, Hammond and Rodriguez to start searching the west wing of the ground floor, which they did. I asked Sgt La Guard to have officers who had arrived at the command post to respond to the house to assist us with searching. While waiting for these officers to arrive, I heard the suspect say "I can tell you what happened".

I turned on my micro cassette recorder that was in my left breast pocket of my uniform shirt. Since I did not want to engage the suspect in conversation and divert my attention from the unsecured stairway. I did not respond to his statements. Ofcr Hammond assisted Ofcrs Cardella and Rodriguez with the clearing of several rooms, he returned to my position to take over the controlling of the suspect. When Ofcr Hammond assumed control of the suspect, I retrieved my MP5 which Ofcr Cardella had placed inside and to the left of the rear door.

After retrieving my MP5, I looked at the female and observed that she was not breathing and appeared to be lifeless. I also saw that on the floor, under her left leg, near her ankle was a small black revolver with blood on it's wood grips. I moved back to the left of Ofcr Hammond and continued to cover the stairs. While I was standing near the suspect, I heard that he was still talking, so I removed my cassette recorder and placed it on the stairs near the suspect. At this point, additional officers arrived and took control of the suspect. I moved to where Ofcr Cardella and Rodriguez were still searching the residence and assisted them. We conducted a thorough search of the house without locating any additional victims or suspects.

After completing my search, I found that Cpl Juarez had removed my cassette recorder from the stairs after the suspect had been removed from the house. When he heard that I was looking for my recorder, he found me and returned it. I noticed that the cassette tape had been removed and he informed me that he had given it to Ofcr Kennedy, who was handling the initial crime report. I left the location and responded back to APD for debriefing.

Upon arrival at APD, Lt Nater advise me to retrieve the cassette from Ofcr Kennedy. I responded back to 1700 Grand View gained possession of the tape from Ofcr Kennedy.

Upon returning to APD, I played back the portion of the tape that I had made while the suspect was in the foyer. As I reviewed it, I heard the suspect make the following statements

LAPD works for me

I will tell you what happened

I'm sorry there's a dead woman here, and I'm sorry this happened

I'm not drunk, and I'm not stupid. I can tell you what happened

I'm sorry this happened, I don't know how it happened

The gun went off accidentally

She works at the House of Blues. It was a mistake

I want to go to sleep. Would you like me to go to sleep

I'm sorry this happened. I don't know how it happened. it scared the shit out of me that it happened

I see the damage that's been done ... this is the most devastating thing I've ever seen in my life

The suspect made several additional statements but it was difficult to hear exactly what was said due to the recorder being inside my pocket. The tape was given to LASO Detectives Fournier and Tomlin on this date at 1315 hrs for their investigation.
Officer Pineda (now Rodriguez)

Alhambra Police department

Investigations Division

Supplemental Report

Suspect Spector, Philip

Victim Clarkson, Lana

Crime 187PC

Report Date 02/03/03

Report by Cpl Pineda Date 02/18/03

On 02/03/02 at 0505 hours, I was enroute to the Alhambra Police Department in an unmarked detective police car equipped with a police radio. I heard the initial broadcast of information regarding a shot heard and a woman down at 1700 S. Grandview Drive. Based on the further radio traffic, I telephoned the Watch Commander (Lieutenant David Nater #153) and advised that I was enroute to be of assistance. I advised Lt. Nater that I would contact Detective Daniel Rodriguez #110 because he would be available to assist as well. While at the Alhambra Police Department, I heard confirmation that one subject was dead. I advised Lt. Nater that I would respond to the scene to gather initial information for notification to my supervisor, Sergeant Debbie Santana #215, and the deployment of on-coming detectives.

On 02/03/03 at 610 hours, I arrived on scene and contacted Officer Henry Reyes #224 at the command post (north side entry gate of the property). I asked for an update on the activity and then entered the crime scene. Before entering the vehicular gate, I observed a brand new (dealer advertised plates) black, Mercedes Benz, parked in front of the property's address plaque (facing west toward the front vehicular gate). Someone advised me that the vehicle was driven by the property owner's chauffer. I also observed a medium size dog crate on the ground just outside the vehicular gate. I asked another officer to provide information on the animal inside. I was advised that there was a dog inside and that the San Gabriel Valley Animal Control office had been notified to pick up the dog because no resources were available to stand by with it. I then walked up the numerous north side front yard steps leading to the glass front doors. I found the front doors wide open and several officers inside the foyer. I observed the decedent (later identified as vict-Clarkson, Lana) on a light colored chair near the south wood entry door. An Alhambra Fire Department paramedic was removing monitoring equipment from her chest. The medic was not making any life saving efforts. I saw, what appeared to be, fresh blood coming from the areas of her mouth, nose, and her right ear. I observed a small caliber, short barrel revolver (poss 2" barrel, blue steel, wood grips) on the carpet slightly under her left calf. Slung on her right shoulder was a faux leopard print hobo style purse. I did not observe any obvious forms of identification. Due to the circumstances, I believed she was dead.

In an effort to determine the victim's identity and maintain scene preservation, I contacted the handling patrol officer, Officer Garrett Kennedy #233. Officer Kennedy was outside of the vehicular gate (north side of property) interviewing a male subject dressed in black pants, white dress shirt, black tie, and a black jacket. This subject was later identified as the reporting party, Adriano De Souza. I listened as Officer Kennedy interviewed R/P-De Souza. I stepped away from the interview to take a telephone call from Sgt Santana. She had been notified of this crime scene and telephoned me for an update. She advised that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Division (now referred to as LASD-Homicide) was going to take-over the investigation. She advised that we (the Alhambra units on scene) would maintain the crime scene until LASD- Homicide arrived. I then returned to the interview of R/P-De Souza. I tape recorded part of that interview (later booked into property by me).

I heard R/P-De Souza give the general sequence of events leading up to his last contact with the suspect (later identified as susp-Spector, Philip). R/P-De Souza explained that he was working as the driver for susp-Spector the evening of 02/02/03. On 02/03/03, he transported a lady and susp-spector to susp-Spector's home so they could have a drink. At one point, R/P-De Souza said he thought the woman was named "Lena" or "Lana". R/P-De Souza did not know the woman's last name or her vehicle license number. He described vict-Clarkson's car as a black, Mercury, Cougar. He advised that vict-Clarkson had parked her car a distance away from the House of Blues (5430 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, 323} 848-5100) before they headed to susp-Spector's home. The last time he saw vict-Clarkson was when he dropped off both susp-Spector and her at the front yard (north side) steps. The next time he saw susp-Spector was when he gave him his items at the back door (approximately 20-30 minutes later). Prior to hearing a shot, the last time he saw susp-Spector was when he gave susp-Spector his leather bag, cell phone, and portable dvd player at the back door. These items were found on a chair just inside the read (south) wooden door. He heard a shot, but didn't see anything. The last time he saw either party is when susp-Spector opened the rear door holding a handgun. R/P-De Souza then saw vict-Clarkson on the chair with blood on her face.

R/P-De Souza advised that he asked susp-Spector, "What happened , sir?" R/P-De Souza further advised "he was completely drunk." R/P-De Souza said that susp-Spector said, "I think I killed somebody." R/P-De Souza said he looked inside and saw a woman on the floor with blood on her face. He confirmed that this was the same woman he had driven to the Spector home earlier. He clarified that she was slumped on the chair with her legs in front of her. R/P-De Souza demonstrated that susp-Spector had a gun in his right hand. R/P-De Souza described the gun as a black revolver. R/P-De Souza tried fleeing the scene in the black Mercedes Benz. As he was driving (via the circular driveway leading to the north entry gate) he called susp-Spector's secretary (Michelle, unknown last name at 949} 584-1977) and left a message. he advised that he telephoned 9-1-1 and stayed on the line until the police officers arrived. R/P-De Souza confirmed that the black Mercedes Benz (at the location entry) was the vehicle he had been using.

Via telephone, Sergeant Santana advised that LASD-Homicide detectives wanted to complete a gunshot residue evidence collection (GSR) kit on R/P-De Souza. I then requested a GSR kit be brought to my location. While I was waiting for the GSR kit, I requested consent to search the Mercedes Benz from R/P-De Souza. he advised that the car belonged to susp-Spector. I clarified that he has control of the vehicle as susp-Spector's driver. He then signed the "Consent to Search" form. In the presence of R/P-De Souza and Officer Kennedy, I searched the car. I used gloves to search through the car interior and the trunk. The trunk was empty (aside from the spare tire and tools). The interior did not have any personal items. I found a remote control in the visor, miscellaneous vehicle papers, and the empty trunk (except for the spare tire and tool kit.) Sergeant Santana telephoned and advised that LASD-Homicide detectives requested that R/P-De Souza respond to the Alhambra Police Department for further interview and the completion of a GSR. I asked R/P- De Souza if he would accompany me (in my car) for further interview. He consented. I left the scene at 0650 hours and drove R/P-De Souza to the Alhambra Police Department.

On 02/03/03 at 0745 hours, I completed a GSR kit on R/P-De Souza. I booked the kit into property.

While at the Alhambra Police Department, I requested Records Supervisor Donna Aggers display a Department of Motor Vehicle photograph of a subject with a California Drivers License number of S0021518 by the name of Philip Spector with an address in Pasadena and a different date of birth than the subject in custody. The subject in custody provided the name of Philip Spector with an address in Alhambra. I wanted to confirm/refute the possibility that the subjects were the same people. She was able to display the DMV photo, but not provide a copy to the jailor booking the subject in the jail. She requested CSI Jailer Diana Valarde #574 responded to the Records Section and view the photo on the computer Screen. Ms. Aggers advised that CSI jailer Valarde identified the DMV photo as that of the subject in custody. (See attached color copy of the photo Ms. Aggers was able to print several days later.) I completed a vehicle check on susp-Spector and discovered he had two cars registered to him (both having the same address in Pasadena as his California Drivers License). None of the cars registered to susp-Spector were the Mercedes Benz the driver had used.

On 02/03/03, I contacted Michelle Blaine at the front counter of the Alhambra Police Department. She was in the company of a subject by the name of Jay Romaine. LASD-Homicide Detective Paul Fournier and Detective Richard Tomlin had arrived and completed an interview with R/P-De Souza. At approximately 1045 hours, I escorted Ms. Blaine to the Investigations Bureau so she could speak with LASD-Homicide detectives (regarding the message R/P De Souza left her).Mr. Romaine was left in the public lobby area.

While LASD-Homicide Detectives Fournier and Tomlin interviewed Ms. Blaine, I contacted the jail. Jailer Valarde advised that susp-Spector wanted to speak to a detective. I interrupted the interview with Ms. Blaine and advised Detectives Fournier and Tomlin. I was asked to confirm if susp-Spector had retained counsel or if he wanted to talk freely.

On 02/03/03 at 1143 hours, I entered the jail. At 1145 hours, I took a call inside the jail from a female subject identifying herself as a friend of susp-Spector as Rommie Davis (home/office 818} 752-9393; cellular 818} 422-9024). Ms. Davis said she wanted to speak to susp-Spector. I advised that I would confirm that susp-Spector had received his entitlement of completed phone calls and then I would return her call. (She did not want her name or information released to the media). I was told he had made his allotted phone calls (three), but that the phone numbers he provided were incorrect. I then contacted susp-Spector by having him moved to the jail interview room. I noticed that susp-Spector displayed symptoms of intoxication. he emitted the odor of an alcoholic beverage from his breath and person (he was now wearing a tan jail shirt and tan jail pants). I noticed that his eyes were blood shot and watery. At some point during the conversation I started to tape record the conversation. Tape recording was the easiest/least intrusive way to document any spontaneous statement susp-Spector made. I asked him if he wanted to speak to a detective. He said "no. I would like to have my phone calls first." Since the jailers are responsible for his phone calls, I told him that I would be leaving. As I started to walk away, he engaged me in conversation regarding his phone calls.

I tried to clarify that he wanted to speak to "Jay Rommie" because I thought Jay Romaine was also known by name of "Rommie." Once he found out that Jay Romaine was at the Police station he wanted to visit with him. He also wanted to visit with Ms. Blaine. I left susp-Spector in the attorney/client room and spoke to Jailer Valarde. I then re-contacted susp-Spector. I advised him that he had made one completed call and that he was allowed two more completed calls. he then replied by saying "No. I would like to see whoever wants to see me." I then began to speak, but he cut me off by saying "I would like to make those phone calls later." I then tried to clarify if he wanted to speak with a detective. he did not answer my question. Instead, he asked if he could have visitations. I told him he could not have visitations at that moment. I tried to redirect his attention to the fact that he could make his phone calls now. I transcribed the rest of the conversation as follows

Susp-Spector: "Well, I would like to see the people that want to visit me."

Det. Pineda: "Okay. And you don't want to speak to me?"

Susp-Spector: " Well, I mean, but, but, I can't see them first?"

Det Pineda: "Would you like to speak to the Sheriff's ah ... detectives?"

Susp-Spector: No, I can't see them first?"

Det Pineda: "No. You can speak to us now. Because the opportunity is open to you right now"

Susp-Spector: " No, but I would like to talk to them to find out what the hell is going on"

Det Pineda: "Okay, I can tell you what you're arrested for ..."

Susp-Spector: "... Michelle and, and, Jay ..."

Det Pineda: "Oh, Michelle is talking with the Sheriff's Department Detectives."

Susp-Spector: "Can I just talk to them first?"

Det Pineda: "Ah... I can arrange for that later, but I don't want to wait around if you're not going to talk to me"

Susp-Spector: "Well, no, I just want to talk to them so I can find out what the hell is going on."

Det Pineda: "Okay, Well, you're being charged with murder."

Susp-Spector: "I'm being charged with murder?"

Set Pineda: "Yes. That's one of the things (unintelligible)"

Susp-Spector: "Of whom?"

Det. Pineda: "Okay. Well ... Ah... I don't have her name yet, but ... Have you contacted your attorney?"

Susp-Spector: "No. I haven't been allowed to do a damn thing. That's why I wanted to talk to, to ... um ... Jay and ... Michelle."

Det Pineda: "Okay."

Susp-Spector: "Can I talk to Jay and Michelle first?"

Det Pineda: "Um ... Michelle ... You can't talk to her because she's talking to somebody else right now. And jay ... I'll I'll see what I can arrange with the jail because the laws says ..."

Susp-Spector: " Let me talk to Jay and Michelle. Um, in, in the other room"

Det. Pineda: "We can't, we can't bring them inside the jail, but ..."

Susp-Spector: "Oh, I can go out ..."

Det Pineda: " You've made one completed call ..."

Susp-Spector: "I haven't made any calls. I swear to you. I have not made any calls."

Det. Pineda: "Okay. (unintelligible) I, ... (Unintelligible) telling me, but the jailers have laws when you make a call. Those two calls ..."

Susp-Spector: "To whom?"

Det. Pineda: "Those two calls that you, uh, made."

Susp-Spector: "No, no. I made one call to a wrong number."

Det Pineda: "There's two calls you made to a wrong number because they have three calls all together."

Susp-Spector: "Two, eight, one, twenty-nine was the wrong number."

Det. Pineda: "Okay. So you want to speak to Jay Romaine, right?"

Susp-Spector: "yeah"

Det. Pineda: "That's the name, because there's a Rommie? But she's a, she's a woman."

Susp-Spector: "Rommie was the person I wanted call who's assigned to reach Robert Shapiro."

Det. Pineda: "Oh, oh, okay. So did you want to get a hold of Rommie?"

Susp-Spector: "To reach Robert Shapiro for me, but if I could get a hold of ..."

Det. Pineda: "Jay"

Susp-Spector: "Jay or Michelle ..."

Det. Pineda: "Okay"

Susp-Spector: "They could reach Robert Shapiro for me."

Det. Pineda: "Okay. So let me do this. Um, let me make arrangements to see if, if we could have Jay come over here."

Susp-Spector: "Okay"

Det. Pineda: " 'Cause this is kind of where he would visit. Okay? if you can get off the counter (unintelligible) ... What I'm going to do is ... temporarily keep you right here ..."

Susp-Spector: "What's happening to my house?"

Det. Pineda: "Uh ... I don't know because I'm not there right now."

Susp-Spector: "Oh, you mean they're there?"

Det. Pineda: "I'm not at your house. No."

Susp-Spector: "No, but I mean what happened at my house?"

Det. Pineda: "That I, that's what I would like to ask you."

Susp-Spector: "No, but I mean what's happening at my house?"

Det. Pineda: "Uh, I don't know because I'm not there."

Susp-Spector: "Can I get my attorneys there? I mean ... How do I ... See I mean, how, how do I get ... How do I find out what is going on?"

Det. Pineda: "Okay, Well I've already ..."

Susp-Spector: "I can tell you what happened, but I can't tell, tell anybody what's going on there now."

Det. Pineda: "Well I don't know either. If you want to tell me what happened, great. You ..."

Susp-Spector: "But then ..."

Det. Pineda: "You were arrested for ... murder."

Susp-Spector: "Of whom?"

Det. Pineda: ""Okay. Well, that's one thing we want to figure out. Um ..."

Susp-Spector: "This is the most bizarre, nonsense, in the, in the ... This is absurd. This (unintelligible)"

Det. Pineda: "Okay, okay. Well let me, make arrangements. You want to get a hold of your ... Is Robert Shapiro going to be your attorney?"

Susp-Spector: "yeah"

Det. Pineda: "On record? Okay. Let me see what I can do about that ..."

Susp-Spector: "How do I get hold of Robert?"

Det. Pineda: "Um ... You said through Jay, right?"

Susp-Spector: "Well, I mean, I mean if you can get a hold of Robert. I, I thought Michelle could get hold of Robert"

Det. Pineda: "Okay. Well, Michelle is talking to detectives right now. So let me see what I can do. Okay? I'll be right back."

Susp-Spector: "Okay"

Det. Pineda: "Okay. Thank you"

Susp-Spector: "Don't leave me alone too long"

Det. Pineda: "Well, you can see me through the window"

Susp-Spector: "Okay"

Det. Pineda: "Alright. Take it easy."

Susp-Spector: "This is terrible, this is ... Imean a (unintelligible)

Det. Pineda: "Okay"

My conversation with susp-Spector ends momentarily. We resume the following conversation

Det. Pineda: "Okay Mr. Spector. What was it that you were saying?"

Susp-Spector: "You heard what I said"

Det. Pineda: "So you don't want to tell me again?"

Susp-Spector: "I, I already told you what I said"

Det. Pineda: "No, I ... You didn't answer my questions. Did you want to speak to Rommie Davis, because she's called. And she said she can get Robert Shapiro for you"

Susp-Spector: "I want him down here. I'm going to make you fucking people pay for this. This is bullshit."

Det. Pineda: "Okay. So you don't want the call to go through?"

Susp-Spector: "This is nonsense. You people have had me here six fucking hours. Maybe nine hours. And you have me locked up like some God damn fucking terd. In some fucking piece of shit. And you treat me. And while this person eats, and shits, and farts (while pointing to a jailer). And you have me jerking around. And (unintelligible) somebody comes over to my fucking house. Who pretends to be security at the House of Blues. And comes over to my house. Remember ... I own the House of Blues. Where this lady pretended to work. Okay? And then just blows her fucking head open in my fucking house. And then comes over, and then and then. Then these people come over and arrest me and bang the shit out of my fucking ass. And beat the shit out of me. And then you pretend and arrest me. And then pretend like your fucking Alhambra. And then, then the Mayor of Alhambra wants me to have Bono come and sing at the anniversary. And bullshit. This is nonsense. This is absolute fucking nonsense. I don't know what the fucking lady, what her problem is. But she wasn't a security at the House of Blues. And she was a piece of shit. And I don't know what her fucking problem was. But she certainly had no right to come to my fucking castle, blow her fucking head open, and say (unintelligible) murder. What the fuck is wrong with you people?".

Det. Pineda: "Tell you what I'm going to do ..."

Susp-Spector: "What?"

Det. Pineda: "I said, tell you what I'm going to do ..."

Susp-Spector: "Yeah. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to be fucking ... Somebody's gonna pay for the fucking. I've been locked up for the fucking last twelve fucking hours. And you fucking people come to my house. And you rummage through my fucking house. And you, you tie me down like a fucking pig. And you know while somebody's dieing there. And you kno, ana, and, and, and it scared the shit out of everybody. While somebody commits suicide ... "

Det. Pineda: "Mr Spector go ahead and have a seat ... I'm going to call Ms. Davis back. You can talk to her on this phone when the phone rings ..."

Susp-Spector: "I just want to get the fuck outta here ..."

Det. Pineda: "Don't pick up the phone until it rings ... Do you understand?"

Susp-Spector: (Silence)

Det. Pineda: "If you don't wish to answer it's ... That's fine. I'll put the call through."

Susp-Spector: "Charge me with murder"

I left susp-Spector in the attorney/client room. The tape continued recording me while I had a short conversation with Ms. Rommie Davis. I left the jail at 1224 hours after a brief conversation with susp-Spector to facilitate the call between Ms. Rommie and susp-Spector. I booked this recording into property.

On 02/03/03 at 1230 hours, I contacted Robert Shapiro in the lobby of the Alhambra Police Department. I confirmed that he was retained as susp-Spector's attorney of record. Mr Shapiro requested that I cease all questioning. I advised Mr Shapiro that his client didn't want to speak to me and no one was asking him questions. I further advised Mr Shapiro that the jail staff was making arrangements to facilitate his conference with susp-Spector. I left Mr Shapiro in the public lobby.

On 02/03/03 at approximately 1315 hours, a subject named Hough, Kim Gregory (CDL#D4380534, work 323 } 848-5125) said he worked at the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. He advised people know him as Kim Gregory. On 02/03/03 (between 0215 and 0220hours) he saw susp-Spector leave (via the elevator) at the House of Blues with a friend/co-worker. His friend's name was "Lana Clarkson" Gregory said he had tried to telephone vict-Clarkson this morning, but he didn't receive a return call. He inquired if vict-Clarkson was the deceased female (at Spector's home) he had heard about. I told him I could not identify the decedent, but I would like all the information he had for his friend. Gregory advised that vict-Clarkson was a tall, 38 year-old woman who lived in Venice. While I spoke to him on the phone, I initialed a DMV check for vict-Clarkson. I discovered vict-Clarkson's California drivers license information as well her car registration information. None of this information came back to an address in Venice. Gregory advised that she had not been working a the House of Blues (as a door hostess) for very long. He gave me two telephone numbers that he had used to contact vict-Clarkson: home 310-822-8498; cellular 310-709-8766). Gregory had last seen susp-Spector wearing a white jacket, black shirt, and black pants. His hair was long. susp-Spector had ordered one or two drinks that evening. Vict-Clarkson was wearing an all black pantsuit that had a halter-style top. When I terminated the call, I provided LASD-Homicide Detective Tomlin with vict-Clarkson's information. I also provided the telephone information to Sgt Santana in an effort to have her confirm the residence of vict-Clarkson.

On 02/03/03, I located the crime scene investigation photo logs. Photographs of the crime scene were taken on four rolls of film by Corporal Gabriel Ponce #123. The film rolls are as follows #03-11, #03-45, #03-46, #03-47 (see film logs)

On 02/03/03, while at the Alhambra Police Department I was advised that the videos (from all the police units that responded to the initial call for service) were removed from the cars and booked into evidence by Officer Tai Chi Seki #220. I photocopied the "Officers Daily Assignment Sheets" used by the Alhambra Police Department. This form is used to keep track of the employees (officers and CSOs) who worked a particular shift. The following information is logged on the form: shift, unit beat assignment, vehicle, guns (see copies). The officers are responsible for notifying Dispatch of the vehicle and weapons they are putting into service for their work shift. The dispatchers complete the eform with the information provided by the officers. The following officers were driving the corresponding police cars:

Corporal Michael Page #133 Unit #758

Officer Efren Tamayo #225 Unit #762

Officer Beatrice Rodriguez #202 Unit #763

Officer Brandon Cardella #194 Unit #764

Officer Steven Kim #122 Unit #765

Sergeant Gary La Guard #141 Unit #567 Chevy Suburban

Officer Tai Chi Seki $220 Unit #768

Officer James Hammond #195 Unit #770

On 02/03/03, I directed Detective Kenny Lee #173 to take photographs and photo copies of the property (less clothing) taken off of susp-Spector. At 1600 hours, while inside the jail, Det. Lee took digital photographs of the following:

$348 dollars cash

Two pairs of prescription glasses

paper with a list of people's phone numbers

Credit cards/business cards

Receipt for House of Blues (02/03/03 at 0210 hours, $13.50 bill - $463.50 paid)

Items of jewelry (2 watches/2 rings)

Key ring with one "Ace" key and two smaller keys

Pouch with medical type supplies

Lipstick, 2 lancets

Obstetrical towelette

Baggie with pills and a package of Listerine Pocketpals

Oral-B dental proxibrush

Det. Lee gave me the photocopies, diskette and four Polaroids pictures taken by a Jailer Valarde. I later booked these items into property. Color copies of the digital photos were printed prior to booking the diskette.

On 02/03/03 at 1425 hours, I returned to the crime scene. I met with the detectives in charge of the crime scene (LASD-Homicide Detective Sergeant Steve Katz and Detective Mark Lillienfield). While at the scene Sgt. Santana advised that one of the telephone numbers I provided for vict-Clarkson returned to an address in Venice. She provided that information to LASD-Homicide detectives and I provided that information to the detectives on scene.

On 02/03/03 1700 hours, Alhambra Police Detective Martin Ng #226 escorted susp-Spector's car (Mercedes Benz, s430, VIN# WDBNG70J02A297947, black) as it was towed via flatbed by Al's Tow to LASD-Temple station (per LASD-Homicide request). He released the keys to LASD-Temple Deputy Garry Claypool. (See CHP 180-Vehicle Rep[ort). The car was later returned to susp-Spector's home (per LASD-Homicide) on 02/04/03

According to jail records the following is an account of susp-Spector's stay in Alhambra police Department custody:

Arrested 02/03/03 0609 hours

Arrived at Alhambra PD jail 02/03/03 0628 hours

Medical check inside the jail 02/03/03 0629 hours

(Alhambra fire Dept paramedics #71 Jaime Olmos #216 and Michael Brown #224)

Susp-Spector left the jail 02/03/03 1652 hours

(Taken to medical facility for evidence collection by Sgt. Santana)

Susp-Spector returned to the jail 02/03/03 1838 hours

Susp-Spector released on bail 02/03/03 1900 hours

(Return date set for 03/03/03)

In the morning of 02/04/03, I telephoned Glory Sprigs of the California Highway Patrol. I verbally requested her agency not release the 9-1-1 call. A follow-up letter was sent to CHP by Sgt Santana. I requested a copy of the CHP dispatch tape be sent to the Alhambra Police Department. I also made a similar request from Alhambra Police Department Lieutenant Don Craton #115 for the Alhambra Police Department dispatch tape. Lt. Craton booked the 9-1-1 tape into property.

On 02/04/03, I requested information from the Code Enforcement Section of the City manager's office at Alhambra City hall. On 02/06/03, I received an envelope containing the property information of 1700 S. Grandview. Susp-Spector owns two properties (1700 Grandview Drive and 2937 Terrace Avenue). The second property (2937 Terrace Avenue) is a short street north west of the Grandview drive location. I booked into property a map of the Grandview property. The information I received from Code Enforcement was that there were two calls for service at the Grandview address. The first call for service was dated 05/28/98 for weed/rubbish abatement. Color photos were included as part of the investigation. The second call for service was dated 10/19/98 for weed/rubbish abatement. Color photos were included as part of the investigation. For both instances compliance was accomplished. these records are included with this report.

On 02/04/03 at 0945 hours, I returned to the crime scene. Some time that morning, I was present when LASD-Homicide Det Sgt Katz removed a starter pistol (in a shoulder holster) from the top drawer of a cabinet in the foyer. This cabinet was located south of the entryway to the east living room. it was a blue steel. 2" revolver made in Japan. It was void of any ammunition. He took possession of the pistol.

While at the crime scene, LASD-Homicide detectives requested Cpl. Page and Officer Kennedy return to the crime scene to assist them in recreating the scene as they encountered susp-Spector. They responded to the scene on 02/04/03.

On 02/04/03 at 2005 hours, I was still at the location when the crime scene and susp-Spector's vehicle were released to Robert Shapiro and his staff. No further uniformed presence was maintained at the location. I took custody of the Major Incident Log and later booked them into property (See copies).

On 02/05/03, I contacted Det. Ng and requested he locate the four rolls of film taken by Cpl Ponce on 02/03/03. He located them and maintained custody of them until I met with him on 02/06/03.

On 02/06/03 in the afternoon, I responded to a public photofinishing shop with four rolls of film taken by Cpl Ponce. I was present while the film was processed. The CSI film that I had processed were rolls #03-11, #03-45, #03-46, #03-47. (See film logs). Two 5"x7" copies of each photograph and the negatives were booked into property.

On 02/06/03, I requested all calls for service that Alhambra Police Dept had for the time susp-Spector was living at the 1700 Grandview location. (05/22/98 - 02/03/03). I received the following information

04/16/99 Light pole damaged (Alhambra Police Officer Ruben Soriano called)

10/24/99 Traffic accident (car into a pole)

05/14/02 Road hazard (Alhambra Fire Dept Captain Craig Toups called)

There were no calls for service that Alhambra Police Department had for the time susp-Spector owned the 2937 Terrace location (09/08/00 - 02/03/03)

On 02/06/03 at 1300 hours, I recovered the air taser gun used on susp-Spector. Sgt. La Guard advised that he had given Cpl Page the taser gun from the watch sergeant's car. The Alhambra Police Department had not deployed or used any air tasers since it was used on sup-Spector[sic] on 02/03/03. Sgt. la Guard retrieved the air taser from the watch sergeant's car. Since the air taser had been put back into service since the 02/03/03, it was loaded with a new cartridge. I booked the gun (as removed from the police vehicle) into property.

On 02/06/03 at 1310 hours, I telephoned the Los Angeles Department Animal Care and Control - Downey Shelter (11258 S. Garfield, Downey 90242). I spoke to Animal Control Officer II Carmen Garcia regarding an animal recovery from 1700 S. Grandview Drive. She advised that on 02/03/03 at 0705 hours she took into protective custody a dog per the Alhambra Police Department. On 02/05/03 at 1600 hours, Michelle Blaine (secretary to susp-Spector), came to the shelter and took custody of the dog after paying a fee of $66.80. Ms. Blaine took custody of the dog for the owner (unknown to me).

On 02/07/03 at 645 hours, I contacted Officer Brandon Cardella #194. I made an inquiry into the fact that there were two Alhambra Fire Department personnel who responded into the crime scene (Paramedic Rodney Merino #005 and Paramedic David Riggs #218). Officer Cardella clarified that Paramedic Riggs came inside the house and his partner stayed outside of the house. This fact was misstated by Corporal Henry Juarez #191 in his supplemental report.

On 02/07/03 I contacted Officer Derek Gilliam, #234. he had originally taken susp-Spector's clothes from him inside the jail. I inquired if the "black boots" listed on the booking sheet were also booked into evidence. Officer Gilliam advised that since susp-Spector was not wearing them inside his cell, he did not taken [sic] from susp-Spector's property. The jailors had left susp-Spector's boots (per standard practice) in a crate with the remaining portion of his property (As photographed by Det. Lee).

Officer Gilliam:

Officer Gilliam
Alhambra Police Department Supplemental Report 02/03/2003 13:30

Parties Spector Phillip S(uspect) 1700 Grandview Dr Alhambra Ca 91801

Upon arrival to Alhambra police Dept. at approx 0530 hours, I was advised by W/C Sgt Oda (222) that a possible shooting was being investigated by fellow officers at Pyrenees Castle (1700 S. Grandview Dr.) and that I need to respond immediately to assist. Officer Heckers (135) and I immediately took an available unit and began responding to the location.

Upon arrival at approx 0559 hours I saw Ofcr. Reyes outside the closed gate of the residence. Ofcr Reyes told me that they are searching the inside of the residence and would like assistance. We entered the front gate, walked up several steps and entered the residence through the double doors, located at the front of the residence. Upon entering the house I observed a blond, female slouched in a chair located on the east side of the entrance hallway, directly across from the stairwell. Officer Hammond requested my assistance upstairs. When walking up the stairs I briefly turned to my left and saw the female with her legs stretched out directly in front of her. I saw blood coming from both nostrils and blood coming from the right side of her mouth. I saw her arms over the arm rests of the chair. her lower lip was either swollen of she had an extreme under bite. She was wearing black short dress with black fishnet nylons. her hair was dish water blonde.

I arrived at the top of the stairs with Ofcr Reyes, Ofcr Hammond and Corp Page we continued our search of the house. I was told to cover the balcony which approx. covers the north side of the upstairs of the residence. Officer Cardella advised all officers that were upstairs that all was clear. officer Hammond, Officer Reyes, Officer Tamayo and I then searched the garage area and advised that it was clear.

While monitoring my portable radio, I heard Officer Heckers transporting S-Spector to A.P.D. for booking. Knowing that S-Spector was uncooperative at the residence I chose to respond to the station to assist Officer Heckers. Upon my arrival I entered the jail and found S-Spector sitting on the waiting bench in the booking area and Officer Heckers standing to the left of him.

S-Spector was very belligerent and began calling the jailor a "fat ass" He refused to talk to anyone and kept making obnoxious statements to the jailor. S-Spector was extremely angry and kept asking if we were doing anything about the dead lady in his residence. I responded "Yes". He continued to ignore our request to cooperate during the booking process and he continued to deny us any form of response. S-Spector asked if he could call Robert Shapiro, immediately I told him "the quicker he cooperates the quicker he will be allowed to make his phone call, but we need to know who he is". The jailors photographed him and he continued to become more and more defensive and belligerent. I smelled a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath and when he talked he had very dry mouth. His words slurred together and he had a tough time maintaining his balance. His eyes were bloodshot and continually asked me to call "Robert" for him. I told him that I do not know Robert's phone number and that we will definitely provide him the opportunity to make his call. The jailors who were present continued to try to get him to answer their questions, but he was very uncooperative.

The jailors then chose to put him in an interview room to hopefully sober up and relax. I was instructed by Sgt Oda to sit with him until he was willing to cooperate. He started to tell me about his song writing and some of the big names he worked with, and relationship with George Harrison. I told him that I believe my uncle is friends with George Harrison and he asked who my uncle was and I told him Terry Gilliam from Month Python. He laughed and rambled on about another officer a long time ago who had told him that he had family in show business as well. I told his I was being honest and that I had no reason to lie to him. S-Spector told me that he had owned the rights to Monty Python at one time. He then looked at me with a blank stare and said "Do you know there is a dead woman in my house and what are you doing about it". I advised him that we had officers at his home providing protection for the crime scene. He looked at me again with a blank stare and asked me what happened at his house. I told him "I wasn't there and so I did not know what happened". he repeated the question two more times with a lot more anger and emotion each time and I repeated the same answer each time manner in hopes of settling him down. He told me that she worked at the House of Blues and was a friend of his. S-Spector changed the subject and told me about some of the bands that he had worked with in the past such as Bush, Bono, The Beatles, and then after the beatles he began mumbling and I couldn't understand what he was saying. he told me that he has an up and coming performance with Bono in New York and said that he had to go because he needed to get on a plane to new York.

S-Spector looked at the ground and slowly raised his head stating to me "I don't know where she got the gun from but she started waiving it around". He said that he told her to put it down, he said, she refused. S-Spector told me that she began singing his songs that he wrote such as: you've lost that loving feeling and Da Do run run. he stated that she stuck the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. he then said that he continually tired to wake her.

During the time he was telling me about the victim and her actions, he was extremely animated with his actions. S-Spector took his right hand and formed it into a gun by folding his three lower fingers (pinky to middle finger) pointing his index finger straight out, and holding his thumb in a manner which reflects the hammer of a gun. He would put it to the right side of his head and move his thumb in the same manner that a hammer on a gun would move. When he would pretend to pull the trigger he showed me the way her head went back and how she wouldn't move. A couple of times he would hold the position of his head on the back of the chair for approx 5-10 seconds I was a little concerned because each time he performed the scenario it was done with more and more emotion and he would hold his head back longer. During one of the demonstrations he looked at me smirked and said "you don't pull a gun out on me" and did a slight giggle. he made this statement slightly quieter than all of his other statements. He asked me again if I had Roberts phone number and I advised him that I did not.

I asked him if he was willing to cooperate with the jailors now so that we could get his booking process done and allow him to make his phone calls. S-Spector stated "Yes. OK" We exited the interview room and walked back over to the jailers front desk. I had him remove both of his watches and attempt to remove his rings. He was unable to remove his rings so I allowed him to keep them on his fingers. He provided us with all the information with a slight hesitation, but upon completion he made his phone calls. At this time Corp. Juarez (191) came into the jail and asked S-Spector if he would be willing to perform a breathalyzer test, he stated "No" I also asked him and he repeated he was still unwilling to do the test.

I then requested S-Spector to remove his clothing so that I could collect as evidence. At this point, he was very cooperative with us. The jail provided him with clothing. I watched S-Spector as he changed his clothes and after he took them off he set them on the floor of the cell. I collected the evidence off of the floor using Diamond Grip Plus, powder free latex exam gloves and put each piece of clothing in a separate bag to avoid any contamination. I then folded the tops of the bags and requested the assistance of officer Kim to help me staple and secure the evidence (see property sheet for further details)

Special thanks to loyal T&T reader Kim who transcribed the three officers reports. Sprocket.


Anonymous said...

Chilling. And very, very disturbing. The scene really comes to life when you listen to all of the voices at the scene. Too bad Lana isn't hear to tell us what happened.

CaliGirl9 said...

What an unpleasant ... person.
Justice can't come quickly enough, in this life or the next.
Bologna sandwiches for Harvey.

Anonymous said...

Creepy, creepy experience for all involved. Probably best all this wasn't entered into evidence as they could have nitpicked this stuff forever and the jury would have been just too burned out. Very hard to read a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

In the Simpson criminal trial, the best opinion is that it was a mistake not to enter Simpson's police interview into evidence. In Spector's case, it was simpler not to enter the suspect's statement to police.

If Lana Clarkson really had reached in a drawer and found a gun and proceded to shoot herself, why didn't Spector just call 911? Why did he spend 40 minutes messing with the death scene? The answer is that what Spector was hoping for when he brought Lana to the Castle didn't happen. It was Spector who produced a gun and caused the result.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Sprocket girl,
Great coverage as always!
I know this has been brought up before, and this probably isn't the right place, but I was wondering if it's been assessed how great a suicide risk Phil is when the decision is doled out?
I hear guards will be on hand nearby to insure he won't be able to attempt anything, but just wanted to be sure.

Keep up the great work!


Sprocket said...

Spector's suicide risk:

I don't know what the sheriff's have planned for this trial. I do know that Dominick Dunne reported after the first trial that there was a sheriff whose sole job was to watch Spector's hands once a verdict was read.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Phil will spend next weekend at his new house.
Thanks Sprocket!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a live feed anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Banfield and Ford--looks like they are intending to cover some of the closing arguments in the Spector trial....just saw the announcement.


Anonymous said...

Spector may have been drunk and unruly but still had the presence of mind to change his comments once he reached the police station. His first comments rang true while still at the castle. It's a good thing police carry tape recorders in their pockets nowadays. Oh wait, Spector owns the police, haha.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, will the jury be instructed on Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Phil will spend next weekend at his new house.

Yup! It won't be THAT much of a change. It will still be a very large residence with some distance and fencing between him and the outlying houses, lots of rooms and a gated entry. He'll still have plenty of opportunities to wash up using water from the toilet, as is his custom. If he behaves, he may eventually be able to invite some of his new friends over for drinks (also from the toilet). With his potty mouth, it should go down like a fine wine/whine.

He'll also be surrounded by like-minded men who have similar views about women, guns, police and judges. They can commiserate with each other, use the C-word as often as they want, and build up a rapport based on common hobbies and interests, thus ensuring many stimulating conversations.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Phil will spend next weekend at his new house."

And then again, maybe not.